Women’s March

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Natalie has joined with many other celebrities, and hundreds of thousands of people, in the Women’s March that are being celebrated in different cities around the country today. Washington D.C., New York or Los Angeles are just some of them. Natalie has attended the March in LA, in which 750000 people have participated, according to organizers. The LA Times has a complete coverage of the massive event in this city, here we have some great photos of the march around the country, and Daily Mail has several photos and videos centered on the celebrity attendees.

Update: Natalie also gave a short, inspirational speech during the march. here it is:

#NataliePortman So inspiring. #WomensMarch #WomensMarchLA

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  • Scipio123 says:

    Good on Natalie and everyone else that was there. It’s about time it was made clear to Trump and his cronies that open racism, sexism and bigotry is NOT ok.

  • Namor12a says:

    Did Natalie Portman ever got an “F” in Harvard…!?¡

  • amo says:

    I’m a feminist but I really dislike that slogan/meme (it’s pretty ubiquitous). As far as I can see it punches down at womanists and other people who can’t in good conscience support feminist because of how hegemonic feminism is and has been. (Yes, I’m aware it’s the title of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s book, which has other limitations in addition to its strengths, like all books, I guess.)

  • Adonis says:

    Democracy is in danger, hope we have peace soon.

  • Namor12a says:

    Natalie Portman has more……than a Miraculous Body that makes babies and hearts beat.. .. ..she has a Harvard Mind-Brain-Body that is very eloquent with (READ) words and knows how to convince People. I am sure that her Post-Baby Body-Heart-Brain-Mind is going to be even more Miraculous and all those Miraculous Natural Attributes……including her Beauty are goig to do make many more THINGS-$.$$$.$$$ for her…

  • Namor12a says:

    I meant (and mean) Do & Make many more THINGS-$.$$$.$$$ for her…

  • Ol' Cal says:

    Why do people bother with politics? There is so much more to life such as a morning cup of coffee, or even those overly powered energy drinks that leave your heart barely pumping and leave you half dead when they where off. The only time I’d get involved with politics is if there was an emergency in society and needed some political savior to come along with a nice totalitarian government to fix everything ;). But seriously a revolution? Is that orange skinned crinkle faced big overgrown baby worth all of the fuss ? Sure he is “Mr president” now but why care? Getting angry over trump would only satisfy his lust and need to cause chaos in society. I personally will give the guy a chance with high hopes. But whether he is good or not I shall remain out of this political mess. Best wishes!

    • Elin says:

      @Ol’ Cal: this expired orange potato is backed by a both mostly republican House of Representatives and Senate and he is in power to do some real damage over the following 4 years.
      – To start with, he can appoint judges that will stay in their positions for life. If he appoints egocentric, bigoted and conservative maniacs, there’s absolutely nothing a next term president can do about that unless said maniac dies.
      – He can unravel the medical health care system and undo the beginnings of Obama’s goal to make health care affordable for everyone in the US.
      – He can choose not to put effort in battling climate change and the strain on natural resources.
      – He can start another war that will cost the US population a lot of money and another country a lot of lives.
      – Lastly, those goals he mentioned about creating “american jobs” will be outsourced to countries that don’t bat an eye at child labour and don’t care about fair wages.

      Let’s be honest here, the U.S. is essentially already a glorified third world country. The gap between the rich and the poor is enormous and the middle class gets beaten down. I live in Europe and I get better job benefits, better health care than my friend who has a Master’s Degree. My education opportunities were also a lot cheaper. I for one, have zero student debt because I don’t need a mortgage to pay for my degree. I also don’t have to worry about ending up in jail for getting an abortion, like some women do because of the law restrictions in several states. In short, Trump can make the lives of a lot of people a lot more unpleasant than they are right now.

      The problem with acting only “when it’s an emergency” is that there will be no siren going off telling you that the people controlling the country are off committing dastardly deeds against everything you stand for. Remember how far Hitler got before it started occurring to people that mayyybe he wasn’t doing the right thing? I’m not saying Trump is Hitler, not at all, but I’m saying it’s hard to notice you’re taken away by the tide when you’re in the middle of it.

      Natalie made the right choice. She’s in a position of influence because of her celebrity status and now she’s using that influence to do some good.

  • Nathalie says:

    I would like to see the same people and crowd for the
    Fornicator bill Clinton and his complice Hilary !
    Thoughts to Monica broaddrick and many other women . So hypocrite this manifestation
    This is 2 weights 2 mesures