– Looks like Natalie was out to dinner at Nobu with her dad and Aleph on Saturday night (and maybe Ben and her mom as well). This tweet broke the news and this one, with a photo of Avner and Aleph, sealed the deal.

– Forbes has another dodgy financial list – running down Hollywood’s most bankable romantic couples (of recent years). It really is an awful idea with even worse parameters…it’s like they decided “well what list can we do to show off to get some of that Twilight traffic?”. Skip all that noise and just click here to go to Natalie’s page, which also includes a really bad mistake.

– Finally, the Sundance Film Festival is on the go at the moment and it’s no doubt jam packed with great little movies that nobody will see. Well, The Playlist have put together a look at the biggest financial successes that came out of Sundance and one of Natalie’s film’s made the cut. Any idea what it is?

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