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Gallery Updates

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  We've updated the gallery with a new production still of Natalie and Peter Sarsgaard on the set of Jackie.

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Jackie Premiere in NYFF

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Jackie Premiere was held at New York Film Festival just a few hours ago, and here we have the first pictures of the entrance to the screening and the post Q&A. Natalie looks stunning alongside Pablo Larraín, Peter Sarsgaard, Darren Aronofsky, Noah Oppenheim and other members of the crew. Zimbio has several photos of the event:



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Jackie Film Review

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Hey everyone. It’s been a while since I’ve written for this site. I attended both Jackie and Planetarium at the Toronto International Film Festival, and I am going to review both of these releases. First, here’s Jackie!


When Billy Crudup’s journalist character asks Jackie Onassis what it sounded like when the bullet went through her late husband’s head, you know you’re getting a grizzly depiction of how the John F. Kennedy assassination went down. Jackie is co-produced by Darren Aronofsky, who was originally slated to direct this film and have his ex parter Rachel Weisz star as the titular former First Lady. Aronofsky and Weisz abandoned their posts, but the former stayed with the project while Chilean director Pablo Larrain got put in charge. Aronofsky’s dismal filmmaking definitely can be felt here, as Larrain’s perception of the tragic event is almost unsettlingly real. Natalie Portman, also an Aronofsky affiliate, was selected for the main role, and the rest is history.

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Jackie Cast Gets Gerwigged

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  Natalie's next film, the biopic Jackie, has landed another of Natalie's friends and former cast members - the delightful Greta Gerwig from the not so delightful collaboration on No…

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‘Jackie’ Costar Casting

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  According to Variety sources, Natalie's Garden State costar Peter Sarsgaard is in final negotiations to star alongside her as Robert Kennedy in Jackie. Click here to read more at…

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