Paris Match

Thanks to Belerofonte, who found two scans at moon-light-world from a Paris Match editorial featuring Natalie in Dior couture during the 68th annual Cannes Film Festival.


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Earlier today, Natalie attended the premiere of Sicario during the 68th annual Cannes Film Festival, then later traded her earrings in for a cocktail ring and necklace at the De Grisogono party in Cap d’Antibes. Hit the previews to view both of the new galleries, courtesy of Zimbio.

Thanks to Belerofonte and Kitten for the finds.


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Interview Round-up

Okay, let’s try and chip away at some of the outstanding Natalie content.

This Deadline interview has some great insight into TOLAD, Natalie admitting that she’s got a very busy period of acting coming up, and this interesting quote about producing.

It’s more about being able to create things for myself. It’s complicated when you’re just an actor, you’re subject to waiting for something good and for someone interesting to offer you something interesting. I’ve worked long enough to know there are certain waves and periods you don’t have the opportunities you’d like to so it really was born out of that. I am hoping to create things I’d be interested in, and makes me less passive in the process. I don’t believe my job as producer is to control. I have strong beliefs in the authority and leadership of the director. I really believe in the importance of that hierarchy.

This Variety interview has some talk of her new projects (Planetarium is up first and will be, at least in part, in French) and talk of the directors who helped her along the way.

Darren Aronofsky was great about reminding me to remember my reason for making it throughout the entire process, which was really helpful to always have the voice I had [from the beginning]. Terry Malick was very supportive, reminding me not to listen to anyone who was trying to make it more conventional. He said, “Don’t listen to people who tell you to have a three-act structure.” And Mike Nichols was very supportive. I had my dream team of people I was calling and asking for help.



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Natalie After Screening

Argh, there is so much Natalie news but I’m struggling to find the time to do updates. Here is a short and adorable video of Natalie after the screening of TOLAD. Start from 1:05.

Thanks to Belerofonte.


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Bow Down

Okay, real talk time. The image below and this Instavideo of Natalie on the beach after a long day of press is frankly ridiculous. Ridiculously beautiful. If it was a Dior ad it would already be one of the best that the campaigns have produced. Thanks to Belerofonte and Iktriad.

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The photocall for A Tale of Love and Darkness was held earlier today in Cannes and Natalie was there to pose with her cast mates. How great has she looked during this festival? Hit the preview to view the full gallery, courtesy of Zimbio.

Thanks to Belerofonte for the finds.


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The first photos of Natalie on the red carpet of the A Tale of Love and Darkness premiere during the 68th annual Cannes Film Festival have arrived. Hit the preview to view the full gallery, courtesy of Zimbio.



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New Films Poll

Okay, here is the poll about Natalie’s upcoming film projects again. We had to start afresh due to Jackie being announced after the initial poll went up.


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First TOLAD Reviews

Natalie’s writing and directorial feature debut has finally been seen and the early reviews are across the board. No real consensus beyond “it doesn’t suck”.

The most positive so far has been via The Guardian.

Homely, bespectacled Arieh (Gilad Kahana) and even glum little Amos (Amir Tessler) are inevitably overshadowed by Portman’s near-radioactive screen presence. But its on her achievement as a director that her role in this film will be judged, and it’s accurate to say she has done an impressive job, easily the equal of Angelina Jolie, who went similarly serious for her first feature, the Bosnian war drama In the Land of Blood and Honey.) Portman has made a film with something serious and interesting to say about Israel, a nuanced portrait of the place that demonstrates a commitment to, and connection with, her home country. This is an assured, heartfelt debut.

The Telegraph gave the film 3 stars.

The film feels like a personal project for Portman, but thankfully never a vanity one. It’s a fine piece of work – and you sense there’s better to come.



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First TOLAD Clip

While we await the first reviews of TOLAD and Natalie’s appearance at the screening today, how would you like to take a look at a first scene from the film? Starring Natalie. Written by Natalie. Directed by Natalie.

Thanks to Crazzeematt.


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Just a few hours after posting a poll about Natalie’s 3 upcoming films, a fourth film arrived. Didn’t see that one coming. So I have closed it and tomorrow I will post again with the fourth option – assuming there is not a fifth on the way.

To make it up to you – the stupendous Hotel Chevalier. This is possibly NSFW. Unless your work is awesome.


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With news flying in every direction I wanted to take this brief moment of quiet before the TOLAD reviews hit to post a few news items.

– First up, a couple videos of Natalie’s appearance for the opening ceremony at Cannes.

The second video is of the actual ceremony itself and can be viewed here with Natalie appearing “at 3’50 , 6’10 and after the short Benjamin Millepied ballet (from 10’02 to 14’20) at 14’20″. Thanks to Kornemuse for the links and info.

– Also thanks to Kornemuse for uploading the entire Le Monde M Magazine with the Natalie pictorial and interview. Any good quotes in there?

– Finally, the Guardian has a nice profile on Natalie, which ends with an interesting and sobering note.

Portman herself has recently indicated that her determinedly sober attitude to life as an adult star was inspired by something horrible and nameless that happened to a close friend in Israel in 2003, while she was in her senior year at Harvard. It convinced her, she said, that she had an obligation to do some good if she could.


