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This article uses a picture of Natalie from Mr Magorium but other than that, has nothing to do with Natalie. But while news continues to be scarce, it’ll have to do. The article is quite interesting though. Apparently woman are less likely to purchase items from another woman who is more beautiful than they are.

Inspired by her own bad experiences, Price undertook a study examining the purchase intentions of women aged 18 to 26 when confronted with an attractive or unattractive retail staff member.

Regardless of whether or not the product was related to appearance (for example, a mobile phone compared to mascara) if the female customer thought the staff member was better looking than her, she was less likely to purchase the product.

Ladies, thoughts?


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  • amo says:

    i wonder if that’s why finca get such good returns? they only lend to mingers?

    but actually, while i’m not sure that’s sth that consciously affects me, it does usually stick in my kind when an attractive woman in a service position is rude to me.

  • InNatsthrall says:

    I cannot say I’m surprised.

  • klee says:

    This is old news to anyone who has shopped at a store where salesmanship is integral to the purchase making decision. And the more expensive the store, the more attractive the staff. Consumption is aspirational.

  • dazza says:

    Klee, but they’re saying the opposite is true.

  • klee says:

    My bad–although it doesn’t accord with the general approach taken by advertising since, when? I’m blase about these pop psychology articles that claims to debunk some intuitively obvious aspect of common perception. After spending my undergrad reading psychology studies my attitude towards the kind of stories that uses them as “scientific” evidence is that they are not so much about what science can tell us as they’re about what some journalist likes science to generate for their lede. So as long as ads and stores continue to use better than average looking people to pitch their wares–it’s just another just so story to me.

  • starprincess66 says:

    definitely!!! i agree with the article!!