Make a Wish Throwback

  Nothing better to start the week that these nice instagram pictures, where we can see the meeting between Natalie and a fan, made within the context of the "Make…

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‘Star Wars’ Throwback

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  We have another behind-the-scenes throwback photo for you all tonight, this time of Natalie having her makeup done on the set of Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of…

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SW Fanart

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  It's time for another great piece of fanart. Once again this is from Star Wars loving, Anima.

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Star Wars Drawing

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  Just a little heads up, I am heading back to Berlin in a couple days. Belerofonte and Rachel are doing an amazing job so you won't even miss my…

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Star Wars Fanart

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  Anima sent me a bunch of great Star Wars fanart, which I'll be posting in the coming weeks. Here is the first piece of the happy (but not for…

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Good Morning America

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  Natalie made an appearance on Good Morning America today and here is an excerpt below. She confirms that she is half way through filming Jackie and expects that On…

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  Anyone else feeling a bit deflated by the new Star Wars film being good. I mean, I'm glad that it is but it's frustrating that Natalie wasn't given the…

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Attack of the Clones BTS

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  We’ve updated the gallery with a new/old Star Wars: Attack of the Clones set photo of Natalie filming in front of the blue screen.

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