Dazza: Are you a homosexual?
Kris: No, totally straight. Thus far.

Dazza: Hehe, love how you answered that straight. Ok, starting for real. I guess the first thing to ask is how you came to first notice Natalie.
Kris: In "Léon" of course. I’ve always hated kids-actors and characters. until I saw her. Been Nat fan ever since.

Dazza: Was that when it first came out?
Kris: Yes, in ’94 I saw it in a theater, loved it so much I saw it again right after.

Dazza: Were you online at this point?
Kris: Yes, been on the ‘Net since ’92

Dazza: So did you seek out fansites?
Kris: No, I didn’t do that until ’97 when she was casted for "Star Wars".

Dazza: Why is that, are you a big star wars fan?
Kris: I was. before the first one. (i.e TPM)

Dazza: What about her films between "Leon" and TPM?
Kris: I saw "BeautifulGirls" (although I didn’t know she was in it before I saw it) and loved it. Same thing with "Heat", but actually forgot she was in it. Saw "Mars Attacks" because she was in it. Missed all the rest until recent years when I’ve borrowed or bought some of them on DVD.

Dazza: So how did you come to work on np.com?
Kris: You guys needed help with the image gallery, I had some time on my hands so I did that. Then you need help with the video archive, and since I was the only grunt with a good internet connection I did that. then something else and something else and now it’s a daily highlight to update things, especially working with Melody Nelson…

Dazza: Speaking of Melody Nelson, in her interview she seemed to hint at a premature ejaculation problem…
Kris: On her side or what ? Seriously though, I’ve only had one woman stating that "sexual unfulfillment" was one of the reasons she dumped me. And that was 8 years ago. I’ve learnt some since then.

Dazza: Haha, no, I think she was referring to you. Or was it me…I forget…
But moving along, so what did your general np.com week during the AOTC rush consist of?
Kris: Keeping the image and video archives up to date with all of Natalie’s PR appearences. The bitch could not keep off the TV or stay away from any camera! (you remember I said I was a south park fan right? And I also saw "Ali G in da house", hence the "bitch"-thing)

Dazza: Booyakasha! I assume you get your fair share of email as well, anything that sticks in your mind?
Kris: This one guy, from band camp, that sent in a photo of himself trying to look cute, that was hilarious! Also remember the guy that sent in her cell phone number…

Dazza: Actually no I don’t…
Kris: That was over a year ago, a danish guy at Harvard sent over her cell phone number. never bothered to use it, think i’ve totally deleted it by now.

Dazza: Yes, cos at np.com we respect Natalie’s privacy! *psst, email me the number when the interview is over, yo* 
Some people *cough*Melody*cough* feel that the Natalie of today doesn’t hold a torch to the Natalie of a few years ago…thoughts?
Kris: Natalie, as an actress, made much better movies pre-Star Wars. Not sure if her acting is any worse, she just have bad material to work with. (cough*wthi*cough). But babe-Natalie of today, me LIKE!

Dazza: Alright, that’s about it. I’m asking everyone this so…fav nat film, fav nat performance and if you could choose who she should work with next, who would it be (director)?
Kris: Fav nat film: "Léon" 
Fav Nat performance : "Léon" 
Next person to work with : Kevin Smith

Dazza: Kevin Smith? And you talk about Nat being in a dry spell…heh, anyways, thanks for the interview and keep up the good work cos the site relies on you in a big way…and cos you’re a great guy and all that crap.
Kris: Yea, yeah, heard it a million times but not from my new favorite IRL woman…

Dazza: You mean Melody Nelson? 😉
Kris: She’s not really "in real life"…

Dazza: She could be Kris…she could be…
Kris: Hey, if we’re arguing this much when we’re working together, imagine if we’d be married! Dude, you wouldn’t wanna hear that…
Dazza: French girls are passionate, it’s all part of the game…makes them better lovers…*cough*
Kris: You know if she shaves? (her armpit that is)
Dazza: I’m sure she does.

Dazza: Time to update again!
Kris: Wait! Let me just put away my soulbound int buffed 2h epic staff in my bank and I’ll be right there!

Dazza: Wow!
Kris: Yeah, I know, that World of Warcraft is sucking so much time I’ve hardly had time to work on the site! Sorry about that but it seems to be floating and the picture battles are doing ok. Right?…

Dazza: Your fav Nat film used to be Leon. Has that changed?
Kris: Nope. She can’t top it. It’s just futile to try. Garden State was an awesome movie and she was absolutely knuckletappingly fantastic! And "Closer" was pretty good even though I didn’t like Alice that much.

Dazza: Would you like to see more low budget stuff like "Garden State"?
Kris: I can love a movie no matter what genre it is, weird asians to low budget Argentinian, if it’s good it’s good. Even a Michael Bay movie might be good (although it’s more likely I’ll win the lottery). Point is, I don’t care where the movie comes from just as long as she continues to do movies I’m happy.

Dazza: So if you do win that lottery..?
Kris: Pay for the interview we can’t get for free ofcourse!

Dazza: How are you feeling about the site?
Kris: Problem with me is I focus more on the bad stuff than the good. Alot of people are impressed by this site and all the stuff we have and as far as fansites goes, this is pretty big and advanced, so I’m proud over that. But then I think about how long we’ve had the current design, the lack of stylesheets and stuff like that…

Dazza: Do you see yourself still working on the site in another 2-3 years?
Kris: Done my best not to think about stuff like that. But let’s just say I’ve hit 30 and leave it at that.

Dazza: Do you remember remember the 5th of Novemember?
Kris: I remember me saying "if it hasn’t even been filmed yet, noway it’s gonna be released in november!" when Melody wrote the films page for "V" 🙂 Looking forward to it though!

Dazza: Any last words of advice?
Kris: 30 and single. Not in a position to dish out advice.