Black Swan Still

Thanks to Belerofonte, who spotted this never-before-seen production still of Natalie on the set of Black Swan. Hit the preview to view the pic at still photographer Niko Tavernise’s Flickr.


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Cannes Tale Make It?

Cannes is rapidly approaching once again and the tea leaves are coming up A Tale of Love and Darkness, Natalie’s feature directorial debut.

Variety feels that the film has a good chance to feature in the Un Certain Regard competition, which generally focuses on more daring and original works for all over the world. No mention of either of the Malick films.

Elsewhere, Natalie Portman’s feature directing debut, the Jerusalem-shot drama “A Tale of Love and Darkness,” could be headed for a slot in Un Certain Regard.

Hollywood Elsewhere’s Jeff Wells has compiled his own list and Tale lands in 8th spot with this little write-up.

(8) Natalie Portman‘s A Tale of Love and Darkness — Dramatization of true story of Israeli writer Amos Oz growing up in Jerusalem during the 1940s and ’50s…okay, maybe but clearly not a triple, especially with that overbearing title;

I was leaning towards the Malick film, Weightless, due to the music scene and how long it has been in the oven, with Tale maybe peeking out at Venice later in the year, but now I think I’m coming around. It would be such a thrill for Natalie to be at Cannes for her own film.


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Charlie Awards Winners

It took long enough so I’m not going to waste any more time. Here are the winners…


Best Public Appearance proved to be one of the tighter categories with all the nominees receiving a lot of support. The winner was Natalie’s appearance at the Woodstock Film Festival but it managed the win with just a four vote margin.


Best Print Ad was a two horse race between two similar Miss Dior photos. In the end I feel the right photo was victorious.



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First it was Lawless. Then it was merely Untitled. More recently it was being called Project V. But now the second of Natalie’s Terrence Malick films has a title, and that title is…


Here is some visual confirmation by way of credits of the sound editor.


A big thanks to Adela and One Big Soul: An Oral History Of Terrence Malick.


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Miss Dior Straggler

Thanks to Iktriad we have a really lovely Miss Dior addition from around the time of the second Sofia Coppola commercial.

Natalie Portman Miss Dior


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Miss Dior Behind the Scenes

LightsCameraReaction reminded me that these notated snapshots from behind-the-scenes of Natalie’s Miss Dior commercial shoot were forgotten in the shuffle (sorry!). Hit the preview to view four more in the gallery.

Thanks to edenLiao.


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And now for something completely different. It has come to light that Natalie’s presenting of the green Oscar award, at the Cinema for Peace ceremony in Berlin, came with a side-order of drama in the form of a group of individuals rushing the stage to protest fossil fuels and call for divestment in them. This was plan B, plan A apparently involved a satirical play with nudity, sex with a polar bear, and a chase through the audience.

I can’t say I wouldn’t have been interested in seeing that play out. Nevertheless, it’s hard to know what Natalie thought of it all but the group has offered an apology to Natalie for the stunt and seem genuine in their regret of how it all played out.

You can read the letter at and below is their video of the evening. Skip to 55 seconds for Natalie’s brief and bewildered appearance.

Thanks to Belerofonte.


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Berlinale Videos

All quiet on the Natalie front again but Belerofonte found a couple new videos from Natalie’s Berlinale appearance. The first video starts with questions on the red carpet and the second video has Natalie arriving, at the one minute mark, for autograph signing and posing for photographs.


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A little of this. A little of that. That’s what it’s all about.

– Let’s begin with The Playlist’s new list of Cannes hopefuls. The other Terrence Malick film, Project V/Untitled, makes their list of 20 although they don’t sound too optimistic about it.

Given that he once went two decades between features, the idea of two Terrence Malick films premiering within four months seems patently absurd. But though a longshot, it’s feasible that “Knight Of Cups”’s Berlin bow could be followed by a trip to Cannes for its untitled follow-up, once titled “Lawless” and which was shot back-to-back with the other film (with which it may or may not be sharing characters; Bale and Blanchett, among others, shot scenes for both). Malick only just finished the film and also has IMAX documentary “Voyage Of Time” on his slate, so who knows what state this project is in. But if it is done, then you know Cannes would clear their schedule to screen it. This is definitely one of the wishlistier possibilities, but it’s not impossible.

