New release date (and fan poster) for Jackie

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It seems that the release date of Jackie, Pablo Larrain’s film starring Natalie, comes forward one week in USA and is set for December 2. The website of the film is already operational and displays the new date on it. Unfortunately, there are no trailer or official poster of the movie yet, but meanwhile here´s another great fan art, made by EB Poster:

New fanart

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We’ve got a new fanart contributor, Tiziana, to thank for today’s Black Swan sketch. As always, new fanart is highly encouraged.


New Fanart

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A brief quiet before the news storm so I wanted to take the opportunity to share another great Natalie drawing from Andrew.


New Fanart

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We’ve got some great fanart today courtesy of Andrew. If you enjoy his work stay tuned because we have more Natalie pieces on the way.


something, something, PORTMANIA

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it’s Day 3 of PORTMANIA! and today we’ll talk about ninja turtles and WOMAN POWER!

BUT FIRST! the wonderful Ana comes in with a sensational PORTMANIA wallpaper about GETTING GUNS.


Thank you ANA! it wouldn’t be PORTMANIA without you.

now on to ninja turtles, female empowerment symbols, Iranian Natalie Portmans and MORE!!!

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DAY 2 of PORTMANIA 18 is ready to go. and i’m sure most of you don’t care either way!

so let’s start it all off with this wonderful PORTMANIA magazine cover for June 2016!




that looks like the woman who’s ready to become the 45th president of the United States of America to me. Read More


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PART 18.

PORTMANIA starts today!! but don’t worry! It’s only five days!! we can get through this together!

This year in PORTMANIA Natalie Portman turns 35. As mentioned last year, this makes her qualified to run for president of the United States. and since PORTMANIA is 18 it can actually vote for her!

And So proudly presents:



I thought last year maybe we should wait until the 2020 election, but I don’t think we can wait. There might not be an Earth left in 2020.

we’ll discuss more inside. AFTER The JUMP.
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Calendar – June

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Just in time for the new month we have a new calendar contributor, Kenneth. I thought it was time to give a break to the regular contributors. If you would like to tackle a calendar month, feel free to drop me a line with a sample of your work.



SW Fanart

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It’s time for another great piece of fanart. Once again this is from Star Wars loving, Anima.


Star Wars Drawing

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Just a little heads up, I am heading back to Berlin in a couple days. Belerofonte and Rachel are doing an amazing job so you won’t even miss my absence this week.

As a last post, here is another gorgeous Star Wars drawing from Anima.


Lego Art

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Now for something a little different. Paulina is an artist who recreates popular images of celebrities into lego art pieces.


How does she do it? This image gives some insight into the process and you can find more work over on her Facebook page.

Star Wars Fanart

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Anima sent me a bunch of great Star Wars fanart, which I’ll be posting in the coming weeks. Here is the first piece of the happy (but not for long) couple.



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This piece of Natalie fanart is something else. A big thanks to the impressive Mohamed.


Natalie Art

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We’re voting on 2015’s Best Drawing but I’ve got some really great fanart submissions for 2016 on the way. Here is a really cool piece from Jeremy.