THE PROBABLES – Projects that have been announced but are still in development.

Title : “A Tale Of Love And Darkness”
Director : Natalie Portman
Genre : Drama
Story : Set to be Natalie’s feature directorial debut. The story is based on Amos Oz’s best selling memoir about growing up in Jerusalem in the 1940’s and 50’s. She has said this about the project, “I really love the book. It was the first book that I read that I was able to visualize as a film. While I was reading it, I felt like I was watching it. I felt like I knew how to do it. It’s a beautiful story. It’s [author Amos Oz’s] true-life story and an incredible book and someone I truly admire.”
Production : Handsomecharlie Films and ?
Reported by : Variety (November 2007)
Status : After 6 long year it appears the project is now close to lensing. Natalie was written the script, will direct the film in Jerusalem and will play the role of Amos Oz’s mother. Aiming for a 2014 shoot.

Title : “Eating Animals”
Director : ?
Genre : Documentary
Story : Based on Jonathan Safran Foer’s non fiction book, Natalie intends to produce this documentary about the cultural meaning of food and the implications on society. Natalie is a friend of Foer and has spoken about her love of the book in the past.
Production : Handsome Charlie Productions
Reported by : 20 Minutes (January 2011)
Status : Still moving forward. Deals being finalised.

Title : “Booksmart”
Director : ?
Genre : Comedy
Story : Laffer will revolve around two overachieving high school seniors who realize the only thing they haven’t accomplished is having boyfriends, and each resolves to find one by prom.
Production : Handsome Charlie Productions and Fox
Reported by : Variety (August 2009)
Status : Was announced but been very quiet since then. We believe Natalie will just produce, but a European site did suggest she would act in it as well.

THE POSSIBLES – Rumours that have at least some claim to truth.

Title : “Important Artifacts and Personal Property”
Director : Greg Mottola
Cast : Brad Pitt
Genre : Romance/Drama Adaptation
Story : The book takes the form of Sotheby’s-like estate auction catalog, with 325 entries and photographs depicting items that reveal the private moments and the rise and fall of a four-year relationship between the fictitious couple Hal Morris (a 40ish photographer) and Lenore Doolan, (a New York Times food columnist in her late 20s).
Production : Paramount with Handsomecharlie Films and Plan B
Reported by : Variety (March 2009)
Status : In development but was told by our source that Natalie now likely to only produce the film. <a href=”/?p=1396″>This</a> is what the writer/director last had to say about the challenges of the project.

Title : “Dare Me”
Director : Michael Sucsy
Genre : Dark comedy
Story : The film centers on the heirarchy of a high school cheerleading squad, led by the commanding Beth, who finds her influence usurped with the arrival of a new coach.
Reported by : Deadline Hollywood (June 2013)
Status : Our source confirmed that Natalie has been offered the lead but is thinking it over.

Title : “Best Buds”
Director : ?
Genre : Stoner comedy
Story : The independently financed comedy is said to be in the vein of Harold and Kumar and Half-Baked and will center on two best female friends who take a road trip to their friend’s wedding in order to save her by bringing her weed.
Reported by : Pajiba (February 2010)
Status : Pajiba reports that Natalie is producing and starring and they just need a director now, but I was told that Natalie’s involvement isn’t set in stone yet. She also co-wrote the script.

Title : “Jackie”
Director : ?
Genre : Drama
Story : About the former first lady in the immediate aftermath of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.
Reported by : Deadline Hollywood (September 2012)
Status : Natalie was being courted by Fox for the lead role, but her interest was dependent on who they got to direct. Currently there is still no director in place.

Title : “In The Garden Of Beasts”
Director : Michel Hazanavicious
Genre : Drama
Cast : Tom Hanks
Story : An adaptation of an Erik Larson non-fiction book of the same title. The book is about America’s ambassador to Germany prior and during World War 2. The ambassador sees the horror of Hitler’s plans unfold as his daughter becomes sexually entangled with prominent Nazi members.
Reported by : Deadline Hollywood (September 2012)
Status : Gears moving slowly on this one but definite interest all round.

Title : “The Fabulous Fraudulent Life of Jocelyn & Ed”
Director : ?
Genre : Crime and romance
Story : Based on this Rolling Stone article and being adapted by Pulitzer Prize winning playwright, Tracy Letts, Jocelyn and Ed were two college-age kids on a nonstop jet-set scam to flaunt their outlaw romance all over the world.
Reported by : The Hollywood Reporter (November 2009)
Status : Natalie is attached but not sure if its as actress and producer or just producer.

