ATOLAD USA release tidbits

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This has been an intense week in terms of news and public appearances in Natland… but here are a few more, as Tidbits 🙂


Earlier this week, new reviews of the film came out, and although it continued the lukewarm tone of last year, recent days have appeared some good ones that have made the movie percentage has risen in sites like Metacritic and Rotten. Here are some of the most positives:

-LA Times:

“Natalie Portman makes her directorial debut with the touching Israeli memoir A Tale of Love and Darkness”

-Slant Magazine:

“Like Jerusalem itself, A Tale of Love and Darkness is a multilayered tapestry of Jewish history, where the past and the present coexist in both material and psychological term”

-The New York Times:

“From Natalie Portman, Israel’s Birth Distilled in Mood and Memory”


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WE Day video

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  The second WE Day broadcast will air on August 28, and because of this, today they released a WE Pledge Video that features Natalie Portman, Kate Winslet, Jennifer Hudson,…

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