– They have also speculated about the films that could be in the next Oscar race, and reckon that Knight of Cups could have an outside shot. They site strong reviews, which is weird considering they were largely lukewarm at best. This could change when released stateside but for now I reckon it’s a massive long-shot.

– Finally, a couple of Euro magazine sightings for Natalie. The images are not new and I’d imagine the same could be said for the articles, but nevertheless…

Natalie on Nouveau from The Netherlands
Natalie in Grazia from Italy

Thanks to Isadora and Dario.


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We took the scenic route but eventually we are at the end of the Charlie Awards. Just one category left: the overall rating of the 2014 Natalie year.

Rate the Natalie year from 5 (best) to 1 (worst)

Total Voters: 157

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Natalie in Israel

According to Google Translate’s (very) rough translation of a news article from Walla!, Natalie’s recent visit to Israel included several meetings regarding A Tale of Love and Darkness in addition to visiting with family and campaigning for Victory in 15. Hit the preview view a new snapshot of Natalie showing her support for V15 at the source.

Thanks to Kitten for the find.


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Golden Globes Throwback

Start your day off with this great new-old photo of makeup artist Jeanine Lobell prepping Natalie to rock one of her chicest looks before the 63rd Golden Globe Awards way back in 2006.


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Million Kids

Natalie made a brief stop in Israel to sign a petition, in Hebrew, calling on all parties to help feed hungry children. The website can be found here – Million Kids.

More than just sign the petition, Natalie supported the theme of the cause by shaving a dozen years off her face. Seriously, doesn’t she look like a teenager below.


Here are a couple more images via Instagram – Signing and Showing.

Thanks to Kitten, Belerofonte, and Amariko1.


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It’s time for a new poll and more out of hope than anything, I wanted to look to Natalie’s next film project. There must be something on the way…surely.

As for our very straight forward poll about Natalie’s Oscar after party look, the appearance got a huge approval from Natalie fans as you’ll see below.



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Those of you able to watching Detroit Public Television are in for a treat! On Monday the documentary The Armenian Genocide will air and it includes some big stars on narration duties, including Ed Harris, Orlando Bloom, Laura Linney and Julianna Margulies. Since I’m posting this on a Natalie Portman site you can also assume that Natalie is another of the narrators.

By all accounts it’s not particularly good, which is why you’ve possibly never heard of it until now even though it was made in 2006.

Thanks to Belerofonte.


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Red Magazine Scans

Thanks to Amo, we now have scans of Natalie’s full interview from the April 2015 issue of Red Magazine. Disappointingly, it looks like most of the new material was already posted online last week.



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Now it’s time for the worst news of 2014. I suspect I’m forgetting one or two things and fully admit to stretching to find 5 choices. 2014 was so quiet even bad news was scarce.

Worst News Of The Year

Total Voters: 226

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Tracking Shots

I really want to do the new Charlies today but once again the day slipped away. Tomorrow I promise!

In the mean time, enjoy this really cool video showing off Darren Aronofsky’s great tracking shots, including some of his work on Black Swan. If you like the back of Natalie’s head, this is the video for you.


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It’s all back to the quiet life in Natalieland right now. I’ve got a few mini news items that I’ve been saving for a rainy day so grab your umbrellas cos here they come.

– First up, the good news that the Untitled Malick film, also referred to as Project V, is in the can. Hopefully some news and a trailer won’t be far off.

– Next up, we mentioned previously that Natalie would be on the board for Geena Davis’ new film festival. In the video below Geena talks about the festival and Natalie makes a brief appearance as a disembodied head.

– Finally, I don’t think I ever posted this video of Natalie from the Vanity Fair Oscar after party. In it Natalie tries to keep her dress off the floor while chatting to Jane Fonda and Conan O’Brien.

Thanks to Belerofonte and Adela.


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Dior Stunner

One can get a bit cynical about advertising photos, particularly when we’ve now see Natalie and that freaking pink dress a million times over the last few years. But this photo just kicks a hole in that cynicism. It becomes meaningless in the face of sheer beauty. Bravo!

Natalie Portman in Dior dress

Thanks to Eden Liao.


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