Annihilation tidbits

The filming of “Annihilation” continues, and gradually get to know more details of the movie.

-This weekend, shooting will move to Aldershot, England. According to this article, the evening of Friday to Saturday the streets of the city will serve as a set to simulate “Baltimore Street”:

Residents and businesses living near Alison’s Road have received a letter from the supervising location manager for the movie, Alex Gladstone, telling them of plans for filming between Friday (May 27) at 6pm and 5am Saturday morning.

The letter says: “Alison’s Road, Aldershot, has been identified as a great visual and logistical potential in being used to represent a ‘Baltimore Street’ in the film.

“In a scene near the beginning of the film, an ambulance is seen to be stopped on its journey by a group of mysterious vehicles… including a helicopter…

-Also, according to IMDB, there are two recent addictions to the cast: Sonoya Mizuno (who worked with Garland in Ex Machina) and Crystal Clarke (Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Assassin’s Creed); It assumed in short roles …