Before we dig into some yummy mini updates, a little notice that the pic battle will run one more day. If you haven’t voted yet…run!

– An Italian eco blog has some info (translation here) on Natalie’s upcoming wedding (or, if true, a wedding ceremony for those who did not make the trip to the REAL wedding in France last year…your guess is as good as mine) and also seems to suggest that Natalie might be teaming with Dior to release another vegan shoe line. I’m going to have to do some digging on that one…

– Natalie has been the subject of many songs but I doubt anyone has used her as…creatively as Frank Turner.

“Lyrically it’s very different from what I do now, it’s kind of depraved. The first song we wrote is about Natalie Portman’s tapeworm using her as a glove puppet to lead an uprising in Hollywood.

God, I’m so tired of tapeworm uprising songs.

– An Israeli TV channel recently had a Natalie Portman weekend and as you can see from the promo below, they weren’t skimping on the Natalie films.