New poster for a Tale

If yesterday we had a new trailer, now we have a new TOLAD poster, via The Film Stage. Essentially a new version of the original poster with a new background and contrasting colors…



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New USA trailer for ATOLAD

A Tale of Love and Darkness, the directorial debut of Natalie, will be released on August 19 in the US and Focus World has launched a new trailer for the occasion.



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Return to L.A.

After finishing the filming of Annihilation in England, Natalie and family have returned to California, where they has been seen dining at a restaurant in Malibu yesterday. Russian website Spletnik has the photos. Noting that Aleph is clearly seen in them …

Click on the image below:



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New Planetarium photo

Thanks to Roses des sables, here we have a new image of the film directed by Rebecca Zlotowski:


The film opens on November 16 in France, and will surely be premiered in any of the fall festivals.


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More Rouge Dior

A few more new photos from Natalie’s upcoming Rouge Dior campaign have emerged, attached to a Cosas article about Jackie. Two more are after the jump.



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It’s that time. Hold onto your hats pants.

– Sometimes you can see Natalie backlash coming, other times it’s a surprise. It didn’t even occur to me that the NY Times article would kick up a fuss but it seems that it did. So we have musings about where Natalie’s pants are, or more importantly why her interview partner, Foer, isn’t also appearing pantsless.

– Then we have the personally salacious angle focused on a rumour that Foer had a marriage-ending crush for Natalie, putting a creepy spin in the exchanges in the NY Times piece.

– Not to be outdone by the (I think) tongue-in-cheek criticism of Foer’s story about losing his old emails to Natalie.

– But there is some appreciation out there, The Daily Beast absolutely loved the piece.

And so, the Portman-Foer letters buck a negative trend: it is heartening, with the modern twist of email rather than quill and guttering candle, to at least see an attempt to return to the art of letter-writing, of connection, and elaboration.

– And now for something completely different, it seems as though Annihilation has wrapped filming. Now the long wait till the first trailer.


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T Magazine Shoot

As promised, we have the HQ photos from Natalie’s shoot with Craig McDean for her editorial in T Magazine, thanks to HawtCelebs. Hit the preview to view the gallery.


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On set video for T Magazine

Later we will have a proper gallery of images from the interview in T Magazine, but to make the wait more bearable here’s a hallucinating video that accompanies the photo shoot.



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Natalie’s new NY Times magazine piece has arrived with more beautiful photos, laced with sex appeal, and a unique interview exchange with author, Jonathan Safran Foer, that is incredibly personal.


An ex-boyfriend of mine used to call me “Moscow,” because he said I was always looking out the window sadly, like “Moscow,” like some Russian novel or Chekhov play. Clearly there were grounds for this ex getting fired, but he did have a point — I have that longing, yearning, it’s-better-over-there tendency.


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New Style Mag Photos

A couple of photos of the next interview in the New York Times Style Magazine have emerged … and are stunning:




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More Rouge Dior

Thanks to edenLiao, we have another preview of Natalie’s upcoming Rouge Dior campaign, plus a better look at the ad after the jump.



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Upcoming Natalie interview

Natalie will appear in the New York Times Magazine on July 17, interviewed by Jonathan Safran Foer, for the premiere of ATOLAD in USA, and here is a Sneak Pic to prove it…


Thanks to Kitten for the find…


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We’ve updated the gallery with some more new and HQ candid photos of Natalie on the final day of British Summer Time Hyde Park, hanging out with Rashida Jones in the VIP area watching Stevie Wonder perform (left) and spotted out and about (right). Thanks to GotCeleb and HQ Utopia.


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Summer Day in Hyde Park

Another day, another Natalie public appearance. This time with Alesha Dixon and Julianne Moore during Stevie Wonder perform at the British Summer Time Festival in Hyde Park:

Click on the image below to watch them:

Hyde Park

Later we will have a proper photo gallery of the event… UPDATE – Gallery HERE


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Natalie & Rashida in Wimbledon

Natalie and Rashida Jones attend the women’s final of the Wimbledon Tennis Championships between Serena Williams and Angelique Kerber at Wimbledon today, and Getty Images has a few nice pictures of them.

Click on the image below to watch:

Celebrities Attend Wimbledon

Later in the day we will surely best photos of the event… UPDATE – Gallery HERE


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Event in New York for Natalie

On the occasion of the USA release of A Tale of Love and Darkness, Natalie will attend a night event in New York on August 18. Actress will discuss clips from this film, and her career, with Moderator Annette Insdorf:


The onstage conversation (organized by 92Y), will include clips from previous movies, including Luc Besson’s The Professional, Anthony Minghella’s Cold Mountain, Mike Nichols’ Closer, Darren Aronofsky’s Black Swan and Gavin O’Connor’s Jane Got a Gun.


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Upcoming Film Tidbits

Today’s tidbits are all about upcoming Natalie films. It’s great to have so many interesting projects on the way and hopefully one or two new Natalie classics among them.

– According to this insider, a Terrence Malick film will probably be playing the Venice International Film Festival. Will it finally be Weightless, the Ryan Gosling starring music scene film that shot directly after Knight of Cups? Or will it be Malick’s A Voyage of Time?

Adriano De Grandis, usually well informed on behind-the-scenes negotiations and the selection of Venice’s La Mostra writes in Padua’s Il Gazzettino: “Almost secure the attendance of [a] Terrence Malick [film]”. In his opinion or according to his informations, it would be WEIGHTLESS.

– Five minutes of Jackie was screened in Italy to distributors, one of which had this encouraging synopsis:

Protagonist of the film is the radiant Natalie Portman, who after a few minutes of trailer is not difficult to imagine among the 2017 Oscar candidate for best actress.

– And finally, in more upcoming Natalie film news, it looks like Planetarium had a recent screening.


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DiorSkin BTS Photo

Edenliao found a brand new, great behind-the-scenes photo of DiorSkin Forever campaign.



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Finally we can see some pictures of Natalie (and a poster) of this movie made by UCLA students and produced by James Franco. The film premiered at the Atlanta Film Festival last year, and still has no release date.

Edit: Just Jared has an exclusive trailer.

A couple of Natalie stills…




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Festival Hopes

The Playlist looks at 50 films that might be in contention for appearances during the fall festival circuit. Natalie has three films that get a mention. I think I’d be happy enough if just one of these pans out.


Given that Pablo Larrain is one of the best directors we have right now, that we have three movies from him this year can only be a good thing. And after “The Club” and “Neruda,” his English-language debut on “Jackie” couldn’t be more eagerly awaited. Following Jackie Kennedy (Natalie Portman) in the days following the assassination of her husband, it should be a very different kind of biopic, and with filming having begun last December, we can’t imagine this not getting an awards push, though it’s currently without distributor. Larrain has some history at Venice — he was on the jury there three years ago and “Post Mortem” screened there — so there, TIFF or NYFF are all viable.



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