pics and polls

Hey all

I’m in a fabulously melancholy mood but I did promise another update so here we go…

Katie, Bob, Orionsaint and Stumachr7 (must be a popular mag) all sent in about a blurb from the new Parade magazine. Here is the scan.

Jack found this poll where you can vote for who you want to appear on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar. So if you want Nat on the cover head on over here.

Speaking of polls, Kate found two that mention Natalie…
Poll 1
Poll 2

On now for some fanart.

Mike sent in two great drawings. The first one is especially impressive. Click here and here.

Dana took inspiration from those new pics and made a great wallpaper.

And Gwen also used the new pics in a wallpaper.

And finally, N.P fan sent in a drawing of Nat in two versions. I’m not sure of the expanse of white was an artistic choice but I decided to leave it as is, just in case.

Go hug someone.