Fassbender Got A Gun

As we revealed recently, Michael Fassbender (Shame, Inglorious Bastards, Prometheus etc etc.) is one of Natalie’s favourite actors. No real shock there since a) he’s been brilliant in pretty much every role he’s taken so far and b) the guy is a stud.

So with Natalie producing her upcoming western, Jane Got A Gun, it’s not a major shock that she’s trying to get Fassbender on board. Here’s hoping he can fit it into his schedule, because that guy seems to always have a ton of projects on the go at once.

Check out The Vulture for all the details.

It may be that Jane Got a Gun, but it’s looking more and more like Michael Fassbender will be its triggerman: Our spies tell us that Fassbender is negotiating to star in the Western that’s already attracted Natalie Portman and We Need to Talk About Kevin director Lynne Ramsay.
In Jane, Portman, who is also producing, would play a woman married to an outlaw who returns home bullet-riddled and half-dead, betrayed by criminal confederates hot on his heels. Fassbender would play the ex-lover Portman seeks out to help her defend her farm from the imminent onslaught of black hats.


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Well that was annoying. Particularly since I had a nice open Sunday to catch up on site issues. The problem was very strange…every website loaded except

I just assumed that the server was done but after swearing at Kris for awhile he informed me that the site was fine on his end.

Anyway, enough talk, let’s get to some updates…


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Gallery Updates

I’ve updated the gallery with over 80 new HQ photos of Natalie attending the Nevada Women Vote 2012 Summit in Las Vegas last Saturday.


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Thanks to Celina we have some new, and much better looking, thumbnail for the forum and the calendar.
<--- check it out!

Dazza is having some issues accessing the site and we hope it’s “only” him and not you guys. In the meantime I’ll be his proxy. (Bring on the “Münchausen by proxy”-jokes!)


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Women For Obama

As we mentioned a couple days ago, Natalie made an appearance in Las Vegas for the Nevada Women 2012 Vote Summit. Hopefully we can get a video of Natalie’s speech, but in the meantime below is a recent interview about the elections as well as a link to a ton of photos from the event.

“I think the thing that is most upsetting in the past four years is how partisan they’ve been in blocking Obama’s reforms. All of us should be putting our country first.”

The 31-year-old Israeli actress also noted that if Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan were to be elected, women’s health care and equal rights would take a big step backwards, adding , “We would go back to the days where being pregnant is a pre-existing condition.”

As for choosing this particular event while pitching in on the campaign efforts, Natalie explained, “Nevada is a battleground state and the women are really going to decide this election.”


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Fancy Nails

Natalie and a friend got their nails done at Fancy Nails in Los Feliz yesterday, and she was looking quite cute in a pair of jean shorts and a white t-shirt.


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More HQ Dior

Just when we thought Eden had the monopoly on Dior finds, Miller has the HQ version of the new Dior print ad shot.


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We’ve got plenty of good stuff for the weekend, but a starter we’ve got a few mini updates.

– Well, Benjamin did a decent job as a guest judge on So You Think You Can Dance. His LA Dance troupe performed and it was damn impressive. Natalie was not in attendance. In fact, she wasn’t even mentioned during his introduction. Fair enough, he’s more than just her husband, but I would have thought FOX would have wanted to capitalize on her name a little.

– Speaking of Benjamin, a writer who called him a “frog”, has explained why he did so and offered an apology to Ben and Natalie.

– The Portman, working a year before “Black Swan,” writes: “My posture looked like I’d swallowed a broom . . . I had the same body since I’m 14. With Mary Helen, it’s completely transformed. I gained length, strength and tone. Arms and legs changed shape. In awe of dancers’ bodies — definition in their arms, strong legs and beautiful line extending from fingertips to toes . . . [plus her] healthy diet in conjunction with the exercises” achieved our fitness goals.

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Natalie For Obama

It was 4 years ago when Natalie, despite being a Hilary Clinton fan, decided to throw her support behind Barack Obama’s presidential campaign.

Well the elections are once again upon us and Natalie will once again be making time to support the president. Natalie will be attending the Woman For Obama event in Las Vegas tomorrow. If you think you’re able to attend, click the image below to get all the details.


