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By August 13, 2009Nat-news

In trying to find something newsworthy, I stumbled upon this post about the Booksmarts announcement. It’s not very insightful and is very negative, but I was at least entertained.

Ugh, I hate Natalie Portman. I don’t know why — maybe it’s because she’s an actress/Harvard alum/Vegan shoe designer/Sean Penn homewrecker and NOW wants to be a producer. It’s like, Natalie, stop with the overachieving already. A Vegan shoe line? SO pretentious. You know you’re not designing those compost and bamboo reed shoes; you’re just putting your name on them.

The premise sounds extremely lame, and I’m not just saying that because Natalie Portman bugs me. It’s not so much that it sounds lame, because I will totally watch it if it’s on Lifetime on a rainy Sunday. It just sounds like every other high school movie ever made (Super Bad, She’s All That, American Pie, etc). I’m surprised she’s not doing something more indie… Of course, that would probably irk me even more. Natalie, you can do no right in my book.

Jealous much?

Oh, and Superbad and American Pie are a total blast 😛


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  • Lodovico Settembrini says:

    Sean Penn rumour will never die?

  • rockla says:

    i didn’t see the whole post but i kinda get what he means. it annoys me when little disney channel twits aren’t satisfied with just acting but they must sing and dance and design clothes and take over the world… it’s gets a bit much.
    but i don’t think that about Natalie because i don’t think that she does it in an arrogant way, like she wants to spread her name everywhere. she does it because she enjoys it and has a passion for it. if that makes sense…

  • rkamidees says:

    IMO, you shouldn’t post these reactions. Their opinions are on the same latitude as the hataaaaaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzzzzz on IMDB……. just opined in blog format. If your going to post this drivel, you might as well scour the IMDB and post all that hatarade too. hahahhaha jesus. christ. loves. buddha.

    I think people throwing the word “pretentious” around are pretentious, and insecure because they’re inadequate at life and should quit. Living. Life. To the fullest.

    Peace, love and praise the Spaghetti.

  • dazza says:

    If there was other news, I wouldn’t have posted this.

  • rockla says:

    @rkamidees IMO – …

  • rockla says:

    @dazza – we still love/like you no matter how many hate comments ppl post on here… IMO 😉

  • rkamidees says:

    Dazza, u know what u should do? make up some rumors then dispel them. It’ll be golden!


  • dazza says:

    I actually think its healthy to every now and then dip or toes into some negative comments about Natalie, even if they are ridiculous as the above.

    Is Rkamideed posting hate comments? I’m shivering too much to notice. Damn its cold.

  • rkamidees says:

    hate comments??? no…

    I don’t mind negative viewpoints either, in fact, i encourage it but…

    I just don’t think it’s noteworthy news lifting some random comments from someones random blog.

    Of course your the webmaster so u can do whatever u want.

  • dazza says:

    It’s not noteworthy but its something to pass the time. Hey, its accrued a dozen comments so I’m putting that one in the win column 😛

  • omgzrachel says:

    I am inclined to agree with rkamidees. If people hating on Nat is newsworthy, then damn, I have a whole bundle of it from ONTD and other gossip sites.

  • spoonbat says:

    I ignore people like this. They tend to do nothing but drain others with their negativity. Just look at me when I’m drunk.