Jane On Set

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It’s great seeing Jane Got A Gun content finally emerging from the shadows. Today we have the first on set photo of Natalie. She’s posing with Joel Edgerton, writer (the rewrite, not the original script) Anthony Tambakis, and a good ‘ol stars and stripes.

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The image of Natalie from the Untitled Terrence Malick film, which we posted on Thursday, received quite a lot of attention on our Facebook page – a reach of almost 20k so far. It dawned on me that a) there may be a lot of Natalie fans who weren’t around during the filming and missed all those great set photos and b) sex appeal sells.

So here is a little trip down memory lane – a few of the sexy looks that we might get to see in the film, if they make the cut. I’m not including any images that I feel could be too big of a spoiler, so obviously tread with caution if that worries you.

*EXCLUSIVE* Natalie Portman brings sexy to the set of the Untilted Terrence Malick Project EXCLUSIVE: Natalie Portman shows off her new blonde locks while filming in Austin, TX
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Jane Got A Gun is supposedly going to be released in less than 4 months. The troubled production, moved release date, lukewarm early reviews and lack of official promotional materials, all combine to create an air of “meh” amongst many Natalie fans. So it’s nice to have a slight silver lining from this interview with co-star on Jane, Joel Edgerton.

“But out of the fire has been forged this quite remarkable movie,” says Edgerton of the completed film, which Relativity will release in February. “There’s never been a mathematical equation that says a good experience making a movie equates to a good movie, or a bad experience on a set is going to lead to a bad movie. That’s the unquantifiable nature of moviemaking, and it means you’ve got to go in with the right intentions and hope that the ship is steered in the right direction by all of the different people pulling the ropes, so that you eventually land at the port you wanted to land at.

“At the end of the day, the movie will be judged for what it is, and I think it’s fucking great,” he muses. “Thank God, because I would have killed myself if I’d gone through all that and then the movie was terrible. I would have been so disappointed. How could I have gone through all of this and then been disappointed in the result?”

Thanks to Belerofonte.

Misty Water Coloured Leon

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We continue the Leon content, in celebration of the film’s 20 year anniversary, with some set photos of Natalie posing with cast and crew. I think this classic Gary Oldman pose has been seen by all but these others might be new to some fans. In order, Natalie with director Luc Besson, with Jean Reno and with everyoooooone!





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A nice batch of mini updates for you. Thanks to Belerofonte and Adonis.

– Let’s kick things off with a Luc Besson quote about a sequel to The Professional.

Natalie is old now, she’s a mother. [Laughs] It’s too late. If I got an idea tomorrow about a sequel, of course I would do it. But I never came up with something strong enough. I don’t want to do sequels for money, I want to do a sequel because it’s worth it. I want it to be as good or better than the original.

The old thing was probably a joke but we know that Luc has written a script for Mathilda and that he doesn’t hold the rights to the property, which is a big reason why no sequel has been attempted. It’s nice to hear him say he would want it to be better than the original, my concern would be Luc thinking better means more running along walls and upper-cutting bad guys in slow motion.

– Next up, some potential Avengers 2 spoilers (only for those who are VERY spoilerphobic) regarding Chris O’Dowd, the Irish actor who was on a date with Jane Foster at the beginning of Thor 2.

– Finally, a photo from the Attack Of The Clones shoot, showing just how boring being on set can be.


BTS On Black Swan

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Man, I miss Black Swan. Isn’t it time for a sequel? Bad ideas aside, you can relive the “magic” of Black Swan thanks to photographer, Niko Tavernise, who has released several featurettes that she shot during the production. The key videos were on the Blu-ray release but a couple others are brand new. Click the thumb below to transform into, no not a swan, a fly. On the wall.


Thanks to Belerofonte.

More Thor

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We’ve updated the gallery with a few more new-old Thor: The Dark World production stills. Thanks to Kitten for the finds. Two more can be found after the jump.

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Thor: The Dark World BTS

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We’ve updated the gallery with some Thor: The Dark World costume test photos and behind-the-scenes snapshots of Natalie with costar Chris Hemsworth and makeup artist Eileen Kastner Delago on the set in London. Thanks to Kitten for the finds.

On Set with Sławomir Idziak

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Taking some of the sting out of the news that Jane Got a Gun has been pushed back, Belerofonte and Kitten have found some great new photos of Natalie on the set of A Tale of Love and Darkness with the film’s cinematographer, Sławomir Idziak.


More Set Photos

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We’ve updated the gallery with some more photos of Natalie on the set of A Tale of Love and Darkness this month, presumably in the final days of filming. Thanks to Kitten for the find (via Ynet).


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A good batch of mini updates for you guys today. Enjoy.

– First up a new article about Natalie and her A Tale Of Love And Darkness collaboration with Polish cinematographer, Slawomir Idziak. It also comes with this new photo of the two of them.


– Next up is an article speculating that Terrence Malick’s Knight Of Cups could be premiering in Cannes. The final lineups are announced in just a couple weeks so the wait won’t be too long.

– Finally, a couple Natalie related tweets. The first from a sighting in France and the second from the probable DJ for the Tale Of Love And Darkness wrap party.

Thanks to Belerofonte and Kitten.

More Set Photos

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We have some more set photos, with Natalie in front of the camera, from one of the last days of filming for A Tale Of Love And Darkness.

UPDATE – copy paste fail. Link to the gallery now works.


Thanks to Massimo (if you have some time check out his band – The Bad Voice) and Nikiya.

Love And Darkness Still Filming

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But not for long. We have some new photos, found by Kitten on Facebook, showing Natalie filming A Tale Of Love And Darkness next to the Jordan River. These were taken last week but I am informed by my source that production ends this week.


Quiet On Set

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The words we’ve all been waiting for, tweeted by Amos Oz’s daughter. Natalie’s directorial debut, A Tale Of Love And Darkness, has begun filming.

As an aside, here is a little excerpt from the Times Of Israel piece about the translator who took Natalie’s English script and translated it back to Hebrew.

Most recently, Gavron has been working on the Hebrew translation of the screenplay for Natalie Portman’s newest film, based on Amos Oz’s memoir, “A Tale of Love and Darkness.”

“It’s a kind of translation back,” he said of the screenplay, given that Portman first wrote the script in English, and Gavron is now translating it back into Hebrew, as the film will be in Hebrew. He’s working with Oz’s original book, “which is very poetic and very literary,” he said. “Adapting it to the screen can’t be the same, because when you read a book, you have the time to reflect and reread and to think, and when you see it on the screen, you don’t have the time to think.”

(And yes, she’s a pleasure to work with.)

Thanks to Kitten.

More Dior

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I’ve updated the gallery with a new (or at least new to the gallery) HQ photo of Natalie behind-the-scenes of Miss Dior’s La vie en rose commercial with director Sofia Coppola in Paris.

Even more Dior

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I’ve updated the gallery with two more new behind-the-scenes photos of Natalie on the set of Sofia Coppola’s La vie en rose commercial for Miss Dior. Thanks to Kitten and eden Liao.

Gallery Updates

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Just in case you haven’t noticed (they’ve been there for a while… oops), I’ve updated the gallery with two new behind-the-scenes photos from the set of Sofia Coppola’s La vie en rose commercial for Miss Dior. Thanks to Eden Liao as always!

Gallery Updates

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I’ve updated the gallery with some new-old photos of Natalie on the set of Léon/The Professional. Despite its age, there seems to be no shortage of new pictures from this film continuing to pop up. One more after the jump.

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