Natalie and Benjamin walked the red carpet at the Golden Globes tonight. Unfortunately, she hasn´t won the award. Isabelle Huppert has finally risen with the golden globe to the best actress in drama category. But nevertheless, Natalie has been splendid on the red carpet. and here we have the photos:







8 Responses to Natalie at the Golden Globes

  1. 1 week ago by rryq

    Wow! Isn’t she stunning?!! what do y’all think of this dress

  2. 1 week ago by Namor12a

    La meilleur actrice…Natalie Portman!

  3. 1 week ago by AMSSERME

    Wow!Natalie was “robbed” the Golden Globe by a unknown french actress.UNBELIEVABLE!!!

  4. 1 week ago by amo

    I like the dress. Very 60s. Surprised she styled it so 60s.

    Is the beading dragons? snowflakes? a random pattern?

  5. 1 week ago by Rachel

    I like that color on her. I’m always jealous of anyone who can pull off yellow without looking sallow.

  6. 1 week ago by SCC

    I look her dress and overall look as well. Simple, classy and elegant. I also think that whomever did her makeup did a good job by not overdoing it so that her natural beauty shines through.


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