Angie Tribeca´s Promos

Finally we have a first look of the special appearance that Natalie will perform in the Angie Tribeca TV serie. In this promotion we can see a glimpse of her with a very sixties look:

Also a funny promo about the guest stars of this season:

It will be in chapter five of the series when we can see this guest star appearance, and it will be broadcast on May 8 in TBS.

A few screen captures after the jump:



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More Tidbits

After a long hiatus, we finally saw Natalie return to work a few days ago. While we wait for more events, here is a new batch of Tidbits…

-In the coming weeks we will see the Natalie’s cameo in Angie Tribeca. In connection with this, Rashida Jones has talked about the participation of her friend in the sitcom:

Who’s one guest star you were most excited to work with in Season 3 of Angie Tribeca?

Natalie (Portman) had never done TV before, and we’ve been friends for a long time. She was adorably nervous about it, which was so funny from an Oscar winner. (Her character) is a bit of a play on an anti-feminist, old-school idea of a woman. She’s in a power position, but she’s still treated terribly by the men around her in a ’60s, Mad Men-way. It’s one of those characters where you’re like, “Wow, we have come a long way.”

Song to Song had a very limited release in American theaters last March. Now is the time of its release in several European countries. As a result, photos already seen have emerged, this time in HD.

More after the jump:



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Filming in Beverly Hills

After two months of inactivity due to the birth of Amalia, we can finally see Natalie back to work. Daily Mail has a couple of photos of her doing a photoshoot in Beverly Hills these recent days. The actress is dressed in a Fifties-style look, and everything points to that it´s for an ad (maybe Dior?). We will know soon. For now, she looks really stunning in it:

Edit: Yes, it’s an ad for Dior. Thanks to Nannina.
Also added one more photo from U.S. Weekly



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We still have no relevant news … but here we have a few tidbits.

-A few days ago, Mimi Leder, director of Deep Impact or series like Shameless or The Leftovers, confirmed to Screencrush that is going to direct “On the Basis of Sex”, the Ruth Bader Ginsburg biopic. The movie still has no filming dates, but presumably it will be one of the next Natalie’s projects.

-Song to Song, Natalie’s latest movie, will be released on Blu-Ray, DVD and UltraHD on July 4th. It will be the first film of the actress that can be seen in 4K in domestic format. This is the provisional cover:

-Finally, Film School Rejects has an interesting article about Black Swan. Undoubtedly the movie by Darren Aronofsky is still remembered, seven years after its release.


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Jackie video interview

There is a total lack of news in Natland the past few days. So while we wait for events, here’s an old (but interesting) interview with Natalie, on the occasion of the premiere of Jackie a few months ago:


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Best Video Appearance

We’re definitely due for another round of the Charlie Awards. Don’t worry, we’re almost done!

Today you’ll be voting on the best Natalie video appearance from 2016. Get to it!


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Hiking in Los Feliz

Another day, another set of candid photos. This time Natalie was seen walking with a friend at Griffith Park in Los Feliz. Zimbio has a couple of albums with photos.

Click on the images to see them:



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Out for Lunch

Natalie and Benjamin were spotted sans daughter Amalia, stepping out for a lunch this Thursday in Los Feliz. This time Just Jared has the photos


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Throwback Thursday

One more blast from the (not-so-distant) past: A new shot of Natalie during a Rodarte costume fitting on the set of Black Swan.

Rediscovered photograph


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Oldie but Goodie

It’s always nice to remember old times, when Natalie was really young and spontaneous. We can retrieve a little gem from 1999 on the Oprah Winfrey Network YouTube channel: a TV appearance by Natalie and Susan Sarandon promoting “Anywhere but Here”. It’s really fun to watch it after so many years…



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Hike in LA

Natalie still enjoys free time with her baby these first weeks of spring. They were seen taking a hike with a friend in the Los Feliz area in LA. Again, Daily Mail has a few pictures:


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Gioia! Magazine

Natalie and Planetarium co-star Lily-Rose Depp are being featured on the cover of the 15 April 2017 issue of Gioia! in promotion of the Italian release of their film. The cover features a color version of a shot from a 2016 Driu & Tiago photo shoot, and the interior spread includes a new B&W photo from the same shoot:


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Out in Beverly Hills

Natalie and her baby were spotted out in Beverly Hills this weekend. Gotceleb has the pictures:


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A few weeks ago we learned that Natalie would have a guest star appearance on “Angie Tribeca,” the sitcom starring Rashida Jones. Well, IndieWire has a review on the first chapters and they reveal the role of Natalie in one of them:

Only a few episodes later, Portman is handed a different, if similar, challenge. The outspoken women’s rights activist is given the role of Mrs. Kraft, a NASA scientist who looks and acts like a ’60s housewife. The fact that she’s not given a first name is as intentional as her assumption that Angie works for Detective Tanner (DJ Cole) simply because he’s a man. Her constant smile, perfect makeup, and bursting baby belly all lend Mrs. Kraft an air of domesticity and her period appropriate surroundings further enforce the patriarchal era of NASA’s heyday.

Knowing how she really feels, one can only imagine Portman would be eager to satirize the sexist trappings of our past by emphasizing their modern parallels. But her line delivery is in keeping with Mrs. Kraft’s reality, not the social commentary her character offers to the audience. When Mrs. Kraft refuses to give a freshly baked cookie to Angie, offering her “a Fresca and a diet pill” instead, Portman whispers the line as if Mrs. Kraft would be embarrassed for Angie that she even thought to take a delicious treat meant for the hard-working men around her.

Now, Portman — an Oscar winner and three-time nominee — is obviously a pro, so complimenting her on understanding the basic concepts of acting may seem reductive. But the distinction she makes here isn’t that she’s playing a character rather than herself; it’s that her character isn’t in on the joke, unlike so many other satiric roles that require their performers to play up the meta connections made by the audience. Portman grasps the tone quickly and then runs away with the scene, her soft inflections and glowing expressions creating a beam of light gliding through the scene. Again, there’s so much more to the scene than celebrity worship, and that’s a credit to the writing as much as the performers.


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Imagen Magazine

And here are some nicer photos: Imagen Magazine, in its April issue, has a few images of old photoshoots, in which there are some new photos not previously released.


Click on the images below to see them in our gallery:



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More Candids

It seems the ban has been opened, and the paparazzi are not going to miss the opportunity to capture any moment in Natalie’s private life with her daughter. This time they were caught taking a walk yesterday in Los Angeles. Zimbio has the photos …


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It was a matter of time before the paparazzis caught Natalie and Amalia … and it was like that, taking a walk in Griffith Park. Natalie covers her baby all the time, so she does not see her face in any moment. As usual, Daily Mail and Hawtcelebs have the photos:


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No Natalie in Boston Calling

Unfortunately, it seems that we will not see Natalie at the Boston Calling Festival next May. According to this, organizers for the music festival announced yesterday that 13 comedians will join the 45 musical acts at Boston Calling this spring for a “comedy experience,” replacing the previously announced “film experience” curated by Natalie due to scheduling conflicts for artists involved in the showcase. However, according to the statement, she plans to reschedule for a future edition of the festival.


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Song to Song still

This is probably the best still of Natalie in the Terrence Malick movie seen so far…


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Planetarium Clips

Planetarium, one of Natalie’s last films, has not been lucky enough to find distribution in the US, but Rebecca Zlotowski’s movie opens in cinemas in Italy this week, and as a result, we can enjoy a few video clips of the film (dubbed in Italian), in which we can appreciate Natalie´s perfomance and the gorgeous costume design:



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