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Make That 4 New Films

What the hell is going on? Natalie has now signed up for the Jackie bipoic, which she has been linked to since late 2012. Back then it was all about finding the right director and scheduling. Well they have a director in Pablo Larrain (directed the much heralded “No” a couple years back) and a producer in Black Swan’s Darren Aronofsky. The film will begin production at the end of the year.

“ ‘Jackie’ talks about the days when Jackie Kennedy becomes an icon but has lost everything,” said Wild Bunch’s Vincent Maraval, who is overseeing Insiders. Aronofsky, who was president of the Berlin festival jury this year, was highly impressed with Larrain’s Berlinale competition entry “The Club,” which went on to win the fest’s Grand Jury Prize. Portman caught “The Club” in Paris, and loved it. “It’s the ‘Black Swan’ team reunited for Pablo Larrain,” Maraval said.

Thanks to Kitten and the source.


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Cannes Opening Ceremony

We’ve updated the gallery with over 50 new photos of Natalie and husband Benjamin Millipied attending the opening ceremony and premiere of La Tete Haute during the 68th annual Cannes Film Festival today. Does Natalie look stunning in red or what?


Thanks to Belerofonte for the finds.


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It’s well past time for a new poll and there happens to be a ton of options right now. I gave it a bit of thought and for me the biggest question is simply, which of the three new Natalie projects are you most looking forward to?

We have Annihilation, the all female sci-fi/horror novel adaptation to be directed by hotshot Alex Garland.
We have On the Basis of Sex, where Natalie will play Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg with Indie director Marielle Heller at the helm.
And then we have Planetarium, set in the 30’s with supernatural elements and Natalie playing the sister of Lily Rose Depp. It will be shot in France by director Rebecca Zlotowski.

As for the previous poll, this is rare indeed. The most positive option to a Natalie question is dead last!



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Natalie At Cannes

Currently busy with work so will have to post more later but Natalie is currently on the red carpet at Cannes and she is looking GREAT.



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May has been a great month to be a Natalie fan, especially now with the announcement of a third (!) movie role. According to Variety, Natalie has been cast as look-a-like Lily Rose Depp’s sister in Planetarium, a French period film by director Rebecca Zlotowski:

“Planetarium” will mark Portman’s first time working with a French director since her role in Luc Besson’s “Leon” in 1994. She’s been beefing up on her French to prepare for the role.

Although plot details are kept under wraps, Zlotowski told Variety that the film follows the journey of sisters who are believed to possess the supernatural ability to connect with ghosts. They cross paths with a visionary French producer while performing in Paris.

Read more at the source. Thanks to Kitten for the find.


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Natalie and Benjamin looked great as they attended an inauguration in Versailles yesterday. I’ve set up a quick album – just click the thumb below, but as you can see on Getty there are quite a few more shots, which hopefully Rachel can track down later. Thanks to Belerofonte.

Natalie Portman and Benjamin attend inauguration in Versailles


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TOLAD Is Almost Here

The official Cannes lineup has been released as well as the page for A Tale of Love and Darkness. With it comes this still from the film and the runtime – a relatively brisk 98 minutes.

Natalie Portman in Tale of Love and Darkness

On the subject, the Polish cinematographer, Idziak, has once again spoken warmly about Natalie the director. He also predicted the new Natalie film rumours by revealing that Natalie was planning to do a lot of acting in the near future.

I had no doubt that I wanted this movie to do, although I had huge concerns with this production, as movie stars can be very different. Well, I found a wonderful woman and a great artist, a great actress, but I have to tell you that it will be, it is already, a great director, also is multitalented. Already in the queue to her American studies they set to doing more films. She says he has to give a break. He wants to work a little bit as an actress, but undoubtedly thoughts and collects at the moment ideas for future films. This cooperation was extremely harmonious. From the beginning to the end. To be honest, moves me is that outstanding actress, Hollywood, sends me on my birthday wish on video, or if in Los Angeles invites you to dinner, she pulls the car and whisks herself dinner. These are gestures that do not remind me of big stars American, and Natalia this is and it’s really not just about me. It’s about her attitude toward other people.

Thanks to Belerofonte and Lightscamerareaction.


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Two editorials in a week and now two potential new films. Actually, this Deadline report sounds conclusively like Natalie has signed on to star in On The Basis Of Sex, in which she will play Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

The script, which follows the travails of Ginsburg as she faced numerous obstacles to her fight for equal rights throughout her career, was written by Daniel Stiepleman and made the 2014 Black List. Robert W. Cort is producing with Ron Bergman exec producing.

Ginsberg was appointed to the Supreme Court in 1993 by then-President Clinton, becoming only the second female justice (after Sandra Day O’Connor) and the first Jewish female justice. Prior to that, she developed a reputation as a keen advocate for the advancement of women’s rights. Time magazine this year labeled her an “Icon” in its Time 100.

The director is a relative newcomer fresh off a big Sundance success (The Diary Of A Teenage Girl), Marielle Heller.


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