New Poll + Black Swan Results

It’s time for a new poll and if there ever was a poll topic, this is it. I appreciate the position of those who would rather not reduce something personal for Natalie into a “thumbs up/thumbs down” poll, but we’ve always advocated an open discussion on all things Natalie. There are already plenty of comments and heated discussions on the site, so this poll is going to be utterly benign in comparison.

I’m really curious about this one so let’s get to it.

The engaged and pregnant poll

As for the Black Swan poll, I’m really happy to see that around 60% of you guys have already been able to see the film. The full results are after the jump.

When are you planning to see Black Swan?

I’ve already seen it. – 42.7% (149 votes)

I’ll see it as soon as it opens in my country. – 24.6% (86 votes)

I’ve already seen it more than once. – 16.9% (59 votes)

I plan to see it soon. – 9.5% (33 votes)

I’m in no rush. – 4.9% (17 votes)

I have no interest in seeing it. – 1.4% (5 votes)