Mathilda Comic

A couple weeks back I posted my tongue in cheek Mathilda comic, which was jam packed with every bad idea I could think of for a sequel to Leon: The Professional. While I remain dismissive of a sequel to Natalie’s first film, I also think that a good film COULD be made with the character. My main concern is that I suspect Besson would make it a “cool” rollercoaster ride of violence and action, like the final action set piece from the original minus any kind of emotional investment in the characters.

So a few years back I hatched a comic idea to tell my own follow-up to the film. It’s flawed but I’m quite proud of many aspects, even if I couldn’t ultimately finish it due to cost. If you haven’t seen it yet, click the thumb below to take a look at all 3 chapters.



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Leon Fanart

I’ve been slacking on the Leon 20th anniversary content so I promise that this weekend I’ll knock out at least 3 or 4 Leon related posts. To warm up, here is a cool piece of fanart found by Belerofonte – sadly I do not know the name of the artist. The scale seems a little off but other than that it’s not too bad ;-)



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More Dior

We’ve updated the gallery with some much higher quality shots from Natalie’s new Diorskin Star photo shoot. We also have an UHQ scan of the print ad. A big thanks to edenLiao and Kitten.


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Wow, a new poll has been a long time coming. Sorry about that. There are a few worthy topics but I’m going for Rouge Dior Baume.

As for the last poll, about Natalie focusing on French films, I’m a bit surprised that only 16% of fans are not happy with the news.



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Dior Star Video Preview

Eden continues to rock it with the Dior news. This time she has a preview of the upcoming Dior Star video ad. Hopefully the full version will be arriving any day now.



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Eden Liao is back with another Dior Star find, and this might be my favourite shot. Mostly because of the shadows caused by Natalie’s eyelashes. What do you think?



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Rouge Dior Baume

Baume! The weekend of awesome Natalie content kicks off with two ads from her new Rouge Dior Baume campaign. Based on those two images it’s already a huge step up from its predecessor, the awful Rouge Dior campaign. A big thanks to Eden Liao for the find.

tumblr_nabbepLCKy1rf29u9o1_500th tumblr_nabbepLCKy1rf29u9o2_500th


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Bacall Statement

Following up from yesterday’s update, Natalie has now released a statement about Lauren Bacall’s passing. Clearly she made a lasting impression on Natalie. Thanks to Kitten for the find.


“Lauren Bacall’s strength, wit and talent matched her extreme beauty. I had the great fortune that she so generously allowed me to direct her in my first short film,” the 33-yera-old actress told “It was a true honor to watch her act up close – her sense of humor, timing and imagination were apparent in every moment. I will never forget the gift of her trust in me and the inimitable and vast talent she had. My deepest condolences to her loved ones.”


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Children’s Hospital

Natalie has a long association with the LA Children’s Hospital, which has largely remained under the radar. That changes now as Natalie is being honoured at the 2014 Children’s Hospital Los Angeles Gala. She will be receiving the ‘Courage To Care’ award, along with Sally and Bill Hurt and Costco Wholesale.

A world-renowned actress, film-maker and philanthropist, Natalie Portman is a steadfast supporter of Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. She first became involved in 2008 as a regular volunteer in the Teen Lounge, a unique space for teens and adolescents coping with hospitalization, and assisting Child Life specialists with patient activities in the hospital playrooms. Ms. Portman has also been a generous donor to the hospital’s Children’s Fund, which fulfills the hospital’s most immediate needs, such as providing specialized support for a family in need or purchasing blood for transfusions.

The sold out event takes place on October the 11th. You can read the full press release here. Thanks to Kitten.


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Lauren Bacall passed away last night after a full life and an incredible career. The reason I post about this here is because one of her last pieces of film work was for the short film, Eve, which Natalie wrote and directed. Bacall was very much the star of that film and below we have a video showing some scenes from the film, as well as Natalie talking about working with her.


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More Dior

We have another HQ shot from Natalie’s new DiorSkin Star campaign, brought to you by edenLiao.


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How about a burst of great Natalie fanart to soothe away the frustrations of Tuesday. Note: I have an awful cold so am feeling pretty bleak right now. In any case, these works are from Sofink, African Confessions and Mohsen.





