The Charlie Awards continues its leisurely pace as today we focus on the Best Advertising Photo category. There wasn’t a lot to choose from this year but there are a couple stunners in play. As always, make sure you click to view the full images before voting.

Best Advertising Photo

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It’s time for a new batch of mini news items, starting with some casting news for one of Natalie’s upcoming films…

– First some big news, Jennifer Jason Leigh looks to be joining the cast of Alex Garland’s Annihilation. After being beaten up by every man in The Hateful Eight, maybe she’s looking forward to this all female sci-fi film.

– Here is another new clip from Jane Got A Gun and once again…it’s pretty good.

– Speaking of Jane, here are a couple interesting video interviews with her co-stars. Joel Edgerton talks for over half an hour and gives good background info on the production. Strangely, he never mentions Natalie (or if he did I missed it). Then there’s a shorter video interview with Ewan Mcgregor from Jimmy Kimmel.


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Natalie’s busy schedule shows no signs of slowing down as it has been announced that she will be in Xavier Dolan’s next film, alongside Jessica Chastain, Kit Harrington, Susan Sarandon, Taylor Kitsch, Kathy Bates, Thandie Newton and Nicholas Hoult. Xavier is a bit of a prodigy, having been recognized at Cannes as a 19 year old filmmaker. He has been prolific and this film, titled The Death and Life of John F. Donovan, will be his first English language film.

You might remember Natalie was spotted with Xavier at Cannes last year.


I have always wanted to catch up with his work but haven’t found the time. Now I have a good excuse. Oh, but almost everyone has seen him direct as he filmed Adele’s music video for Hello.

This is further evidence of a new strategy to work with some of the most talented and exciting young directors around.

Planetarium sees Natalie working with Rebecca Zlotowski, fresh off her highly acclaimed second film, Grand Central.
Annihilation will have Natalie working with Alex Garland, whose first film Ex Machina is considered one of the best sci-fi films in years.
Jackie has Natalie working with Pablo Larrain, who is the most experienced although his string of critical successes have come outside the Hollywood system. His new film The Club was nominated for a Golden Globe and already has 14 awards to its name.
And On The Basis of Sex was due to be directed by Marielle Heller, who has one brilliant film to her name, Diary of a Teenage Girl.

Xavier Dolan makes that five different nationalities but here is the really interesting part – all five are writer-directors.

View the synopsis after the jump.


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Natalie was spotted going out to a Japanese restaurant with Benjamin and Aleph in Paris yesterday. Hit the preview to view the photos in the gallery. Thanks to Belerofonte for the finds.


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We’re back with some more mini Natalie news items. Dig in!

– Let’s kick off with the box office and despite being one of the more robust holds during the week, Jane Got A Gun fell off a cliff this weekend. Granted, with such a poor first weekend we’re talking a pretty short fall. Speaking off planting face first into the dirt, many moons ago Natalie was to star in Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. It was to be written and directed by David O’Russell, but he dropped out and went on to become the Oscar darling of the last few years. Natalie dropped out soon after and there was a string of directors coming on board and then exiting.

The film was finally released this weekend and it’s another “why did they even bother?” with a massively underwhelming box office take.

– Next up, a new German Knight of Cups clip has arrived with Natalie and Christian Bale having some fun on a pier.

– Speaking of Knight of Cups, here are a couple very positive reviews for the film – Theology and Movies and Podcasting The Softly.


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It’s time for the next category in our annual Charlie Awards. There were a lot of great editorial photos to choose from today. After much hand-wringing, this is what we came up with.

Best Editorial Photo

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New ‘Jackie’ Stills

Another great find from Belerofonte: Four new production stills of Natalie from the upcoming Jackie biopic. Hit the preview to view them in the gallery.

New 'Jackie' Stills


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Natalie Back To LA

There was a press conference and an official announcement today, the Benjamin is leaving the Paris Ballet in July. Benjamin will be returning to work in L.A. and I presume that means the family will be heading back as well. The hand-wringing when she left L.A. really bemused me so I’m not looking for the same regarding Paris. Personally, I couldn’t care less where she lives.

Speaking of not caring, Benjamin was pretty clear about his reason for leaving. He sounds more than a little frustrated by the experience.

“I want to regain my freedom and I want to create,” he said. “I’ve been honored to be given the opportunity to work at the Opera and with the dancers, but this job, as it exists today, is not something I want.”

Read more at the NY Times. Thanks to Belerofonte.


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Calendar – February

Whoops. My bad. I completely forgot to organize someone to produce the wallpaper calendar for February. Luckily Ana was able to pull together a calendar in no time at all. Enjoy!




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Ben Leaving Paris Ballet

Well that didn’t last long. Benjamin has only been with the Paris Ballet for a little over a year but that is now coming to an end. A press conference tomorrow will formally announce his departure and one can only wonder if this means that the family might head back to the states. For what it is worth, I’ve heard that it is indeed Ben’s frustration with the slow administrative side of the Paris Ballet than, as has already been suggested, Natalie wanting to return home.

Via translation…

The establishment was recently added, because his name boosted sales. And because Benjamin Millepied like to create for the dancers of the company and provides plenty of do it next season.

