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Another quiet week in Natland. No new projects or public appearances, but that doesn´t mean we don´t have a few interesting Tidbits…

-As we reported a few days ago, Natalie is on the cover of Marie Claire Australia Magazine this month, and we have a short summary of the interview included in the edition here.

-“This Changes Everything” documentary, a look into gender discrimination in the cinema industry , will be screened at the Bentonville Film Festival next May, Deadline reports.

-Finally, we have a couple of new behind-the-scenes photos of Annihilation:

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Marie Claire UK Magazine

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  Marie Claire UK Magazine has a new interview with Natalie in its February issue. Although the photos that illustrate it are not new, the interview is interesting. Web version…

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New Poll + Marie Claire Results

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  Wow, it's definitely time for a new poll. There are a few worthy topics but I've decided to go with a death match poll (one thing versus one other…

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New Marie Claire Poll

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  It's high time for a new poll and while I do want to do one about the new trailer, I want to start by doing a pulse check on…

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Even More Marie

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  We've updated the gallery with four more new shots from Natalie's September 2015 Marie Claire UK photo shoot. Thanks to Belerofonte and edenLiao for the finds.

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