New Red Band Your Highness Trailer

By March 23, 2011Nat-news

The new red band trailer for Your Highness shows off just how, for lack of a better word, filthy the film is going to get. Natalie is back in her non CGI g-string and delivers a fantastic f-bomb at Danny McBride. Put granny to bed and then click play.


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  • Ranbirman says:

    I have to say… this trailer is amazing… i am really looking forward to see this movie – number 1 reason – NATALIE PORTMAN… our Queen!!! 🙂
    Other reasons, James Franco – amazing actor!!! 🙂
    Movie overall looks good!!! And yes, it looks dirty too… LMAO… 🙂

  • portfan says:

    “It’s a trap!!! A boobie trap!” LOL I think I want to marry this movie.

  • DavidK says:

    The Franco is offset by the arse. Download?

  • justanotherfan says:

    Hahaha, brilliant, can’t wait 🙂

  • jen.evar says:

    The more trailers and TV spots I see for this movie the more I want to see it. It looks hilarious.

  • sweezysara says:

    What a great funny movie! It’s really fun to watch, can’t waiiiiiiiitttttttttttt! that’s brilliant and exotic!! Nat is really sexy and funny.


  • thewaffler says:

    “Don’t fucking touch me.”
    HAH. can’t wait for this movie. What an all-star cast. Natalie keeps doing movies with my other favorites. First Mila Kunis, then Ashton Kutcher, now Zooey D. (too lazy to look up spelling) and James Franco. Thank you Movie Gods!