Possibly no Cannes this year

Late last year, the producer of Brothers, Mike De Luca, said that Brothers was to be switched to 2009 because Jake Gyllenhaal wasn’t available for PR at the time. He hoped to take the movie to Cannes, saying “So Cannes makes most sense. I’m super proud of the movie and a major unveiling on the Cote d’Azur with all cast present is too good to pass up.”

Well, unfortunately, he might have to pass it up. Jeff Wells spoke to (Brothers director) Jim Sheridan a few days ago and was told:

“Brothers probably wouldn’t be going to Cannes, partly because “Tobey [Maguire] doesn’t want to go there”

To be fair, Fanatical points out that Tobey might be expecting the birth of his child around then so maybe that’s the reasoning.

They should just take Elijah Wood instead and make him wear sunglasses.