sinking ship

We’re in the crap.

I think.

Yup, we’re probably in the crap.

Ok, so our wonderful host, Pher, is moving. If he gets to stay with the company he works for now everyhing will go on as normal. But that seems unlikely. And if he doesn’t get that job…we could very well be without a host in 2-4 weeks.

Since there isn’t much time left I thought I’d ask…nay, PLEAD…anyone fans out there have the juice to host us?

There are a couple important things to note:

a) We’re currently using 9 GB on Hal, altho Kris says a lot of that consists of backups etc. So I’d say we’d need a minimum of 5 GB.

b) This site uses a lot of bandwidth. How much? Well February (which was a heavy month) used up 1.3 terabytes.

Right, so as I was saying…we’re in crap here. We simply can’t pay for that sort of hosting. It’d be like $2000 a month. So either some fan of the site, with some awesome resources, saves us…or we’ll have to look at major changes to things.

This may mean ads and banners. It may mean getting rid of content like video clips and Hi Res pics.

We’ll try out best not to let that happen but its not looking good.

And now onto the update.

The last group of matchups for the second round are now up! I think the poll has gone really well so far and its only going to get more interesting from here on out.

We’ve also got a new comic done. Bit strange making fun of the server, HAL, today of all days but…

Ok, that’s it for now.