odds and ends


My bandwidth cap reset so I’m smooth sailing again. Now I just need to try and stay under 6 gigs of usage a month…tricky.

Celia sent this bit of info:

A friend just informed me that Natalie will be featured on an E! (ugh) special documenting the political influence of celebrities.

If anyone catches it today…tapey tapey please.
There was one of those 100 sexiest actresses of all time surveys in the UK. Nat came 14th while Nat-lite came in first. Click here for the full list. Thanks to matt.

Liana found quite a nice pic from TFN. It’s small but quite cute.

Tim found a sweet little Nat mention in a great article about Conan taking over the Tonight Show. You can read the full article here.

When President Obama has his worst day, tripping on the helicopter landing pad or duking it out with Senator George P. Bush of Florida in 2010, Mr. O?Brien will be there. And Natalie Portman will be waiting to tell him what it?s like to direct her first movie.

Segarr has this bizarre Nat mention.

Theres this rapper called Necro, he’s independent but pretty well respected as a producer in the “underground” hiphop scene, anyways I was listening to his new CD today called “The Prefix For Death” and theres this line where he says “You could jump in front of a truck and be a corpse in the street or try to go out dramatically like Natalie Portman in Heat”……

I woulda thought jumping in front of a truck would be the more dramatic of the two options.

Lurking found an interview with director (of crap) Gary Marshall in which he mentions Natalie.

?I love Natalie Portman and Katie Holmes, they?re both great. I would love to work with Jodie Foster more than anything.?

It seems Garden State’s run is coming to an end. It’s losing a lot of screens this weekend, which is a pity because it was definitely capable of making over 30 million. Nevertheless, it did much better than anyone expected and should be a big hit on DVD.

Now for some submissions.

Jen sent in a bunch of new wallpapers. Good job as always.

And finally, Pino sent in a PhotoshopContestEsque pic.

Have a weekend that you never forget.