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Hi again

Marina mailed me about this article in Italian and even though Portuguese is her mother tongue she did her best job translating it. Maybe someone fluent in Italian can make corrections in the comments section.

Here is the translation.

The actress, as anticipated by Vanity Fair, is gearing up for playing the art expert Francesca Cappelletti, that recovered a lost painting of the ?cursed? writer (?)

She flew to Rome in order to enter more the part. As Vanity Fair had anticipated in edition 50, Natalie Portman is preparing for playing the role of an Italian art expert, Francesca Cappelleti, in the cinematographic transposition of the book ?Il Caravaggio Perduto? [The Lost Painting], by Jonathan Harr. The true story that inspired the writer is about a studious young woman that ? thanks to her researches ? could find in Dublino, in 1990, ?The Prison of Christ?, a painting by Caravaggio, whose traces had gotten lost for four centuries.

Just in order to enter the part of Francesca, 40 years old today and teaching Modern Art in Ferrara, Natalie spent a cultural vacation in Rome with some friends. Firstly she went to the church ?Santa Maria del Popolo? to see [the paintings] ?Conversione di San Paolo? [Conversion of San Paul] and ?Crocifissione di San Pietro? [Crucifying of Saint Peter]. Then she headed to Sant?Agostino for admiring ?Madonna?, by Loreto.

Althougth the last news report that she is tied again to her former fiancé, the actor Gabriel Garcia Bernal, Natalie was accompanied by only a friend in her Roman vacation. Dressed very casual and self-assured style, she spent five days in the Italian capital, like a brave student of Art History.

This isn’t the first time we’ve mentioned this project so maybe there’s something to it. I’ll see if I can get some kind of confirmation.

In the meantime, here is some more info on the book.


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  • cobra_kai says:

    Yeah, I’m italian too! But from Venice, Rome is not very close… “cursed” (in italian “maledetto”) could be even translate as “bad”, like the French “bad poets” of XIX century (“les poets maudits”), but I’m not sure that it makes sense in english… The friend who went to Rome with Nat is female, whatever.

  • Hermione Weasley says:

    I think that the translation is understandable, and as for the “cursed” writer, that’s the exact translation for “scrittore maledetto”, but honestly I can’t understand what they’re referring too ..

    I’d like to see her in a “Italian” role!

  • bou says:

    The french text from “True” screencaps is:

    “I’m playing a prostitute rapted and beaten by her mac”

    That new project sounds interesting. But I hope we could know more about Nat’s character…

  • imakemloose69 says:

    Great news!!! that’s good she is preparing for her role before she enters the film.

    looks like Nat is real busy right now. From what i hear Nat is always doing something for a new film. Thats fine by me Im all in for a new Nat film anytime.

    Also fiancé? she is engaged? that is just a first to me. i know they are dateing, but getting married. congrats if its true but it just came out of the blue for me.

    Is that true?

  • clone says:

    they are not engaged Imakemloose69, cause natalie is single still.

    She might drop it if george lucas asks her to play the role in indiana jones 4.

    she needs to get back to action films and it seems she’s been doing alot of european country storys.

  • knowme says:

    Curious….so if she is in Italy does this mean she is no longer in India anymore for the shooting of Darjeeling? Has that film wrapped already? Boy, I would sure like to have some of Nat’s frequent flyers miles LOL!

  • AProfessional says:

    Nice. First French(True), then Spanish(Goya), then English(Boleyn), now Italian…Nat’s characters seem to be going all over Europe! 😛

    I’m with imakemloose69: ENGAGED?!?! How come I never heard about THAT?!?! Ahem. Ok. Thanks.

  • tito says:

    ‘The Darjeeling Limited’ has been added to Natalie’s IMDb page.

  • plop says:

    I think that “cursed” is a good translation.. even if i have no moral to say that (neverthless, about the french comparison, the spanish version is “Los poetas malditos”, and is about Baudelaire and so. And sorry to frenchs reading this).

    About the fiance only she can say. but i remember a similar case when she went to Ecuador: the spanish text said “novio” -boyfriend- refering to her boyfriend of that time the israelian actor from “Free Zone” and the person who translated wrote “fiance”. Again, it is NOT about that i am perfect in trasnlations to point on mistakes of others, but i think it is very likely the situation this time.

    And now looks like it is “to see Naptalie and to dye” (even if i am right and Napoli is farer from Rome than Venice)

  • plop says:

    Oh¡. And about short or long hair… Well, she looks something betwen cute and hepless with short hair (that why some of my favorites pics until now are in the Berlin premiere of ROTS), to the piont of recontiliating me with the “short look”. Nevertheless… i am not able to decide how she looks better.

  • gdg says:

    Doh! I’m from Rome! Why nobody tell me it before? 🙂 – It’s Loreto’s Madonna, not Madonna by Loreto. Loreto is a place –

  • MoRawk says:

    Hi There!

    Now with all HiRes pics thats coming in it got me thinkin.. if someone fixes this pic in HiRes without the text I will do your laundry for three months !!

    I contacted the “owners” of the original pic and could have bought the rights and film for 2000$.. but thats to go a bit to far =P..


  • N-a-t says:

    It sounds interesting!

  • biggie doc says:

    “brave student” should be “good student”

  • Jenski says:

    This was in Vanity Fair? Hunh… I don’t remember it ever being confirmed that she was involved with this project. Maybe this is wrong- I mean, they do call GGB ‘Gabriel’ *and* her former fiance.

    Well, it sounds like it could be interesting, though I’m not sure how good a movie this could be. I am happy that she’s not doing so many big projects anymore (Cold Mountain, Star Wars, V for Vendetta). I’ve always liked how she does small roles in big films and big roles in smaller films. She’s doing such different projects and playing such different characters- it’s an exciting time to be a Nat fan. (And I’m sad that The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay fell through- it sounded awesome. Maybe it’ll be back on the table in a year or two. Maybe it would be better if she were a bit older, anyway.)

  • [M]aRiNa says:

    I’m italian too, from Milan! The term “cursed” is correct but I think that it in English is differently used.(I apologize for my very bad English…)