Title : “Isabella V”
Director : ?
Genre : Thriller
Story : Based on the blog formatted Esquire article, which tells the story of a young heiress on the run from her powerful family.
Production : Brightlight Productions and Handsomecharlie Films
Reported by : Hollywood reporter (October 2008)
Status : Interested but in the early stages of development. Have a hunch this one will happen.

Director : Albert & Allen Hughes
Genre : Urban
Production : Twentieth Century Fox & Underworld Entertainment.
Reported by : Variety, Ain’t it Cool News (July 2002) / NY Times (April 2008)
Status : Heard from one source that Natalie wasn’t attached but another said that she has been attached to a Hughes Bros project for a long time now, although nothing seems to be moving on it.


THE UNLIKELIES – Rumours that have been denied.

Title : “Starvation Heights”
Director : ?
Genre : Crime
Cast : ?
Production : ?
Story : About a sanitarium run by a Dr. Hazzard, who starved her patients in the early 20th century.
Reported by : Port Orchard Independent (February 2010)
Status : Denied and probably just some bad reporting from the source article.

Title : “Millenium Trilogy”
Director : ?
Genre : Crime
Cast : ?
Production : Sony
Story : The first novel, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (originally called Män som hatar kvinnor, which translates to Men Who Hate Women) is about Mikael Blomkvist, a magazine publisher (the mag is called Millennium, hence the trilogy title) who is brought into a cold case investigation involving a missing heiress. Working with a Lisbeth Salander, a punkish hacker girl, he finds a classic ‘locked room’ mystery, where the suspects are all gathered together on an island estate.
Reported by : As a suggestion by Anne Thompson, which has spawned a bunch of other sites running the suggestion as fact. A break down of the situation here. (January 2010)
Status : Clearly based on nothing tangible, and as it turns our Rooney Mara got the part.

Title : “The Guardians”
Director : ?
Genre : Animation
Cast : Leonardo Di Caprio
Production : ?
Story : “”When an evil spirit called Pitch becomes bent upon taking over the world by inspiring fear in the hearts of kids everywhere, a group of our greatest heroes — Santa, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy (Natalie), the Sandman and Jack Frost — band together for the first time, determined to stand in Pitch’s way.”
Reported by : Joblo (December 2009), but they mention that Natalie’s involvement is a rumour.
Status : Sources tell us there’s no truth to it.

Title : “The Accident”
Director : ?
Genre : ?
Cast : Natalia Shmarenkova and “maybe” Michael Douglas or Antonio Banderas
Production : ?
Story : According to the plot, she said, she is a friend of Natalie Portman, the famous American actress known for her parts in “Leon,” “Star Wars” and “Closer,” among others. “I will be a singer of Eastern European origin and Portman will be a friend of mine who will live at my place taking singing classes. In one of the scenes, she’ll be reciting rap and I will be singing a classical song.”
Reported by : A very unreliable source, Kyiv Post (August 2009)
Status : My sources haven’t even heard of the film and this sounds more like wish fulfillment on the part of Natalia Shmarenkova.

Title : “Suspiria”
Director : David Gordon Green
Genre : Horror remake
Story : In Dario Argento’s original a young American dancer travels to Europe to join a famous ballet school. As she arrives, the camera turns to another young woman, who appears to be fleeing from the school. She returns to her apartment where she is gruesomely murdered by a hideous creature. Meanwhile, the young American is trying to settle in at the ballet school, but hears strange noises and is troubled by bizarre occurrences. She eventually discovers that the school is merely a front for a much more sinister organization.
Production : ?
Reported by : (August 2008)
Status : Everyone seems to say no but there’s a lot of smoke. Dazza’s take on the matter and Dario Argento seems to think something is happening.
Latest Status : It appears that all the Suspiria links were confusing that film for Black Swan.

