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A couple of little Tidbits to start the weekend ….

-Vox Lux will premiere at the Venice festival next Tuesday, and one of the doubts about Natalie’s performance was whether she herself sings the songs, or has been dubbed by Sia in the film. Well, it seems that producer DJ Gugenheim reveals the truth to us in a recent interview for Deadline. Actually, Natalie sings and dances in the movie:

Sia and Scott Walker are behind the film’s score. Does Natalie sing in the movie or is she lip-syncing?

DJ: It’s all Natalie singing and dancing. No CGI or sync. She was great at both. You have a haunting juxtaposition of pop and contemporary classical sound in the music. Natalie was a natural. It was effortless as soon as she got on stage. Her dancing was the same. The finale is very ambitious and it took a lot of work.

-Natalie’s participation in Malick’s films a few years ago did not have the repercussion that Natalie’s fans would have wanted, but they left us stunning images of her, like this new still from Song to Song: