Video Tidbits

To take us into the weekend I’ve got some really nice video news items. Grab the popcorn!

– Lets kick things off with a video essay comparing Black Swan with my favourite film of last year, Whiplash. Some nice symmetry but if you haven’t seen Whiplash yet (or Black Swan) make sure you watch the films first because this gives away everything.

– Next up is another video essay, this time focused on the differences between the film version of V for Vendetta and that of the graphic novel. A lot of effort was put into this and it is well worth your time if you’re a fan of the film.


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Gallery Updates

If you haven’t already viewed the Album of the Week, you’ll find that the gallery has been belatedly updated with HQ photos of Natalie at the A Tale of Love and Darkness premiere during the 2015 Toronto International Film Festival last month. Thanks to silkecut.

'A Tale of Love and Darkness' TIFF Premiere


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JGAG Stills

A big thanks to Edenliao and Belerofonte for finding a treasure chest worth of HQ Jane Got A Gun photos. Click below to view the full gallery.

Natalie Portman in Jane Got A Gun


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Gallery Updates

Two weeks late (though better late than never), but a gallery has been added for Natalie’s appearance at the Ballet National de Paris Opening Season Gala at Opera Garnier in Paris. Thanks to Iktriad and silkecut.

Opening Season Gala


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Jane Got A Poster

Well that didn’t take long at it, did it? The Weistein’s involvement seems to be moving things along with the troubled Jane Got A Gun as the first poster arrives. It’s Natalie. She has a gun. Job done?

Jane got a gun poster


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So Thor 3 is in the works, as the Marvel cinematic universe goes into its next phase slowly but surely. The second sequel, titled Thor: Ragnarok, is due to be filmed by Taiki Waititi, who may be known for his vampire mockumentary What We Do in the Shadows. The closest he has been to a superhero movie is having acted in 2011’s Green Lantern, which hopefully Thor 3 will stay clear of being like. He is an interesting pick because of his attachment to comedic films, but he wouldn’t be the first Marvel director who has worked mostly through comedies: Jon Favreau (Iron Man), Anthony and Joe Russo (Captain America: Winter Soldier) and more have worked on Marvel films and have done a fine job. Chris Hemsworth is set to star as Thor once again. Hopefully Natalie will be on board with this installment as well, as she played scientist Jane Foster in the previous two films.

You can read more about this here. Let’s see where this new film goes!


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October Calendar

It’s a new month and that means a new Natalie wallpaper calendar. This month is thanks to my fellow Berlin resident, Celina.

natoctober15 1920x1080pxth



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More Planetarium

Natalie was snapped filming Plantarium in Paris again, this time on Tuesday. Hit the thumb below to check out the gallery. Thanks to Belerofonte and Iktriad.

Natalie Portman shoots Planetarium in Paris


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Planetarium Tidbits

Rachel will hopefully post some new Planetarium set photos today but in the meantime, here are some other odds and ends from earlier in the week.

– Let’s begin with two videos of Natalie filming on Monday night. Thanks to Belerofonte and Kitten.

– Natalie’s character is smoking in that scene and her sister in the film, Lily-Rose Depp, also seems to be fond of cigarettes.


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Yesterday, we got some lovely shots from the Planetarium set in Paris, which can be found here. Luckily, user Aurore actually got a first hand experience on this new shoot. Here is a look at what went down. Congratulations on the awesome experience!

Here is an instagram shot of the event found at the user accroaupopcorn:




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The Daily Mail has the first photos of Natalie filming Planetarium, her first French language film. It’s strange to see Natalie with a cigarette in hand (on screen) as previously she has gone out of her way not to depict smoking on screen.

Amazing outfit though and I excitement level has definitely bumped up a notch or two. How about you?

Natalie Portman filming Planetarium

Thanks to Belerofonte.


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Ballpoint Pen Drawing

We haven’t had as much fanart this year so it’s great to be able to feature this stunning piece submitted by Francesco.

Natalie Portman Drawing


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More From Poland

More photos have emerged from the Film Spring Open and by clicking the thumnbail below you will see them at the official Film Spring Open Facebook page.