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Gallery Updates

We’ve updated the gallery with a larger (though not necessarily HQ) version of a shot from Natalie’s DiorSkin Star campaign. Thanks to Kitten for the find (via hdutopia).


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In more recent years I’ve grouped news items that previously would have been their own updates. I just don’t have the time I once did and bullet pointing items is just easier. However, this collection of tidbits is like an old school tidbits update. Each one is entirely forgettable, yet somehow curious in its own way. Enjoy?

- Good news Emporiumheads, Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium is FREE to stream on ITV for the next 2 weeks. You have to register and free is probably still too expensive for that film but hey, Natalie was rocking the short boy cut so at least there’s that. Thanks to Amo.

- If you don’t know the band Spoon, head to Spotify ASAP. Definitely one of the more consistently good bands of the last couple decades. They have a new album out and take a pretty fun jab at Garden State in the track Outlier.

- Sticking with the audio topic, The BS Report podcast tackled actors and actresses who could have been romantic comedy superstars. Natalie gets a funny mention from 59:30 onwards, but they dismiss her case pretty quickly, which is fair enough.


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Eating Animals

It’s around 3 years since news first broke that Natalie was looking to adapt Jonathan Safran Foer’s novel, Eating Animals, into a documentary. Now we have word via Deadline that the project is definitely moving ahead, with some producing announcements. Christopher Dillon Quinn is still on as director and it’s possible that the film has been in production for awhile and could actually be closer to completion than we think.

Natalie is producing and it wouldn’t be a surprise to see her narrating the film or even on screen. I’m fond of meat but love a good documentary and am curious to see what new ground they cover in a field that’s already been heavily covered in the documentary form.

Thanks to Belerofonte.


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Leon 20 Anniversary

It’s 20 years since Natalie’s career launching performance as Mathilda in the brilliant, The Professional (aka Leon). The film was outstanding in it’s own rights and has grown a cult following in the years since it’s release, with Natalie citing it as the film fans ask her about the most. Over the next couple weeks I’d like to have occasional updates with some anniversary related content. Maybe a couple polls, some fanart, links to old content about the film etc etc.

If you have any ideas or want to just share your thoughts about what the film means to you, please do so in the comments section.

I’ll leave with two things, the first is THR looking back at the anniversary. Thanks to Adonis and Belerofonte for the find.

Next is a parody comic I wrote for (if my memory isn’t failing me) April Fools Day. It’s basically every bad idea I could think of for a Professional sequel thrown together. Reading it again I still chuckle, so I thought it was worth dusting off. Click the thumb to check out the 8 pages we completed.



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Completely forgot to post these videos from Natalie’s appearance on CNN’s Talk Asia. It’s an interview that took place during her visit to Shanghai. Bonus entertainment points to the top notch journo who confuses Your Highness director, David Gordon Green, quotes on the violent and profane CHARACTER Natalie plays in the film, with Natalie in real life. Check them out below.


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Office Visit

We’ve updated the gallery with some HQ candid photos of Natalie returning to her car in a parking garage after visiting an office building (presumably) in Los Angeles last Saturday. Thanks to anna1992anna.


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Kitten found a poster for Natalie’s A Tale Of Love And Darkness, but it immediately struck me as being questionable. The credits are too self-congratulatory and the Cannes announcement is…unlikely would be the kind way to put it. I checked with a source and finally got confirmation that it is indeed fan made. Hopefully a real poster and trailer might arrive before the years end. Really really curious to see what Natalie has cooked up.



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Nice varied batch of mini updates for you guys tonight. Dig in!

- I feel like I’ve said this a dozen times over the years but it looks like Pride And Prejudice And Zombies film is finally about to start production. Natalie, who was set to star at one point, is still producing and Burr Steers is directing. Lily James is the lead and the awesome Sam Riley has now joined along with the ridiculously gorgeous Bella Heathcote. Yay?

- Natalie has landed on the annual Forbes list for highest paid actresses. She lands in 9th place with a hefty $13 million, which is not too bad considering she’s only had one film in that time – Thor: The Dark World. I assume a big chunk of that change has a Miss Dior scent on it.

- And finally, for the Thor/Marvel fans out there, you can find a video on this page that has every Marvel Easter eggs from all of the films up till Thor 2.


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