Title : “Irena’s Vow”
Director : ?
Genre : Period Drama
Cast : Scarlett Johansson appears to be the front runner for the same role
Story : The successful Broadway play is expected to receive the adaptation treatment. The “Irena” in question is Irena Gut Opdyke, who was a Polish Catholic woman that saved 13 Jews during the 2nd World War. You can find cheap Broadway tickets for this show and many others at
Production : ?
Reported by : Fox News (March 2009)
Status : Natalie’s involvement denied

Title : Untitled Tarzan Film
Director : Christophe Gans
Genre : Adventure
Cast : Marion Cotillard also rumoured
Story : The part of Jane in a more realistic take on Tarzan.
Production : ?
Reported by : French Yahoo
Status : Natalie’s involvement denied

Producer : Luc Besson
Genre : Thriller
Cast : Milla Jovovich
Story : Set in present-day New York, the film will chronicle subplots triggered by serial killings.
Production : Supposed to start filming in early 2009.
Reported by : China Daily (August 2008)
Status : Very unlikely.

Title : “The Other Side Of Paradise”
Director : ?
Genre : Biopic
Role : Zelda Fitzgerald
Story : A biopic about Zelda Fitzgerald, the wife of author F. Scott Fitzgerald (The Great Gatsby). The couple were the embodiment of the jazz age and the roaring twenties and Zelda was “the first American flapper”.
Production : ?
Reported by : French media (May 2008)
Status : Unknown but Natalie’s involvement has been denied.

Title : “O Inventor de Sonhos” (The Inventor of Dreams)
Director : Ricardo Nauenberg
Cast : Jeremy Irons
Genre : Presumably a drama. Since Jeremy Irons was meant to also be involved, probably some weird sex as well.
Story : The film is about the changes that took place in the city of Rio de Janeiro since the arrival of the Portuguese kingdom in 1808.
Production : Was reported to start filming in March 2008.
Reported by : Brazzil Mag (December 2007)
Status : Unknown

Title : “Snow White and the Seven Dwarves” ?
Director : Yuen Woo-ping
Cast : Jet Li
Genre : Updated Kung Fu remake of Disney classic
Role : ?
Story : It is set thousands of years after the original Snow White story, when the princess has reincarnated into a young woman, played by Natalie Portman. Her evil stepmother wants to collect the seven pieces of her magic mirror to resume her power. The Shaolin temple in central China, which has been protecting the mirror for thousands of years, sends seven warriors, led by Jet Li, to protect the mirror and the young woman.
Production : ?
Reported by : Asian Popcorn and then picked up by everyone. Even IMDB. (July 2007)
Status : Natalie thoroughly denied involvement on Conan O’Brien.

Title: “The Amazing Adventure of Kavalier and Clay”
Director : ?
Cast : ?.
Genre : Historical fantasy based on Michael Chabon’s 2000 novel which won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in 2001.
Role : Rosa, a sensuous “foul-mouthed flower of bohemia”, jewish-american, commercial artist.
Story : ?
Production : ?
Reported by : Michael Chabon, the author himself, on his blog . While the film is nowhere near ready to shoot, the cast has been chosen and Portman has been offered a major role as Rosa (June 2006).
Status : The fate of this project was supposed to be decided around 12 July 2006.

Title: “Blue Nude”
Director : ?
Sreenwriter / producer : Gillian Anderson.
Genre : Drama / Romance based on Elizabeth Rosner’s second book.
Role : Merav, the introspective Israeli-soldier-turned-artist-turned-model and granddaughter of a Jewish woman who hid in a barn and was discovered by a Nazi soldier who nearly took her life.
Story : The relationship that develops between Danzig, a German artist and Merav, the Israeli model who poses for his class at the San Francisco Art Institute and the moral and political implications of their lovestory.
Production : ?
Reported by : (May 2006).
Status : Gillian Anderson has sent Natalie’s agent a copy of “Blue Nude”. Elizabeth Rosner believes Natalie, being a native of Jerusalem and fluent in Hebrew, would make the perfect embodiment of Merav.
Updated Status : Elizabeth Rosner novel Gillian Anderson is adapting is The Speed of Light, not the Blue Nude. Was surely an incorrect rumour.

Title : “Tender Is the Night”
Director : ?
Screenwriter : Jesse Wigutow.
Genre : F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel adaptation.
Role : Rosemary Hoyt, the ing nue.
Story : The story centers on a promising psychiatrist, Dick Diver, and the beautiful but schizophrenic young patient whom he marries, Nicole Warren. It introduces Ernest Hemingway and Dorothy Parker, as if to underscore the real-life connection to the circle of expatriates with whom Fitzgerald hobnobbed in France, including Gerald and Sara Murphy, the privileged bons vivants who were as much models for the Divers as were Scott and Zelda.
Production : 20th Century Fox.
Reported by : The New York Times (August 2005).
Status : Natalie is only in the studio casting wish list alongside Scarlett Johansson & Evan Rachel Wood yet: “Fox’s casting wish list has ranged from Scarlett Johansson, Natalie Portman and Evan Rachel Wood to play Rosemary, to Johnny Depp, Leonardo DiCaprio and Russell Crowe, and Nicole Kidman, Naomi Watts and Charlize Theron for the Divers.”

