To comply with the EU directives regarding cookie usage we have created this page to let you know what information is saved and how it’s used.

“” is based on WordPress. To simply view pages no cookies are used beyond the ones used by our advertisement partners Google and Amazon. We also use Google Analytics to track visitor data like how people navigate the site and browser usage. We do not in any way shape or form track you personally or in any way extract any personal information at all. We do not care what your e-mail is but we do care about what percentage of our users are using Firefox or Chrome.

When logging into WordPress cookies are used to assign a session id. We do not even go through our user database to see people’s e-mail addresses – it’s all automated.

The forum on “” is using phpBB and “phpBB uses cookies to store a session id and a small amount of user data”. We however do not track it manually, this is only for your convinience.

Google’s “Adsense” ads registers what sites you have been browsing and what words you have searched for recently to customize what ads you may be interested in seeing. We however do not track you, what sites you are using or what ads you click on. We do not care if you like Justin Bieber, but we do care that if you do you’ll get ads related to him. For more information about Adsense usage of cookies go here.

Amazon ads are loaded by predifined filters and are not customized based on cookies. But when clicking on ads a cookie is used to track the sales using our reference ID. We however do not track you or what items you purchase on Amazon. We do get reports on what people are purchasing with our reference ID but those reports do not contain personal information!

To summarize – no worries.