Hey all

Sorry about the delay but we finally have the new comic done. If you want to give feedback its probably better to use the comment feature on the actual comic page.

And once again, we can’t please everyone. I wish we could but it’s just never going to happen. Some people like cute. Some people like naughty. Some people want Nat in every strip. Others like different characters like Noel. Some want subtle humour. Some want broad gags. Some even liked the joke strip the most.

So, we’re really trying to cover as many bases as possible but first and foremost we have to do what we like.


I’ll be back later with more.



3 Responses to that took long enough

  1. 11 years ago by npobsessed42

    Hahah funny comic strip….. Thanks Dazza/Matt!

  2. 11 years ago by Juiceharpboy

    As always, never disappointing Mike.

  3. 11 years ago by skywalker

    very funy the comic i, want to see v foe vendeta. november ohhh


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