Title: “The Smoking room”
Director : Richard Linklater
Cast : Owen Wilson & Nick Nolte.
Genre : Comedy / Romance based on a short story by David Schickler published in the New Yorker as part of its 2000 summer fiction issue.
Role : Nicole Bonner.
Story : An English teacher at a prestigious all-girls school is invited to dinner at the home of one of his students. A beautiful senior in his class has decided that he would be the perfect husband for her — not because she’s in love with him but because she thinks they would be a good match. The idea is supported by her eccentric parents, who encourage them to get married.
Production : Scott Rudin, for Paramount.
Reported by : The Hollywood Reporter & Coming Soon (July 2003) / Dark Horizons (January 2004).
Status : Was scheduled to start on October 2004, but according to Reuters, director Richard Linklater has signed on to shoot the remake of “The Bad News Bears” before. On January 2005, the Guardian Unlimited revealed that plans to make the film had been “put off indefinitely”.

Title : “The Professional 2”
Producer : Luc Besson
Genre : Action / drama
Role : Mathilda
Story : Mathilda’s life after Leon’s death and her journey into a ‘cleaning’ career of her own.
Reported by : IMDB & Ain’t it Cool (October 2001) / AICN (December 2003).
Status : Moviehole – June 2005 : Natalie hasn’t heard whether one’s going to happen, but the dazzler behind Queen Amidala’s buns said a “Leon” sequel is something she’s interested in: “I’d jump at the chance”, Portman says, with regard to continuing her famed character Mathilda. It was revealed that a UK based writer had recently written a spec outline for a sequel and she has had a chat about it, with the writer, but that’s as far as its gotten. – July 2004 “I would do any film that Luc Besson directed. If he directed it, I would do it.” And then quickly added with a smile, “…but he hasn’t asked me, because that’s not anything that’s real. You just made that movie up.” Luc Besson said in a French Radio show on June and December 2003, that his dream would be to produce Leon/The Professional 2. “Always the same boots shot and then the camera goes up and you discover that Mathilda is now a woman who still smokes”

Title: “Capa”
Director : Menno Meyjes
Cast : Adrien Brody
Genre : War / Romance biopic.
Role : Gerda Taro, aka Gerda Pohorylles.
Story : The relationship between Capa and the woman he loved, fellow photographer Gerda Taro, during the Spanish Civil War. Capa was born Endre Friedman in Budapest, but decided to reinvent himself as an American playboy snapper when he met Gerda Pohorylles in 1930s Paris. Armed with a magazine contract and new names, they traveled to Spain to cover the war. Capa’s picture of a soldier at the moment of being shot became the defining image of the conflict. Taro was killed during the siege of Madrid.
Production : Andras Hamori’s H2O Motion Pictures & Pandora Intl.
Reported by : Variety (November 11th, 2003).
Status : Was set to shoot in April 2004.

Title: “American Mc Gee’s Alice”
Substitute : Sarah Michelle Gellar (Alice).
Other actress considered for the role : Fairuza Balk.
Director : Marcus Nispel
Story : Based on the hit EA videogame a gothic-horror version of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland. It portrays Alice as a disturbed young woman consigned to a mental asylum following the death of her parents. She returns to Wonderland and encounters all the old characters, from the Mad Hatter to the Queen of Hearts. But Wonderland is now a dark and threatening world and she must battle to escape alive.
Reported by : AICN (2000): “So far Natalie Portman is rumored to have expressed interest in going blonde for ALICE”.
Status : Film project appears dead.
Trivia: Sarah Michelle Gellar was offered the role of Juliet in “Romeo + Juliet” and auditioned for Natalie’s role in “Where the heart is”.


THE IMPOSSIBLES – Rumours that are 100% false as the films were already made with Natalie not in them.

