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By January 29, 2015Featured-news, Nat-news

Natalie’s appearance in the new French Elle has arrived thanks to Belerofonte. While not the most diverse shoot she’s ever done, each image is really stunning in its own right. If one of our French speaking visitors could alert us to any interesting quotes from the interview, that would be great.

Natalie Portman in French Elle


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  • Cédric42 says:

    “la fille lumière” it suits her the title

  • Vic says:

    Don’t avoid russian sources! Natalie and Ben were in Moscow last day!

  • Kitten says:

    One of the best shoots in ages, the Dior one was great, but wasnt keen on some of the pics, with this one love every pic,

  • mohammad says:

    ms Natalie Portman! I am writing this comment from Iran after I watched the Leon film. I watch this film every day for a month to learn English. I just wanted say to you that you played very powerful and beautiful and hard at that film and I enjoy it after watching that. present day, I decided see you at 2015 year, so I searched your name in the internet and saw this site and I excited. I liked to say my feeling to you. at the end, I thank you and excuse me for my bad language English writing.

  • Antienne says:

    Here one quote translation if you want :



    OK there some other quote, but i’m busy. All I can say is that the article is negative, in a discretful way, but it make you feel unconfortable. The author said that she had to wait 2h30 before the interview. Watching Natalie’s photo shot. She was freschly introduce. No private question. But the author use a rehtoric way to speak about his privacy. Husband, son.

    The author say something like that Natalie don’t like people who ate meat. And her stare turn immediately cold like ice if she saw fur in your coat. That she’s intolerant. Andrefuse brutally to answer when she ask a question about a French movie. The author concluded that trying to get something from Natalie is like to try to stop a Matabunta (an ant colony assault) it’s really strange to read something like that in Elle magazine

  • Antienne says:

    Gosh my where are my quotes translation ?

    N : (About her success) It’s not because I have more talent than another. But luck and work. Ambition is not something we should be ashamed.

    N : (About Harvard) I was overprotected by my parents. I needed to stand on my own. To learn how to pay my bills. To operate a washing machine. To move from childhood to adulthood.

    N : (About harvard) I studied to build myself. To defy myself. I had to confront myself in an academic world to people who came from very different horizon. When you admire a teacher and he considered the work you done in one of your essays interesting, you grow confidence, enough to make you realize that it’s time to take you in hand and don’t expect others people to move forward.

    N : (About her taste memories in Long Island) I remember the apricot sorbet. And the salty sea.

    N : (About A tale of Love and Darkness by Amos Oz) I wanted to pay homage to the text of this man and his humanity.

    N : (About Miss Dior) Miss Dior is confident. She doesn’t care the stare of others. Or their projections about her life. She thinks, decides and acts.

    There a last quote about FINCA, Free The Children and Make a Wish. Who she pay tribute to people she work with. If someone can corrct my translation, i’m pretty awful at this.

  • Iktriad says:

    Wonderful pictures. Natalie looks simply stunning in every image. Nice job by the French Elle!

  • Nina says:

    The article is strange. I don’t think the journalist liked Natalie very much. I don’t think Natalie should be late for an interview but it seems the journalist decided to paint a negative picture of her because she doesn’t want to talk about her personal life. That line about Natalie judging meat eaters just seems fabricated.

  • Neithal says:

    I’m french too. I confirm the article is really strange to read. You can feel the journalist had an issue with Natalie. That’s a shame.

  • Antienne says:

    Do you speak french Nina ?

  • Nina says:

    I’m not fluent but I can read most of the article.

  • Tom says:

    That is not problem, if you are not fluent.

  • jesslv74 says:

    I really like this photoshoot as well…especially the clothes (love the outfit in photo 9). The whole shoot is very classy and the makeup is not overdone. I’ts nice to see shoots in which the clothing is something that a “real” person would wear. I’d like one of each please! 😉