Black & White Jackie Stills

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Along with the excellent trailer that we have seen today, we can also enjoy some stunning black and white photos of the film, taken by Pablo Larrain during the shooting, which have been uploaded on the renewed official website page of the movie. These are a small sample of them:



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New Planetarium photo

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Thanks to Roses des sables, here we have a new image of the film directed by Rebecca Zlotowski:


The film opens on November 16 in France, and will surely be premiered in any of the fall festivals.

New Planetarium Still

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Planetarium, the movie directed by Rebecca Zlotowski and starring Natalie and Lily-Rose Depp, will open in November in France. We have not seen much graphic material of the film so far, but here we have a new still of the movie, where Natalie appears inside a car, characterized with thick glasses.

Click image to enlarge:


Black Swan Still

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It seems incredible that still appear new pictures after more than five years … but this is; here we can see a new behind-the-scenes photo of Black Swan, published by Niko Tavernise (still photographer during the shooting) in his Instagram account:

Knight of Cups is coming…

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The USA release of the film is next Friday. There is a Premiere in L.A. tomorrow, but Natalie continues filming Jackie on the east coast, so it´s unlikely that she can attend the event…

To make the wait more bearable, here we have a great new photo of Nat in the film:


New ‘Jackie’ Stills

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Another great find from Belerofonte: Four new production stills of Natalie from the upcoming Jackie biopic. Hit the preview to view them in the gallery.

New 'Jackie' Stills

New KOC Still

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I’m not sure if this is an actual production still or a screen grab from the film, but we’re sharing this great shot from Knight of Cups either way. Thanks to Belerofonte for the find.

'Knight of Cups' Still

JGAG Promo 2

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Just a day late, but as Dazza promised, here’s the second new Jane Got a Gun promotional still. Thanks to Belerofonte for the find.

JGAG Promo

Here’s Jackie

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Hot on the heels of Planetarium, Natalie is jumping straight into Jackie, the biopic about Jackie Kennedy that is being produced by Black Swan helmer, Darren Aronofsky, and directed by Pablo Larrain. Here is the first publicity photo of Natalie as Jackie. Think she pulls it off?

Natalie Portman as Jackie Kennedy

New ATOLAD Stills

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I’m going back through old posts and I don’t think these four new A Tale of Love and Darkness stills were ever posted (?!), and now we have two of them (plus an oldie) in glorious UHQ. Thanks to edenLiao and Belerofonte for the finds.

New ATOLAD stills

New JGAG Stills

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Belerofonte has a real treat for us tonight with 10 new and HQ Jane Got A Gun production stills featuring Natalie. Hit the preview to view them in the gallery.