Candid Photos in Australia

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There have been a ton of Paparazzi photos this week. Summer is approaching in Australia, and Natalie has been spotted out on beaches and parks with her family, before diving into the shooting of the fourth Thor movie in January…..


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Natalie & family in Byron Bay

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We haven't posted any paparazzi photos in a long, long time, but since this is Natalie's first full sighting in many months, I think it's worth it. She and Amalia…

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Natalie Visits Kismit

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Belerofonte is away on a much deserved holiday, which means I'll be back for update duty. It's going to be tough but together we can get through this! The first…

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First Amalia’s Photo

  It was only a matter of time before the paparazzi caught Amalia's face, and here we have it: Russian Cosmopolitan Webpage has a clear picture of the baby. Who…

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While I Was Away

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  I didn't have a chance to check on the site till just now, and was happy to see a furious debate brewing in the comments section over photos and…

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