Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace

The Phantom Menace: 20th Anniversary

Star Wars. Episode I: The Phantom Menace premiered in American and Canadian theaters exactly twenty years ago. It’s amazing to see how much time has passed. Star Wars was the definitive international recognition for Natalie and even today, many people began to be fans of her when they saw these films. Padme Amidala is one of the most recognizable characters of the saga, and although the prequels have been reviled by much of the fandom for many years, are being judged much more benevolent and objective lately (as Natalie admitted in her recent Interview for Empire). Here are some pictures and videos to remember Natalie´s appearance in the movie:


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Still no major Natalie news so we’ll have to make do with some smaller nuggets of news.

– Let’s begin with The Playlist dropping The Phantom Menace onto their Worst 20 Blockbusters Ever list. Belerofonte has expressed his defense in the comments section. Myself, personally I’d probably have gone for Clones because at least TPM has Duel of the Fates and hands down the best action scene of the series.

– Natalie and Benjamin are house hunting in Paris and Ben, surprisingly, was quite happy to confirm,/a> where they are looking: Saint-Germain des Prés district or Place des Victoires in the center near Palais Royal. Thanks to Melody.

– Finally, Natalie is on the cover of French Elle (sadly not a new photo) and Fanatical has the interview, which you can read after the jump. Hoping a kind French speaker will let us know if there is anything interesting.


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