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  Natalie visited Kids4Peace, an international humanitarian organization, in Jerusalem last Thursday. Click through the preview to read more about her visit and view the photo gallery at the Kids4Peace…

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Natalie sends aid to Syrian refugees

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Dror Israel, an Israeli humanitarian organization, has sent out a press release reporting that Natalie is donating clothing and money to Operation Human Warmth to aid Syrian refugees.

Israeli-born actress Natalie Portman, who is currently in Tel Aviv to work on her new film, recently heard about the operation from local friends and decided to join in. The civil war in Syria has created a severe humanitarian crisis, with millions of refugees and displaced persons in constant mortal danger due to severe shortages of basic necessities. In response to the harsh winter, Dror Israel, the “Hanoar Haoved VeHalomed” (Working & Learning Youth) Movement, and Israeli Flying Aid organized a nation-wide humanitarian drive to collect life-saving winter supplies. During the operation, titled “Human-Warmth – Israeli youth aiding Syrian youth,” 30 tons of winter equipment were collected.


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  You might recall Natalie's partnership with watchmakers, Richard Mille, where Natalie got to design a watch and agreed to wear it to events and Mille would in turn support…

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  Just a couple barrel scrapings today. Scrape scrape. - First up, where did Natalie spend Thanksgiving/Hannukah? Based on this Instagram photo from Benjamin, looks like she's back in Israel.…

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