Natalie Talks Acting

A big thanks to Aurore for finding this Film4 video of A list actors talking about acting. Not exactly anything you wouldn’t have heard before, but Natalie sure looks great. She shows up at the 2:25 mark.


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It’s time for another batch of mini news items.

– Here is a video for film geeks (like me), featuring the color grader on Knight of Cups talking about his experience working on the film.

– Lee pointed out the awesome artwork for the Leon Steelseries Bluray. It is a limited edition and if you click the thumbnail below and order, you’ll be helping out the site by giving us a small referral fee.

– Finally, Benjamin will be joining Natalie at Cannes as he is creating an Alfred Hitchcock inspired piece for the opening.


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We’re into May, a month that should bring a lot of great Natalie content, and we start the month off on a strong note thanks to Ana’s new calendar wallpaper.

Natalie Portman calendar May 2015



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One Big Return

The great Terrence Malick Facebook fan group, One Big Soul, disappeared recently. This was a real shame because they provide great insight and access – being the first (if memory serves) to break the title news for Weightless.

Well, the disappearance wasn’t protracted. They are back with a new group and some new material along with it. Below is a posting of Natalie on stage at the The Seventh Fire Q7A at Berlinale.


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Natalie was in attendance at the opening of a Miss Dior exhibition in Beijing earlier today, marking her first public appearance in over a month. We’ve added a handful of photos of Natalie at the event to the gallery, with hopefully more to come.



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Into The Sunlight

It looks like we’re going to be in for an exciting May. The Cannes Film Festival, which Natalie will attend with her film A Tale of Love and Darkness, starts on May 13th. Now we have news that Natalie will present an award to Amos Oz, the author of the novel that Natalie adapted.

Natalie will also, once again, be attending the AmfAR gala on May 21st. This time Natalie is a co-chair, along with Jake Gyllenhaal, Sharon Stone and others.

Thanks to Kitten and Belerofonte.


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We’ve updated the gallery with a much better quality version of the A Tale of Love and Darkness promotional poster. Hopefully we’ll find out in May if this is just teaser material or an official poster.

Thanks to Belerofonte for the find.


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Let me ease back into things with a handful of mini news items, which we like to call tidbits.

– Starting with the news that Natalie will be Harvard’s Class Day speaker for 2015. Class Day honours graduating students and will be held on May 27th. Hopefully a recording will find its way online shortly after that.

– Taste of Cinema has thrown together a list of the top 20 first time performances in cinema. Natalie as Mathilda makes the list but to find out exactly where she landed, you’ll have to see for yourselves.

– Finally, Avengers: Age of Ultron has started releasing across the globe and in case there was any doubt, Natalie’s Jane Foster character is not in the film.

Thanks to Belerofonte.


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I am officially back from holiday and a bout of food poisoning while Rachel is finally nearing the end of a torturous journey back home. We both thank you for your patience and I’m glad to see that it looks like we didn’t miss out on any urgent Natalie news.


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The Knight of Cups poster is currently on display at CinemaCon, a convention that is already underway in Las Vegas that Collider describes as “basically Comic-Con for theater owners.”

Thanks to Belerofonte for the find.


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More Sony Leakage

It appears that a more complete collection of the Sony leaked emails have been made available online. On the Natalie front there are a couple items worth mentioning…

Firstly, Sony is working on an adaptation of a young adult set of novels called The Fifth Wave series, in which the world has been kicked back to the stone-age after an alien invasion. The emails reveal that Natalie was the number one choice for the role of Reznik, a tough drill sergeant who trains the kids.

That sounds like some awful casting to me and it seems that Natalie agreed as later emails confirmed that Natalie read the script and passed on it.

Secondly, Michael Lynton, the chief executive at Sony, mentions A Tale of Love and Darkness in passing to another a friend at The New Yorker.

ps I saw Natalie Portman’s film based on the Amos Oz book on Monday. She directed it. It is in Hebrew and is great. You may want to do something with it.

Thanks to Sarah.


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More Rouge Dior

We’ve updated the gallery with a larger version of one of the “new” photos from Natalie’s Rouge Dior Brilliant campaign.


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The Cannes Film Festival 2015 lineup was unveiled earlier today, and while A Tale of Love and Darkness won’t be in competition, there will be a special screening of the film during the festival. We should be expecting a Natalie appearance at Cannes in May, fingers crossed. Thanks to Belerofonte, via Deadline.


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Mathilda Fan Art

A big thanks to Duke, who submitted some much-needed (hint hint) fan art. Hit the preview to view the whole piece.


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Attack of the Clones BTS

We’ve updated the gallery with a new/old Star Wars: Attack of the Clones set photo of Natalie filming in front of the blue screen.


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Apologies for the radio silence. In part due to a hectic few days and also due to the quiet on the Natalie front. I’m hoping we’ll have some good Cannes news this week but until then…tidbits!

– The Avengers: Age of Ultron junior novel (the what now?!?!) has a semi-spoiler relating to Natalie. If you want to know whether Thor and Jane are still together, head over here.

– The awesomely named Tanner Beard is a producer on Knight of Cups and this interview has a this excitable quote about first viewing footage from the film.

We’re out in this outdoor park, this cool place in Austin, and everyone’s drinking their fancy beers and everything, and she hands me these headphones.

So I put them on and she opens her laptop, and she’s like, “You are maybe only one of four people who is going to see this.” And I was like, “Oh, shit.” So I got to see a little cut of five or six minutes of Knights of Cups of where it was at the time. And I just remember watching it, and [thinking], “I can’t believe I get to be a part of this film.” You know what I mean? Because somehow Terrence Malick made the 405 look beautiful. It was just so cool.

– Finally, speaking of Malick, the OTHER Natalie-Malick collaboration (the music scene film with Ryan Gosling) looks as though it is definitely called Weightless.

Thanks to Lightscamerareaction and Belerofonte.


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Bigger KoC

Belerofonte has found a link to an 1080p version of the Knight of Cups trailer. Download the zip file, extract the trailer and enjoy!

This also means we’ve added some sharper screen grabs to the gallery, like this previously blurry shot of Natalie on the beach.

Natalie Portman on the beach in Knight of Cups


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Star Wars Goes Digital

For a series of films that went on to owe so much to digital, it’s a bit strange that the films have not been made available digitally…until now.

All six films will be available on HD digital platforms starting from April 10th, along with some new bonus features. Read the full press release on, watch the release trailer below, and start clearing up space on your iPhone.

Thanks to Belerofonte.


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Swan Stills

Thanks to Belerofonte, who found two more new-old Black Swan production stills featuring Natalie. Hit the preview to see a never-before-seen photo of Natalie waiting on set with Darren Aronofsky and Matthew Libatique, and a larger version of the White Swan’s entrance over at still photographer Niko Tavernise’s Flickr.


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It’s time for another round of mini news items from around the web.

– Starting with my FINALLY posting the news that a study has been conducted on the most beautiful features of male and female faces and no prizes for guessing which female celebrity face was considered the most ideal. That’s science, solving all the hard questions. Check out the full article over here.

– Belerofonte found a mixed review of James Franco’s teaching experiment, The Heyday of Insensitive Bastards, as well as a brief Q&A snippet with Franco after the premiere screening. Definitely worth a listen if you’re curious/confused about the project.

– Finally, this Polish news article has some quotes with Natalie’s Polish cinematographer for A Tale of Love and Darkness. Nothing dramatic but he mentions that Natalie enjoyed some Polish films when she was younger and that finding a good partner to make a film with is harder than finding a good wife.


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