deathbed update


Feeling a bit under the weather so lets see how much I can get through before I pass out.

The results are in for the hair style poll:

Which of these recent and extreme hairstyles is your favourite?

Short and styled 22.95% (227 votes)

Boyish 17.8% (176 votes)

Vintage hollywood 15.07% (149 votes)

Blonde highlights 11.63% (115 votes)

Mathilda-esque 10.41% (103 votes)

Shaved 8.8% (87 votes)

Extension crazy 7.58% (75 votes)

The mohawk 5.56% (55 votes)

I am amazed that the extensions got votes. Amazed!

And here is a new poll for the new Nat pics.

Ok, I’m actually fading fast here so lets end with these avatars from LostAmo.

And I’ll be back with the rest in the morning. Assuming I don’t die.