It could also remain as resident choreographer after the break, while defending the idea of ​​bringing major dance companies in the twenty-first century. His departure would weaken the turbulent reign of Stéphane Lissner. For the French dancer and choreographer of the New York City Ballet star and husband of actress Natalie Portman, has given to the opera glamor, talent and patrons. Never gala has reported as much as that given for the opening of Ballet in September. Neither has any dance director has managed to allocate this money to ballet. As for the number of creations in the program, we went from two to ten per year.


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New KOC Poster

Check out this really great new poster for Knight of Cups featuring Christian Bale. Thanks to Belerofonte for the find (via GQT).

New 'Knight of Cups' Poster


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Now that things are a bit quieter it’s time to jump back into the Charlie Awards. Today we want to know your pick for Natalie’s best public appearance of 2015. Please don’t just rely on the thumbnail – click it and take a good look at the album to jog your memory. Then vote!

Best Public Appearance

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JGAG Tidbits

Time to catch up with another round of Jane Got A Gun tidbits. Doesn’t seem like this film is going to be in the conversation for too long. Considering the long drawn out production and release, that’s definitely a shame. If you want to catch it in the cinema you better hurry up. Thanks to Belerofonte.

– Let’s kick things off with a nice summary of the troubled production, as I’m sure there are a lot of you who aren’t aware of how it all went down. At one point it was set to be Natalie and Michael Fassbender starring in the next film from the incredibly talented, Lynne Ramsay. So here’s how it all went up in smoke.

– The film pulled in $800k this weekend and the worst opening weekend screen average of Natalie’s career, although not that surprising given the lack of marketing available.

Forbes covers the wipe-out but offers a positive spin on things.

And the sad irony is that, after all the fuss, it’s pretty good. It has some rough edges and it’s very slow (west), but it’s well acted, and its third act is awfully effective. If I may, Portman in full western gunfighter mode does cast an iconic image. I get why Weinstein didn’t spend much of a fuss on the film, as the financial Straight Up Films handled the marketing and the film has the whiff of damaged goods. But it’s not remotely a calamity and it’s a darn shame that this $25 million western drama is barely going to crack $750,000 for the weekend in 1,210 theaters. It earned $277k yesterday. I’m not saying you need to rush out and see it right now, but it’ll be one of those you stumble upon after theaters and feel a little bad for not giving it the theatrical support it could have used when you had the chance.


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GMA Album

We’ve updated the gallery with new photos from Natalie’s appearance on Good Morning America, including a brief sighting of her arrival in Times Square. Thanks to silkecut.

GMA Walking in Midtown


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Rachel Reviews JGAG

I saw Jane Got a Gun this evening. Dazza told me to enjoy the film and asked me to write a review. I responded with “I’ll try,” and I did. I tried to care about the story. I tried to care about the characters. But I just couldn’t. I feel like the last couple of my reviews of Natalie’s films can be summed up as “Well, it wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t good, either,” and Jane Got a Gun is no exception.

Disclaimer: There aren’t any spoilers that you didn’t already see in the trailers. I am not Dazza or Andreas; writing is not my forte. You’ve been warned.



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JGAG NY Premiere Videos

We have three new videos to share from the Jane Got a Gun New York premiere red carpet arrivals, including interviews with Natalie and Joel Edgerton (after the jump). Thanks to Belerofonte for the finds.



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JGAG Tidbits

There is tons of Jane Got A Gun related news, which we’ll be trying to catch up with for days, so here is another collection of news items.

Box Office Mojo indicates that the theatre count plans have essentially doubled for this weekend from 550 theatres to 1,210 offerings.

Weinstein originally estimated it would only be arriving in 550 theaters, but that count rose to 1,210 theaters today making it a little more possible it could find a spot in the top ten, but it has a tough road ahead of it.

Not only did it have a troubled production, but the marketing campaign appears to be almost non-existent. A target figure for the weekend would seem to be $3 million, but the fact this is a Western with little juice behind it doesn’t seem to be working in its favor.

– A positive JGAG review has emerged from Screen Daily, which has an interesting take on the feminism of the film.

Portman’s Jane is strong and self-sufficient with a lucid take on survival — she’s not afraid to help herself and she knows when she requires help from others. Some very bad things have happened to her but she’s nobody’s punching bag. And not unlike Charlize Theron in Mad Max: Fury Road, one might be tempted to think that Portman is just too much of a natural beauty for this role, but any such objection quickly subsides.

– That feminist take is completely contradicted by a piece that calls the film “unbelievably sexist”

The past year was a great one for women on the big screen. We had Mad Max: Fury Road, Spy, Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens — movies that championed tough, smart, independent female characters.

And now, kicking off 2016 is Jane Got a Gun, a movie that runs screaming in the opposite direction.


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Fallon Album

Natalie’s full appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon hasn’t appeared online yet, but we have some really gorgeous stills from Natalie’s appearance below.



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Natalie was on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon last night. We’ll hopefully have the full video and some photos from the appearance later on but for now, here is Natalie, Jimmy, Sia, and The Roots performing Iko Iko because…because why the hell not, I guess. Thanks to Belerofonte and EdenLiao.

And here is a cute clip from the show where Jimmy asks her about it.


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JGAG New York Premiere

The Jane Got a Gun promotion train is running at full speed now, and Natalie is attending the Weinstein Company’s New York premiere this evening. Hit the preview to view her arrival at the gallery; we’re adding them as we get them!

JGAG New York Premiere


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