Nat in Rome for new role?

Hi again

Marina mailed me about this article in Italian and even though Portuguese is her mother tongue she did her best job translating it. Maybe someone fluent in Italian can make corrections in the comments section.

Here is the translation.

The actress, as anticipated by Vanity Fair, is gearing up for playing the art expert Francesca Cappelletti, that recovered a lost painting of the ?cursed? writer (?)

She flew to Rome in order to enter more the part. As Vanity Fair had anticipated in edition 50, Natalie Portman is preparing for playing the role of an Italian art expert, Francesca Cappelleti, in the cinematographic transposition of the book ?Il Caravaggio Perduto? [The Lost Painting], by Jonathan Harr. The true story that inspired the writer is about a studious young woman that ? thanks to her researches ? could find in Dublino, in 1990, ?The Prison of Christ?, a painting by Caravaggio, whose traces had gotten lost for four centuries.

Just in order to enter the part of Francesca, 40 years old today and teaching Modern Art in Ferrara, Natalie spent a cultural vacation in Rome with some friends. Firstly she went to the church ?Santa Maria del Popolo? to see [the paintings] ?Conversione di San Paolo? [Conversion of San Paul] and ?Crocifissione di San Pietro? [Crucifying of Saint Peter]. Then she headed to Sant?Agostino for admiring ?Madonna?, by Loreto.

Althougth the last news report that she is tied again to her former fiancé, the actor Gabriel Garcia Bernal, Natalie was accompanied by only a friend in her Roman vacation. Dressed very casual and self-assured style, she spent five days in the Italian capital, like a brave student of Art History.

This isn’t the first time we’ve mentioned this project so maybe there’s something to it. I’ll see if I can get some kind of confirmation.

In the meantime, here is some more info on the book.