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Natalie fan brain collective, I want to update Natalie’s favourite films and TV shows in our biography page. I was hoping that some of your might recall Natalie mentioning examples of both that we could use.

Right now I have…

Films: Dirty Dancing, Schindler’s List, Tiny Furniture and my source said that Natalie loves the films of Michael Haneke, Alexander Payne, Martin Scorsese and her favourites are the Coen Brothers.

TV: Top Chef, Project Runway, Girls (also confirmed by my source).

So, what’s missing?


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DAY THREE of PORMANIA XIV and now what?!?


no one wants to do anything except Carlotto who made THIS:

and its GOOD!!!

i’ve also been thinking and since natalie is turning 31 and she was 11 when she first started filming The Professional that means it’s the TWENTY YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF NATALIE BECOMING AN ACTRESS!!

well. that’s it.



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Ze Germans Are Back

Community member and German Natalie fansite owner, Stefan, had some legal issues and had to remove Portman-Natalie.de for a period of time. As you can see, it is now back online as well as a new Facebook page. Any German fans out there should check them out.

Another Portmania miracle?


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Knight Of Cups Meaning?

It seems that the Terrence Malick film shooting right now is Knight Of Cups. I personally had never heard of the term before, but apparently it is the name of a tarot card.

This gains more significance when we see Christian Bale standing outside a fortune teller in those “set” photos from Monday.

The Playlist speculates on what it all means…

The title of the film refers to the tarot card that represents a contradiction, moodshift or a change of mode particularly as it pertains to love and relationships, and it seems it will have a part to play in the story.


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No, these are not new photos showing the paparazzi taking their stalking to the next level. These are new photos, taken yesterday, of Natalie and Christian Bale shooting Knights Of Cup (or the other Malick film).

Click the thumb. Check out the photos. Portmania. Portmania. Portmania.


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a whole lotta PORTMANIA

A wise king never seeks out PORTMANIA, but he must always be ready for it.

DAY TWO!! are you guys ready? i’ve brushed my teeth and everything, dudes!

YES, the above gif made by Celina expesses the true feelings of all PORTMANIACS everywhere. and then SOME.

in our second exciting day we talk about THOR and look at a wallpaper by ANA and i tell you the secret origins of NATALIEPORTMAN.COM ITSELF.

Would you like to know more? (more…)


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Beach Dance

Rachel found a short video clip from last week’s filming at Malibu beach. In it Natalie does a little dance for Christian Bale that almost reminds me of the fireplace dance in Garden State. Very cute.

If you look closely I’m pretty sure “Portmania” is written in the sand.


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in which Natalie turns XXXI.

and Ana comes along to start this baby in STYLE:

that’s right. My name is Sanjiro Jones. come with me now as we start the fourteenth PORTMANIA!! i remember the FIRST PORTMANIA. i was 22 years old. AND YOU WERE ALL BABIES. and now i’m an old man. and you are STILL BABIES!! WHAT THE?!




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Just Jared has a new candid from the weekend. It’s a single photo of Natalie, Aleph (out of sight), Whiz and a friend hiking in Los Feliz on Saturday.

Clearly she’s making sure that she’s in tip top shape for Portmania, which begins today…assuming Sanjiro remembers.


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Affirmative Dior

Eden found a document that confirms that yesterday’s stunning new photo shoot was in fact for Dior.

She also found an addition to the set, just a pity that for now it’s a bit Tyrion Lannister.


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New Photo Shoot

The drought is over (for today at least)! Not sure if these are for a magazine or part of her Dior campaign, but either way we have some brand spanking new editorial photos of Natalie for you to enjoy.

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Gallery Updates

I’ve updated the gallery with over 60 HQ additions and replacements of the photos of Natalie and Christian Bale filming on the beach in Malibu for Terrence Malick’s Knight of Cups (presumably).


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3 Days Till Portmania 14

Can you feel that energy in the air? That’s Portmania. Can you hear that rumbling down the road? That’s Portmania. Can you smell that smokey discharge of a raging fire? That’s…clearly not Portmania, you better go check on where that’s coming from.

Sanjiro will be at the mic starting Monday until Natalie’s birthday the following Saturday. We’re going to have a lot of fun (or die trying) and once again I want to encourage you guys to contribute however you see fit.

The first fanart has started to arrive but we want more. MORE! So get creative, have fun, and mail me what you cook up.


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Thor 2 Moves

Thor 2 will begin shooting in the fall and Disney have now announced another release date change for the film. Initially it was to be summer of 2013, then it shifted to November 15th.

The new change isn’t that dramatic and it’s heading in the right direction. The film will now open stateside on November 8th 2013.

It could potentially be the next Natalie film we see, which will mean 2 around 2 and a half years between Natalie films. OUCH!

On the bright side, we’re halfway through that already and there are 3 other films on the way.


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More Malick Shoot

Rachel set up another gallery that is also from the Terrence Malick shoot, but obviously a very different scene. Natalie has an entirely different, and pretty cool, look and the photos were taken in Beverly Hills.


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NP.COM Calendar – June

Just in time for the new month, here is the next edition of the NP.COM calendar. This month is courtesy of Ana.




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Malick Begins

Natalie and Christian Bale were snapped filming…well I’m not sure which film it is but ONTD and Popsugar is saying it’s for Knight Of Cups, so let’s go with that.

The photos were snapped on Malibu beach and while I think 99% of people wouldn’t consider these spoilers, if you fall within that ultra protective 1%…you’ve been warned.

Rachel will rock this gallery later, but for now I’ve sent up something to whet the appetite.


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Natalie still in L.A.

Celebrities are just like us! Natalie was spotted doing the mundane task of squeegeeing her windshield while pumping gas in L.A.’s Los Feliz yesterday. Candids courtesy of JustJared.


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Knockout Drawing

I’ve got a few more Daniel M drawings to post, but this one could be my favourite. It’s from my favourite photo shoot though, so maybe I’m biased.


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Okay, before anything else of import happens, let’s finally get to this Barbarella poll. The rumour surfaced from a reputable enough source but we shot it down. Still, I’m curious as to whether the idea of Sofia Coppola directing Natalie in a remake of Barbarella would have made you guys excited or frightened.

The Barbarella poll

Last time we asked for votes to work out your feelings about Natalie’s new Western project. I must admit, I thought there would be a sizable push back because of the Western genre, which isn’t everyone’s cup of moonshine. But only 4 people voted that way, while over half the votes are very positive BECAUSE of the synopsis and genre.

Full results are after the jump.


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