Welcome Amalia

On February 22nd, Natalie gave birth to a baby girl, Amalia. Aleph has a sister!

Congrats to Benjamin and Natalie. From People:

“Natalie Portman and her husband Benjamin Millepied welcomed a baby girl, Amalia Millepied, on Feb. 22,” her rep tells PEOPLE. “Mother and baby are happy and healthy.”



14 Responses to Welcome Amalia

  1. 4 weeks ago by Rachel

    Congrats to Natalie and family! (I’m mildly disappointed she didn’t keep a theme going and name her Beth.)

  2. 4 weeks ago by AMSSERME

    Congrats to Natalie and Benjamin and Aleph for this new member of the family.Amalia is a beautiful name,no need to follow the Hebrew alphabet.No wonder Natalie couldn’t come to the Oscars.It was a well kept secret.While people thought Natalie saw the ceremony on a couch at home she probably saw it at a private suite in a hospital.Happy that Natalie has a girl and Aleph has a sister to play with.Welcome Amalia Millepied!!! May you live a happy life together with your famous parents and brother.

  3. 4 weeks ago by Steve Whipple

    Congrats to Natalie and family. She is born into a family of great talent and success and her future will be bright. Take this time to enjoy your new miracle. Remember all the moments of these life events, they can be an asset to enhance an acting profession and a catalyst for inspiration. I look forward to her next projects, an iconic actress where the skies the limit.

  4. 4 weeks ago by Stanley Krise

    Congratulations, to Natalie and Ben. Sounds very excitingly, lucky Aleph has a new baby sister!

  5. 4 weeks ago by Belerofonte

    Wow …. I’ve lost the new (it was night here in Spain). Congratulations to Natalie and Ben 😀

  6. 4 weeks ago by Adonis

    Congratulations Natalie. Amalia is a very beautiful name. I hope as always for the big movie..

  7. 4 weeks ago by Deniz

    Yay! Sooo happy to hear, thanks for posting 🙂

  8. 4 weeks ago by Snarl

    Actually there is a pattern there. If they ever were in for a 3rd baby with this naming scheme, they would have to choose from the likes of “Anthony” or “Anne”… 😉

  9. 3 weeks ago by Cédric42

    congratulations Natalie and Benjamin (and not Ben)

  10. 3 weeks ago by Namor12a

    Congratulations to The New Born: Amalia, in Hebrew: עמליה …but I´m sure she also has Natalie´s and Benjamin´s Second Names…Aleph must be Very Happy…

  11. 3 weeks ago by jesslv74

    Very happy for Natalie and her family!

  12. 3 weeks ago by jesslv74

    I’m not sure if anyone has looked this up yet, but Amalia means “Work of God” in Hebrew.

  13. 3 weeks ago by Emily Ustick

    Congratulations Natalie on your new baby girl I just knew you would have a girl may god bless her and your family

  14. 3 weeks ago by kakeroo



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