Natalie Portman at Film Spring Open

A big thanks to Belerofonte and Kitten.


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Film Spring Open

As expected, Natalie is in Poland this weekend for the Film Spring Open. She was invited by her cinematographer on ATOLAD, Slawomir Idziak, and you can see the them together by clicking the thumb below and going to the Daily Mail where they have many more photos.

Natalie Portman attends Open Air Spring in Krakow

Here is another great photo from inside the auditorium.

Natalie Portman at Film Spring Open


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It wouldn’t be the weekend without tidbits…okay, that’s patently false but let’s just run with that anyway.

– Natalie may be attending the Krakow Film Spring Open this weekend, after being invited by her ATOLAD cinematographer, Slawomir Idziak. Slawomir says that Natalie won’t be doing press but will be giving a talk about the film.

– The Playlist have ranked all the characters from Wes Anderson films and Natalie’s Hotel Chevalier character lands at number #58.

The short that accompanies “The Darjeeling Limited” is probably a better film than the undisciplined main feature, not least because of this unusually sexy and explicit turn from Portman as Jack’s (Schwartzman) mysteriously bruised, enigmatic but soulful on/off girlfriend.

– Planetarium continues filming and Belerfonte found this Instagram shot, which doesn’t have Natalie but gives you a sense of the period style that the film will have.

– Finally, the best of news of all, Rachel should be returning next week and will hopefully make sense of all the new albums that we’ve had over the past month.


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Opening Season Gala

Natalie attended the opening season gala for the National Ballet of Paris last night. Given the event you won’t be surprised to know that Benjamin was there as well. Thanks to Belerofonte.

Natalie Portman attends Paris Ballet opening gala


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R.I.P Nick Louvel

Wow, I was shocked to see Belerofonte pointing to this news story about director, Nick Louvel tragically dying in a car accident today. Nick went to Harvard with Natalie and directed her in Domino One, filmed on campus the picture was never released and remains a bit of a mystery. However we do have several photos from the set, which you can see below by clicking on the thumbnail – that is Nick behind the camera.


I VERY vaguely know Nick as a Facebook “friend”. In 2008 I tried to squeeze some info about Domino One out of him. He replied positively to my first message but when I asked some actual questions he never replied. I left it at that.

Recently I’d seen in my news feed that he had a new documentary, The Uncondemned, that was generating a bit of buzz and due to play at the Hamptons Films Festival in just over a week. He seemed really excited about the film, which makes the tragedy somehow even more so.

Thoughts go out to his loved ones.


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Planetarium Begins

Natalie is back in front of the camera again for Rebecca Zlotowski’s Planetarium, Natalie’s first French language film. Filming began this week and Belerofonte found the first photo from the set.

Natalie Portman with Planetarium team


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A new week and a new batch of mini news items for you guys to snack on.

– Let’s kick things off with a scene scene clip from Knight of Cups, which has Natalie and Christian Bale enjoying some art and each other. The voice over would be Natalie, if it wasn’t dubbed into German.

– Something that slipped through the cracks is a really nice write up on Natalie’s talk with Darren Aronofsky at TIFF. Some really nice comments about Darren, the roles for women in Israel and Mike Nichols…

“I stole all the things I learned from him, and I remember him everyday,” Portman said.

She recalled that rather than having his actors rehearse scenes over and over again, Nichols would have them partake in “naming moments”.

This practice, Portman said, “has been really instrumental for me and how I look at everything and be like, ‘This is the moment where they fall in love,’ ‘This is the moment where he realises she’s cheating’.

“Just naming it with all the people together makes you all part of telling the same story.”

– Finally, thanks to Miriam for another good find, a video interview about A Tale of Love and Darkness from Cannes.


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Wow, it’s definitely time for a new poll. There are a few worthy topics but I’ve decided to go with a death match poll (one thing versus one other thing) about Natalie’s two recent ATOLAD premiere looks.

As for the last poll, if you can even remember that far back, while I thought the Marie Claire shoot was a big heap of “meh”, you guys generally thought differently. In fact the winning choice was the one stating that it was one of her best shoots ever, which kind of blows my mind.



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