mathilda update


I really wish I could give you guys some good news and for awhile there it looked incredibly promising. But things have taken a turn for the worse and its time to let you guys in on what went down.

So after the last update, where I began looking for a new artist, I got a couple good entries but they were all blown out of the water when I was contacted by Hector Collazo. Hector is a real professional in the industry. He worked at Marvel for a number of years, inking for comics like Spiderman, Daredevil and Elektra. He was even editor for awhile.

So the guy was more than qualified. On top of that he seemed like a really nice guy. Very open and accomodating to my vision and he genuinely seemed excited by what we were doing. We had nailed down the look of the character and were starting to work on the adverts when things went quiet on his end. After a few days I heard from him that one of his parents had passed away. I sent my condolences and he replied giving thanks and telling me that when he returned back home he’d send over the poster stuff.

Thats the last time I heard from him. Almost 4 weeks ago. I’ve obviously sent emails asking him to just let me know whats going on, even if he isn’t ready to return to work I just needed to know that.

I really hope nothing has happened to him although I guess the alternative is that he blew me off. It doesn’t seem to fit with his character but its very hard to read people online.

Anyway, today I mailed him and said that I’d have to look for someone else. It’s a real kick to the gut to lose him because the strip would have at least looked incredible. But I’m utterly determined to get this project off the ground. So once again, the search is on. If you’re interested and think you have the talent, time and commitment, send me a line with some examples of your work.

Hector definitely raised the bar as far as how I pictured it looking and I’ll be placing an advert on a number of other artist sites to try and find the right person for the job.

Here are a few rough sketches from Hector.

The look is wrong but the face is great
Definitely nailed the face
This was (and will be) the look of Mathilda