Natalie has been nominated for best actress in the BAFTA Awards for her role in Jackie, alongside Amy Adams, Emily Blunt, Meryl Streep and Emma Stone. The film has received two other nominations: best music and costumes. The awards ceremony, hosted by Stephen Fry, will take place on Feb. 12 at London’s Royal Albert Hall.




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  1. 1 week ago by Namor12a

    Photographers, including one brought into the White House by a JFK aide, closely chronicled the first family and the administration that came to be called “Camelot”. The Kennedy’s are American Royalty and London’s Royal Albert Hall is Royal, what seems to be the problem…?

  2. 7 days ago by Namor12a

    Répond avec humour à la provocation de “Camelot”

  3. 5 days ago by Lee Bartholomew

    As I’m about to watch The Hobbit 2, before the spiders but also Laketown is coming with ol Stephen Fry in it. Like will he be wearing a toupe that night? Probably 🙂 Funny fellow that one is. Although I didn’t know he spent some time in the slammer on credit card fraud (oops) Good luck to Natalie. Been on the outs with awards shows for awhile , too many movies get best picture when they either are just out to the general public (or in the case of The Artist. 5 days from release to the general public. Wish they’d all stay in the same year they come out to the General Audience. Yeah I know now the draw is on La La Land so it comes out behind Underworld 4 or 5 it’ll probably be #1 this weekend. Still…


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