Title : “Inception”
Director : Christopher Nolan
Genre : Sci-Fi
Cast : Leo Di Caprio, Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Substitute : Possibly Ellen Page
Story : A contemporary sci-fi action thriller set within the architecture of the mind.
Production : Warner Brothers for summer 2010
Reported by : Vedit (February 2009)
Status : Natalie’s involvement was denied and film eventually made without her

Title : “Indiana Jones 4”
Director : Steven Spielberg
Screenwriter : George Lucas.
Cast : Harrison Ford, Sean Connery, Kate Capshaw.
Genre : Adventure
Role : Indy’s daughter Idaho.
Story : The last installment of the Indiana Jones franchise will take place in the 1950’s according to Harrison Ford. In a recent interview with Total Film Ford said: “With Indiana, there will be different aspects of his character that [George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, and I are] working on. We’ll see him in the ’50s in America, or at least for part of the film, and I think that’s an interesting opportunity there.”
Production : Paramount.
Reported by : Coming Attractions, South China Morning Post: “Portman asked the film’s director George Lucas – who created the world traveling archaeologist adventurer with his friend Steven Spielberg – about a role in the new Indiana Jones movie. A Hollywood movie industry observer says: ”George thought it was an excellent idea.” Lucas, Spielberg and film superstar Harrison Ford are all determined to make a fourth Indy movie – once they get the right script.” (August 2000). Also: IESB, (November 2004).
Status : The script went through a number of changes and along the way the daughter character became a son, played by Shia Lebouf.

Title: “Superman Returns”
Substitute : Kate Bosworth (Lois Lane)
Director : Bryan Singer
Rest of the cast : Brandon Routh, Frank Langella, Parker Posey, Eva Marie Saint, Kevin Spacey…
Reported by :, Ananova (November-December 2003) / Cinescape (October 2004).
What happened?: Natalie’s agent first replied with a non-committal “nothing’s conclusive”/ and Natalie told Zap2it on July 19th of 2004: “I know there’s rumors about it online becausereporters keep asking about it but I don’t really know. I haven’t read it or anything.”. At the premiere of “Closer” on November 2004, asked if she ever consider tackling another big budget franchise such as playing Lois Lane in the new Superman film, she responded before entering the screening: “No, Idon’t think so”. To  Moviehole, she said on June 2005 that it was totally untrue, she was never in the running.

Title: “The Namesake”
Substitute : Jacinda Barrett (Maxine)
Other actresses considered for the role : Scarlett Johannson & Kate Hudson.
Director : Mira Nair.
Story : based on “The Namesake”, Pulitzer Prize-winning Jhumpa Lahiri’s novel about a Bengali emigre family that leaves the shores of India to join Boston in the 1960s.
Reported by : BBC (December 2004).

Title: “Becoming Jane”
Substitute : Anne Hathaway (young Jane Austen)
Other actresses considered for the role : Keira Knighley & Kate Winslet.
Screenwriter : Kevin Hood
Story : A biographical portrait of a pre-fame Jane Austen and her romance with a young Irish lawyer who inspires her to start her famous writing career.
Reported by : Variety (July 2004).

Title: “The Glass Menagerie” (Theater)
Substitute: Sarah Paulson (Laura Wingfield)
Director : David Leveaux (Tony Award-nominated for his stagings of “Jumpers”, “Nine”, “The Real Thing”, “Anna Christie” and “A Moon for the Misbegotten”)
Rest of the cast : Jessica Lange, Ethan Hawke, Robert Sean Leonard.
Reported by : Playbill (April 2004) / Playbill (July 2004), Playbill (September 2004) and Playbill (November 2004).

Title: “Elizabethtown”
Substitute : Jessica Biel (Ellen) or Kirsten Dunst (Claire Colburn)?
Director : Cameron Crowe
Rest of the cast: Orlando Bloom, Susan Sarandon & Alec Baldwin.
Reported by : The New Enterprise, The Uncool – Cameron Crowe online (July 2003).

