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PORTMANIA Stands a Chance!

This is it! It’s Day Five of PORTMANIA! And that means it’s Natalie’s Birthday!!! 6981!!

That’s right, Natalie turns 42 today!! And we all wish her a Happy Birthday and a Happy Friday!!! So let’s celebrate the day with style!!

Monday you can fall apart

Tuesday, Wednesday break my heart

Thursday doesn’t even start

It’s Friday I’m in love!

Now! Before we can REALLY celebrate. We have a special announcement! Every year we only do a PORTMANIA in June, but there’s so many holidays in between that we never get to spend together. So, I thought we should acknowledge all the holidays that come in between PORTMANIA every year. so get ready as we flash back to last July!

Look! it’s a NatDog!!

Next holiday was in September!

We’re covering all kinds of Labors!! 

Now we move on to October!

If there is any information for what Natalie was dressed as please share it with everyone!

Now we move on to the November holiday!


Now it’s time for December!

Feel that holiday warmth!! I hope I get that hippopotamus this year!

Moving on to January!

That’s a good way to start the year!

Next is February!

Six different ways inside my heart ❤️ 

Let’s keep going to April!

We’re getting closer now! It’s already May!

I couldn’t find a good memorial day picture.

And that brings us to June 2023. Which is RIGHT NOW. 

I think that covers all the major holidays. The American ones at least. And now we can finally start PORTMANIA!

We’re all caught up. The Penguins are  doing good. The baby carrots have been served.  The Beef Stew is on the stove.  The parade is ready to go. And so we can finally start PORTMANIA 25! AND CELEBRATE NATALIE PORTMAN!

But that’s all the time we have. And So PORTMANIA 25 is at an end!

So I guess we’ll just have to get started next year!

I’m pretty sure I have something wrong with my brain that’s going to make me do these for the rest of my life. No matter the circumstance.

Even though we never really got started, this was a pretty good PORTMANIA. We can pretend it was, anyway. We learned about hibernation and party planning, and weird animals. We learned about Natalie’s feet and her mystery adventures. And We learned how to love again! ❤️ 

I want to say Thanks to Belerofonte for having me and for keeping up NP.Com every day all year long.  That’s the true spirit of PORTMANIA!!

And a very happy birthday to Natalie Portman the one and only!

So until next year PORTMANIACS! Stay out of trouble!!!

PORTMANIA keeps going, and going, and going…