Director: John Walter
 Johnny Depp, Steve Buscemi, Denis Leary, Kevin Spacey, Matt Dillon, Don Cheadle. Ben Stiller…

US Release Date: ?
Filming: 2003-2010

Natalie’s Character: Herself

Plot Summary: Ted Demme directed Natalie in “Beautiful Girls” and sadly died in 2002. Made by Demme’s family and friends, they memorialize their friend in this documentary. “The urn plays a key role in the film, “In Search of Ted Demme,” a documentary with a mockumentary subplot written by LaGravenese and Leary. In it, Amanda “lends” the urn to friends so they can spend “quality time” with Ted’s ashes. Natalie Portman goes ice skating with it, reprising her scene from Demme’s 1996 film “Beautiful Girls.” Colin Quinn plays basketball with it. Robert Patrick straps the urn to his Harley and takes it for a ride. Balthazar Getty boxes with it.

Notes: – The trailer can be viewed here.

Running Time: ?
MPAA Rating:

Budget: ?