We are well overdue for a new poll and today I want to get your opinions on the DiorSkin Nude Air print ad.

As for the Jane Got A Gun photo poll, the results were very interesting. I fell into the winning option, which was that the photos didn’t really change my feelings about the film. But right behind were a group of Natalie fans who are now feeling a lot more positive about the films prospects. So good job marketing department. Now let’s have a trailer.



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Gallery Updates

We’ve updated the gallery with some more new and HQ photos of Natalie and Benjamin looking precious at the Christian Dior show during Paris Fashion Week earlier today. You can also spot them in the background sitting front row during the show over at theFashionSpot.

Thanks to Kitten, edenLiao, Belerofonte, and Iktriad for the finds.


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The Daily Mail has a video of Natalie and Benjamin posing for photos earlier in the day. It really must take some effort to remaining smiling and somewhat natural through all that commotion. Apologies, their embedded video player is HORRIFIC.

Thanks to Belerofonte.


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Natalie and Benjamin are currently attending the Dior Haute Couture Fashion Show in Paris and HOLY SMOKES is she looking great. I’ve set up a very early album but be sure to check back later for further additions.

Natalie Portman at Dior show

Thanks to Kerstin and Belerofonte.


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We couldn’t do a best magazine photo category this year due to the dearth of options. However, there were just about enough advertising snaps to warrant a strong new category.

Best Advertising Photo

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More Dior

Kitten found another new Dior preview on Instagram, which looks like a recycled shot from Natalie’s 2013 Rouge Dior campaign, via kittylovescupcakes.


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Save The Date

A teaser for the upcoming Dior commercial suggests that the February 3rd air date, that we reported this week, is actually going to be February 4th. The runaway bride theme didn’t instil me with much hope, but this teaser is a bit more reassuring.

Thanks to Kitten and Nina.


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Pink Flower Tsunami

The Dior news keeps coming. If this keeps up, in a few weeks 2015 could already be a better year for Natalie fans than the entirety of 2014.

Let us begin with the news that the next Dior commercial film will be arriving on February 3rd. The good news is that it is directed by Anton Corbijn (Control, A Most Wanted Man), but the bad news is that the runaway bride theme looks awful. We’ll find out soon enough.

Next up is another preview, courtesy of Melinda Triana.


Finally, Dior have posted an invitation to a special Miss Dior event on February 5th. I better go check my postbox.

Thanks to Kitten, Eden, and Belerofonte.


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New Dior Incoming

The Dior gifts keep rolling in. Eden found a preview (via dgdior) of a new Dior campaign that looks FIRE, despite the enhanced cleavage.

Natalie Portman Dior


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Dior Nude Air Commercial

Thanks to Eden Liao once again, you can now feast your eyes on the commercial spot. It’s more focused on “air” than it is “nude”, but it’s clean and has a nice energy thanks to the song. What do you think?


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Dior Nude Air

A breath of fresh Dior Nude Air has arrived and I don’t care if they are literally just selling air. I’ll take a dozen, thanks.

Natalie Portman Dior Air

In addition here is a scan of the actual ad and product.

A big thanks to Eden Liao.


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Kenya Visit

Belerofonte is back with a great find from a couple weeks ago – an Instagram posting of Natalie back in Kenya as part of her role as an ambassador for Free The Children. Beautiful photo and a great cause.

A photo posted by chantsmyname (@chantsmyname) on


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Despite a historically quiet year, we did actually get five print ads in 2014. Now it is your time to vote for your favourite. Please remember that voting results are hidden until the announcement of all the winners.

Best Print Ad

Total Voters: 291

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While we wait for the Berlinale fires to be stoked, here are a couple smaller news items to chew on.

– Indiewire have done their own 40 films to look forward to in 2015. Obviously, given the source, this is a spotlight centered on the indie realm. Knight Of Cups and Jane Got A Gun both made the cut. See what they had to say over here.

– 50 Cent was made the guest editor of The Daily News’ Confidential section, which covered Natalie’s new public appearance. This means we have an actual 50 Cent quote about Natalie. Are you ready for it?

“This is a different kind of sexy. She looks completely innocent, like she’s going to do some freaky stuff to you.”

Nailed it. Great insight, Fiddy.

– Finally, the next Charlie category is coming tomorrow so if you haven’t voted on the Best Public Appearance of 2015 yet…HURRY UP!


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Gallery Updates

We’ve updated the gallery with some more new photos of Natalie’s appearance at the Weizmann Institute 40th Anniversary Celebration, thanks to Just Jared. It’s a shame there aren’t more of these.


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Charlie Awards

For those new to the site, at the beginning of every year we do a special kind of poll in which you Natalie fans can vote for the most memorable moments of the year just passed. 2014 was quite a challenge in this regard, but we’re going to do our best. The first category up for the vote is Best Public Appearance. Please click the thumbnails to take a good look at the gallery, before deciding on your favourite.

Best Public Appearance

Total Voters: 255

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First Public Appearance

That’s right, this is the first public appearance of 2015 for Natalie and Benjamin. The pair were positively beaming at the Pasteur Weizmann Institute dinner at Opera Garnier. I’m a big fan of this look (is her hair darker or is it just the lighting?) and think she looks absolutely fantastic. Check it out yourself by clicking the thumb below to go to Daily Mail’s report. Don’t put too much stock in the 2nd child mention or the Neta-lee birth name. They said the same BS three months ago.


Thanks to Kitten.


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Thor 3 Speculation

Thor: Ragnarok will likely go into production some time this year, but one of the big questions relates to whether Natalie will be involved or not. This is all speculation but some predictions may prove accurate so feel free to hit eject now.

KPopstarz reports that Master Herald is suggesting that Natalie might not be involved with the third Thor film. It doesn’t seem based on anything concrete and their report is all sorts of weird, even throwing confusion on the release date which, last time I checked, has already been set.

Enstarz has their own take, based largely off what happens in the comics. In their theory Jane and Thor remain together through Avengers 2 (although maybe off screen) and start Thor 3 together. The problems could come when Natalie falls for a human and Thor focuses on Asgard. This sounds more likely, with Thor having to make a big decision as to where his loyalties lie most. This report is also very odd, at one point changing Sif’s gender to a male, which had me wondering if we might get a Crying Game reveal.

Personally, I’d be amazed if Natalie doesn’t show up in the third film. If they want to end Jane’s participation in the series, there’s no way they aren’t wringing every inch of drama out of that on screen. On the other hand, I don’t think Jane has been a huge success on screen and would not be shocked in the slightest if the third film is the last for the character.

What do you think?

Thanks to Lightscamerareaction.


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Jane On Set

It’s great seeing Jane Got A Gun content finally emerging from the shadows. Today we have the first on set photo of Natalie. She’s posing with Joel Edgerton, writer (the rewrite, not the original script) Anthony Tambakis, and a good ‘ol stars and stripes.

unnamed (1)th

Thanks to 15milestation and Szabolcs.


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New Poll + KoC Results

It’s time for the first poll of 2015 and the subject was easy – Jane finally has her gun!

As for the Knight Of Cups trailer poll, more Natalie would have definitely been the key for you guys really going nuts for the thing. On the other end of the scale, 18% aren’t into the trailer at all. A number I expect to at least double when the film comes out. Malick is just not to everyone’s tastes.



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