Title : “Troy”
Substitute : Diane Kruger (Helen).
Director : Wolfgang Petersen.
Rest of the cast : Brad Pitt, Eric Bana, Orlando Bloom, Sean Bean, Peter O’Toole, Brendan Gleeson, Saffron Burrows, Rose Byrne, Julie Christie…
Reported by : Times uk (March 2003): “This search for an actress to fill the role of the new blockbuster is thus ostensibly the search for the most beautiful woman in the world. [..] The rumour mill is full of names of would-be Helens. Saffron Burrows was announced, but it transpired she was to play Hector s wife Andromache. Then came the name Rosie Byrne, known only for a bit part in Attack of the Clones, but she was Brisies, romantic interest for Pitt’s Achilles. Other names have circulated, some obvious wish-fulfillment, others with a patina of truth, but each swiftly knocked down: Halle Berry (too old!), Catherine Zeta-Jones (too pregnant!), Connie Nielsen of Gladiator (too Roman!), Sophie Marceau (too French!), Jennifer Lopez (too much!). If the barometer is pointing anywhere, it is towards a Helen younger than the established set of Hollywood beauties. One obvious candidate, Natalie Portman, is unavailable because of Star Wars commitments, leaving such names as Kristin Kreuk of Smallville and our own Kiera Knightley being touted.”

Title : “Daredevil”
Substitute : Jennifer Garner (Elektra).
Director : Mark Steven Johnson.
Rest of the cast : Ben Affleck, Colin Farrell, Michael Clarke Duncan, Jon Favreau…
Reported by : The Film Force (January 2002): “IGN FilmForce’s source close to the production of Daredevil has informed us that, after weeks of Internet buzz, the filmmakers “have closed deals” with actors Jennifer Garner and Michael Clarke Duncan. Garner, the Golden Globe-winning star of TV’s Alias, has finally been signed to portray the title character’s femme fatale love interest Elektra, ending one of the most intense comic book movie casting searches since Hugh Jackman replaced Dougray Scott as Wolverine. Other actresses who were considered for the female lead included Penelope Cruz, Jolene Blalock, Rhona Mitra, Mia Maestro, Salma Hayek, Natalie Portman, Lucy Liu, Jessica Alba, and Katie Holmes.”
Trivia: Jennifer Garner later auditioned for Natalie’s role in “Cold Mountain”.

Title : “Nicholas Nickleby”
Substitute : Anne Hathaway (Madeline Bray) or Romola Garai (Kate Nickleby)?
Director : Douglas McGrath.
Rest of the cast : Jamie Bell, Nathan Lane, Tim Curry, Christopher Plummer & Alan Cumming…
Reported by : NY Daily News (2001): “When “Nicholas Nickleby” ran on Broadway in the early 1980s, the adaptation of the Charles Dickens novel was an astounding eight hours long. If writer-director Douglas McGrath makes it into a movie, it will be shorter. McGrath, who also wrote and directed the Gwyneth Paltrow film “Emma,” held a reading of his “Nickleby” script at the New York Culture Project on Bleecker St. on Tuesday afternoon. Nathan Lane (on hiatus from “Producers” matinees), Tim Curry, Natalie Portman and Alan Cumming showed up to read the various parts.”

Title : “Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights”
Substitute : Romola Garai (Katey Vendetto).
Director : Guy Ferland.
Rest of the cast : Diego Luna, Patrick Swayze, Mya, Sela Ward…
Reported by : Variety: “Ricky Martin and Natalie Portman are in early talks to do the mambo together in a sequel to the worldwide hit ‘Dirty Dancing'”
When : 2000. Artisan Entertainment co-CEO Amir Malin and Miramax co-chairman Harvey Weinstein have announced at Cannes that they will produce a sequel to the 1987 hit Dirty Dancing (1987). They indicated that they hope to land Ricky Martin and Natalie Portman for the leads.
Trivia: In Spring 99, Natalie stated about “Dirty Dancing”, “That was my ‘Star Wars’. That was the movie I saw like a thousand times. I don’t know. I guess when you’re… when you’re young and that’s kind of… it was just my image of romance and love and… and all that nice stuff, when I was younger.” (The Today Show – May 1999)

Title : “X Men 2”
Substitute : Kea Wong (Jubilee).
Director : Bryan Singer.
Rest of the cast : Patrick Stewart, Hugh Jackman, Ian McKellen, Halle Berry, Famke Janssen, Rebecca Romijn-Stamos, Alan Cumming, Anna Paquin…
Reported by : “Marvel Comic’s Stan Lee and X-Men director Brian Singer have eyes on Portman as teen character Jubilee according to talks in Beverly Hills” (2000).

Title : “The Princess Diaries”
Substitute : Anne Hathaway (Mia Thermopolis).
Director : Garry Marshall.
Rest of the cast : Julie Andrews, Mandy Moore, Heather Matarazzo, Robert Schwartzman…
Reported in: 2000.