“Le Figaro” interview

Natalie gave some interviews before her appearance in Canal Plus on Monday. Here is one for Madame Le Figaro, where she talks about her life in Paris, her directorial debut and her upcoming projects:




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Calendar – May

Here is the new Natalie calendar for May and it is thanks to Charlie award winner, Ana!

2016 May (1)th



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“Le Grand Journal” Appearance

Natalie has been interviewed on the TV program “Le Grand Journal” this afternoon, on the occasion of the upcoming French release of her directorial debut, “A Tale of Love of Darkness” in Canal Plus. Here is the video of her appearance, where you can also see a brand new clip of the movie (7:48 to 8:48m):

Edit: full video



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Natalie is attending a press junket event on Canal Plus France for the French premiere on May 19 of “A Tale of Love and Darkness”, exclusively for this channel:

#NataliePortman venue présenter son film #ataleofloveanddarkness en exclusivité à @canalplus @cinemacanalplus

A photo posted by Cinema Canal+ (@cinemacanalplus) on



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The last poll (see results below) showed that most Natalie fans are disappointed that Natalie seems unlikely to be part of Thor 3, at least in a significant way. Given that Thor 3 starts filming in June and Annihilation, the Alex Garland sci-fi flick, starts filming any week now, it is conceivable that Natalie could have only been in one of the films.

I’m not saying this is true but I wondered, if all the fans that are upset at Natalie not being in Thor 3 were told “it’s because of Annihilation”, would that change things? So below there is a simple poll – if you could only choose one, which film would you want Natalie to do?

As for those Thor 3 results, here they are.



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Saturday tidbits

April comes to an end, and with it the last tidbits of the month…

-The filming of “Annihilation” is coming, and little by little we know more details about the movie. Yesterday Variety announced that David Gyasi (Interestellar, Cloud Atlas) joined to the cast in an unspecified role.

-The New York Times has compiled an article with all releases planned for this summer, and according to the newspaper, A Tale of Love and Darkness will be premiered in cinemas on August 19 in USA.

-Finally, perhaps we may not see more Natalie playing Jane Foster in Thor movies, but her participation in the Marvel franchise has not been in vain; at least for a group of women who have found their chance thanks to a science program created during the premiere of “The Dark World”. The Hollywood Reporter has more details of the story…


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Gallery Updates

Belerofonte found a great new addition to the gallery: The full version of this shot from Natalie’s spread in the November 2013 issue of ELLE UK.


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It’s time for another batch of Natalie news tidbits.

– Annihilation is about to start filming and director Alex Garland, as well as stars Tessa Thompson and Oscar Isaac are already in London. Except to see Natalie there soon.

– A few more details have emerged about the new Xavier Dolan film, including a date for filming to begin.

On 9 July, the young filmmaker will therefore initiate the filming of The Death and Life of John F. Donovan , Montreal, New York, Prague and London; his most ambitious project to date, hard to climb, finally on track.

Through an epistolary relationship, discuss the pitfalls, splendors and miseries of show business in Hollywood. A budget of 38 million Americans, distribution: Jessica Chastain, Natalie Portman, Kit Harrington, Susan Sarandon, Kathy Bates, Nicolas Hoult. The stakes for a new challenge, the beginnings of an unprecedented cycle tone: ” It will focus on the impacts of Hollywood in the personal lives of people…

– Next we have a little report on visiting Beijing from Natalie’s makeup artist, who joined her on the recent trip to the Beijing Film Festival.


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Gallery Updates

I was hoping to have some Jane Got a Gun screen captures for you guys this evening, but unfortunately that looks like it’s not going to work out. :( Hopefully this huge batch of HQ additions to Natalie’s appearance at the Paris premiere of the film will make up for it.

JGAG Paris Premiere


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SW Fanart

It’s time for another great piece of fanart. Once again this is from Star Wars loving, Anima.



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Black Swan Still

It seems incredible that still appear new pictures after more than five years … but this is; here we can see a new behind-the-scenes photo of Black Swan, published by Niko Tavernise (still photographer during the shooting) in his Instagram account:


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Dazza Reviews JGAG

As you know, I’ve just arrived back in Berlin, and during the mind-numbing flight over I had the opportunity to finally catch Jane Got A Gun. Expectations were low. The troubled production didn’t phase me too much, as sometimes magic can be found by flying by the seat of your pants, but the shrugging reviews certainly didn’t have me expecting the next Heat.

On the positive side, it’s pretty entertaining and I quite enjoyed seeing Natalie play something of a bad ass. There’s still plenty of desperation in the performance, like one of the better flashback scenes, but Jane is one tough cookie.

jgag_01581 (1)


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And here’s the weekly ration of tidbits for you all …

-The latest additions to the Cannes festival competition have been announced, and Planetarium is not among them, so we have to wait for the French premiere in October to see the film. Until then, the current rumors suggest a slot in Venice Film Festival.

-Talking about Planetarium, Vanity Fair France features an article and interview with Lily-Rose Depp this month, in which is included a nice reference to how Natalie played an important role in the selection of the Johnny Depp´s daughter for the movie:

She (Natalie) was who suggested the name of Lily-Rose Melody Depp to Rebecca Zlotowski, the Planetarium director. “Natalie sent me a picture of her while I was looking for a French speaking American to play her little sister aged 13, tells Vanity Fair in the latter. The resemblance between the two was quite disturbing. “The director is gone to meet her:” In May, we met. We walked in Paris, had a drink, bought a few things, she recalls. I liked her light, her grace, her femininity voluntary and no clutch. The cast stopped there.



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New Poll


It’s been awhile since we did a non-Charlies poll so let’s kick back into it by seeing how you guys are handling the news that Natalie is seemingly not going to be in Thor: Ragnarok.


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New Planetarium Still

A new still of “Planetarium” has emerged … and it’s great.




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Beijing videos

Here are a couple of videos of Natalie appearances in Beijing, for all of you guys…

-the First is the red carpet opening ceremony. Natalie appears between 1:03 and 1:58 minutes:



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Natalie attended a Q&A following the screening of A Tale of Love and Darkness during the 6th Beijing International Film Festival today, and @esthertuo shared a snap on Instagram:

A photo posted by 艾斯拓Esther (@esthertuo) on

We’ve set up a small gallery for the Q&A (keep checking back for more; we’re adding them as we get them), as well as galleries for Natalie’s attendance at the Sino-Foreign Film Co-production Forum and other press interviews.


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ATOLAD Screening in Beijing

Today Natalie attends several events within the context of the Beijing Film Festival. Among them, a Q&A and press interviews in relation to the screening of her directorial debut, A Tale of Love and Darkness, and a forum about Sino-Foreign Film Co-production, alongside Giuseppe Tornatore:

Sino-Foreign Film Co-production Forum



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Natalie in Beijing Film Festival

Natalie has attended the red carpet at the opening ceremony of the Beijing Film Festival a few minutes ago; the first photos are emerging… and she´s stunning:


Surely we have better pictures later, so stay tuned … UPDATE – Gallery here.


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New Dior Peek?

I have landed and settled in Berlin once again, so it’s time to dig back into Natalie news. Below is an Instagram image from the account of a stylist. More Dior on the way or some other shoot in the works? Time will tell.

A photo posted by ETIENNE&RISHI (@etienne_rishi) on


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