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High Quality Dior

Eden sure has her finger on the pulse of Dior stuff. Once again she is the first on the scene with a link to the HQ version of the other new campaign shot. Enjoy.


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Casting Tidbits

A couple bits of casting news arrived for two of Natalie’s upcoming films.

Chest heavy BFF, Kat Dennings, will return for Thor 2. This is great news because they certainly made for a great interview duo in the lead up to the first film.

Then in Terrence Malick land, Joel Kinnaman (The Killing, upcoming Robocop remake) is joining Knight of Cups. The Swedish actor is playing a rich playboy and joins an already epic looking cast, which now also has a confirmed Antonio Banderas.


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Natalie’s hubby, Benjamin, is set to appear on So You Think You Can Dance as a guest judge tonight. Chances of Natalie being in the audience…I’d say slim. Chances of her being mentioned in Benjamin’s introduction? Very likely I’d say.

Check out how he does at 8pm on FOX.

Who’s Benjamin Millepied? Only the guy who gets to sleep with Natalie Portman, that’s who. Oh, and, of course, a very talented ballet dancer and choreographer in his own right. But now that you know he’s married to Natalie Portman, that’s all you’re going to be able to think. Lucky bastard.


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Get The Natalie Look

We’ve been wanting to create regular updates for Natalie fans who are keen to find out more about Natalie’s fashion choices. Consider this update, courtesy of Rachel, the first step. But to keep it going, we hope that you fans will be able to do your own sleuthing and let us know so we can share the info with everyone.

In Sunday’s post Natalie was spotted out and about with Rashida Jones and Aleph. She was wearing a Madewell Waveform top and Westward \\ Leaning N°1 sunglasses.


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Gallery Updates

I’ve updated the gallery with a new-old polaroid photo of Natalie taken by Dewey Nicks during a photo shoot for Isaac Mizrahi’s IS**C line in 1995.


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Cruising With Rashida

The Daily Mail has new photos of Natalie positively beaming as she carries Aleph while hanging out with fellow kitten and puppy lover, Rashida Jones.

Please note that Aleph is clearly visible in all of the photos.


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Hepburn House

The Hackensack University Medical Foundation site has a section promoting the Audrey Hepburn Children’s House, and it includes some new (I think) photos of Natalie, who has a special relationship with the fund.

Just as pleasing as those photos is a comment made by Sean Ferrer, Audrey Hepburn’s son and founder of the fund, at the 2002 dedication ceremony.

Ferrer paid tribute to actress Natalie Portman. “You have been with us since the beginning of the Fund…and you are here with us today. We’re officially naming you ‘the godmother’ of The Audrey Hepburn Children’s House.”


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A big thanks to Ana for sending in a cool and creative mashup of Dior and The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. Personally I would have gone for Finca + Silence Of The Lambs, but this works too :-P


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It’s been a quiet week on the news front. Hopefully Natalie will be back in front of cameras soon and we’ll have something more exciting to report. Until then, tidbits! has the lowdown on Natalie’s wedding gown look and, seeing it properly for the first time, gotta admit that it’s really elegant.

Even without the pretext of a traditional Jewish wedding, Natalie Portman’s wedding dress made an on-trend statement with its illusion neckline and long sheer sleeves, signaling, once again, the return of coverage for celebrity brides. Sisters Laura and Kate Mulleavy—the duo behind enigmatic fashion brand Rodarte—designed the tea-length dress for their famous friend, just as they did the gothic tutu for Portman’s Oscar-winning turn in “Black Swan.

– A writer for The Daily Show has a new book out, Planet Tad, which is about a 12 year old who starts a blog to attract the attention of Natalie. OMG, someone wrote a biography about me!


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Natalie out and about in L.A.

Natalie was spotted meeting a friend for coffee yesterday in Los Angeles.


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Thought it was time to mention the little islands off the coast of the mainland.

Our Facebook Page is now 30 likes off the 5000 milestone.

And our Twitter Page has just passed 4900 followers.

Finally, there is the Tumblr Page, which posted this Anne Frank photo a few days ago.

All three are updated pretty much every day, so if you don’t already, please check them out.


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