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‘Lucy in the Sky’ UK Artwork & Poster

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One of the few countries where Lucy in the Sky has a confirmed release date is the United Kingdom. Noah Hawley’s movie will open in English theaters on December 6, and we have a new poster and artwork made for the occasion. Enjoy:


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Annihilation Fan Posters

Unfortunately, Annihilation did not have the opportunity to be seen in cinemas outside of North America and China. Even so, and almost inadvertently, Alex Garland´s sci-fi flick has been turning into a cult film, and one of Natalie’s most remembered recent movies. Proof of this is the amount of fan art that can be seen on social media a year after its release. These are just a couple of examples:


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So, about that Vox Lux poster…

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We were just informed that yesterday's was not the official poster. Whoops. Funnily enough, we were talking in the private Facebook group (for long time contributors and Patrons…

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While we wait to see more promotional material of Vox Lux before its premiere in Venice, here we have a couple of tidbits: -Speaking of festivals, it seems that The…

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