Natalie In Moscow

By January 30, 2015Nat-news

Natalie and Benjamin were in Moscow this week and the result are two small albums. Someone needs to have a word to Russia about their cameras because the quality of the photos are sub-par to say the least.

Visiting the Dr. Zhivago restaurant on Wednesday.

Natalie Portman in Moscow restaurant

And watching a rehearsal of Hamlet at the Bolshoi Theatre from earlier in the day.

Natalie Portman watches Hamlet at Bolshoi

Thanks to Kitten and Belerofonte.


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  • Lee Bartholomew says:

    going to Russia at this time of Sanctions is a bit risky. always amazed when celebs go there at the moment. Naturally as their economy has fallen thru the floor I assume their camera’s are gonna be so so. Hurts too because I know people in Moscow. Rather hard for them to say bad things about Putin but they sorta say so.

  • Vic says:

    Thanks to me for that news

  • natasha says:

    hello Natalie is a good acter i wish i could be like her but i am doing lots of reseash of acters PS: If you read this text thank you if you reply thank you so much x