Vox Lux Still & More News

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More photos and news about Vox Lux are emerging:

-First of all, Fandango has a new still of the film in an article about the movies that will be released later this year:

Gold Derby is reporting that the Golden Globes are switching Natalie over to the lead actress category instead of her requested category of Best Supporting Actress. We can not know for sure if this is good news or not. Everything seems to indicate that placing her in such a competitive category is a wrong decision, but on the other hand it means that she is being seriously considered by Golden Globes voters. We will know the answer next December 6…

-Finally, Headline Planet reports that Natalie (and singer Halsey) will be at the Ellen Show on December 5.

New Vox Lux Still & Costume Exhibition in NYC

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Only two weeks left for the North American release of Vox Lux, and promotional material is slowly emerging, like this new still of Natalie, characterized as Celeste in the film:

… And all fans who live near New York can visit an exhibition of costumes that Natalie wears in the film, located at the AMC theathers at Lincoln Square:

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More IndieWire

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Today the IndieWire Honors are presented, and we have another article in which the director of Vox Lux, Brady Corbet, praises Natalie:

I’ll spare everyone the details of how difficult it was to put such a film together, but needless to say, I eventually found my Gena Rowlands. I will also say that “Vox Lux” would not exist if not for Natalie’s participation and dedication, in that order. I’ve never worked with someone more prepared or daring.

The article also gives us the opportunity to see the first official “behind the scenes” still:


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A couple of little Tidbits to start the weekend ….

-Vox Lux will premiere at the Venice festival next Tuesday, and one of the doubts about Natalie’s performance was whether she herself sings the songs, or has been dubbed by Sia in the film. Well, it seems that producer DJ Gugenheim reveals the truth to us in a recent interview for Deadline. Actually, Natalie sings and dances in the movie:

Sia and Scott Walker are behind the film’s score. Does Natalie sing in the movie or is she lip-syncing?

DJ: It’s all Natalie singing and dancing. No CGI or sync. She was great at both. You have a haunting juxtaposition of pop and contemporary classical sound in the music. Natalie was a natural. It was effortless as soon as she got on stage. Her dancing was the same. The finale is very ambitious and it took a lot of work.

-Natalie’s participation in Malick’s films a few years ago did not have the repercussion that Natalie’s fans would have wanted, but they left us stunning images of her, like this new still from Song to Song:

Annihilation Opens Digitally Today

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Annihilation arrives on digital today in the USA, and we have a new still and a couple of clips of the special features that we can find in the digital copy and Blu-ray to celebrate it:

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Sunday Tidbits

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The 90th edition of the Academy Awards is being held today. Unfortunately Natalie will not attend the event, due to the shooting of Vox Lux in New York, but we can compensate by watching again her speech as best actress winner for Black Swan in 2011, which is , according to Entertainment Weekly, the eighth most watched acceptance speech in the history of the awards on YouTube, with 5,6 millions views:

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New Annihilation Clip & Stills

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The first critic reactions on Annihilation can not be more positive. While we wait for the release of the film in a couple of weeks, we finally have a new clip and a few more stills of the movie with Natalie, the rest of the cast, director Alex Garland and writer of the book Jeff VanderMeer:

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New Annihilation Images

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Thanks to Oscarisaacfandom, here we have a new still of the film, taken from a poster stand in a movie theater. Keeping in mind that there are less than six weeks left for its release in the USA, presumably we will see more promotional images soon…

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First Annihilation Still

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After a long wait, we finally have the first official still of Annihilation, the science fiction film directed by Alex Garland (Ex Machina), based on the book by Jeff VanderMeer. In the photo, published by Entertainment Weekly, we can see Natalie´s character (named Lena), examining an alligator:

More Tidbits

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After a long hiatus, we finally saw Natalie return to work a few days ago. While we wait for more events, here is a new batch of Tidbits…

-In the coming weeks we will see the Natalie’s cameo in Angie Tribeca. In connection with this, Rashida Jones has talked about the participation of her friend in the sitcom:

Who’s one guest star you were most excited to work with in Season 3 of Angie Tribeca?

Natalie (Portman) had never done TV before, and we’ve been friends for a long time. She was adorably nervous about it, which was so funny from an Oscar winner. (Her character) is a bit of a play on an anti-feminist, old-school idea of a woman. She’s in a power position, but she’s still treated terribly by the men around her in a ’60s, Mad Men-way. It’s one of those characters where you’re like, “Wow, we have come a long way.”

Song to Song had a very limited release in American theaters last March. Now is the time of its release in several European countries. As a result, photos already seen have emerged, this time in HD.

More after the jump:

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Weekly Tidbits

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It’s been a month since Natalie gave birth to Amalia, and there have not been any public appearances or candid photos yet. Waiting for some relevant news, here are a few tidbits:

-There’s nothing official yet, but according to Jeff Sneider, film reporter and regular writer on The Tracking Board, Natalie (and Jennifer Lawrence), would have passed on the project about Getty kidnapping, directed by Ridley Scott:

Considering that the movie would start shooting in May, and that Natalie should also shoot her scenes for Xavier Dolan’s film this spring, it seems pretty credible. We will see if there is any news about it in the coming weeks…

-Song to Song will expand to more theaters next weekend, and Natalie has given a couple more interviews on the film. Here they are:

The Daily Beast: Natalie Portman Talks ‘Song to Song,’ Tupac, and the ‘Absurdity’ of the Trump Administration

Yahoo Movies: Natalie Portman on Terrence Malick’s ‘Wild and Free’ Improvisatory Groove for ‘Song to Song’

-Finally, here we have a new instagram still from Terrence Malick´s film, with Natalie and Michael Fassbender:

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New Natalie Still

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So far, most official photos we’ve seen of the Terrence Malick’s film are from the rest of the main cast (Mara, Gosling and Fassbender), but here we finally have a third photo of Natalie in the movie, dressing a nice wedding dress, which we had already seen in shooting photos four years ago: