One of Natalie’s career highlights is her SNL rap, which kind of destroyed the notion that she might be above having some fun. The song has now been released and below is, for the first time, the uncensored rap.

It goes without saying, you won’t want to be playing this while granny knits you a sweater on the sofa.



5 Responses to P is for Portman: Uncensored

  1. 7 years ago by vaio123


  2. 7 years ago by JenR1215

    I finally heard her say Pussy.

  3. 7 years ago by Agie

    WOHO! I was waiting for it like forever haha.
    I just love it! Much, fucking better than censored version.

  4. 7 years ago by silversurfer

    I too Jen, but only in Hebrew …lol

  5. 7 years ago by N-a-t

    the most amazing thing ever:)


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