It was obvious that we were going to do a poll about the My Valentine video. The reason it took this long is I couldn’t decide what to focus on. The Natalie only version? The mixed version? Or how about the controversy?

In the end I chose the middle option. Based on the comments, the results should be very positive, but let’s see just HOW positive…

The My Valentine poll

The previous poll was a little simpler. Films or charity. It’s no surprise that films won (hey, that’s what I voted), but there was a significantly saintly portion of fans who voted for charity.

Luckily we’re in a world where, for now at least, we get both. Full results are after the jump.



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There is a new candid set from yesterday, featuring some quick snaps of Natalie, Benjamin and a zonked out Aleph leaving the Julliard Cafe.

Please be aware that Aleph is visible in all of the photos.


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I’ve updated the gallery with some new candid photos of Natalie (looking ready for travel) out with her mom and Aleph (not pictured) in New York City yesterday.


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More From Last Night

Before we get to the 2D goodness, a slight clarification. The reports today identified the event as a tribute to Elie Wiesel, holocaust survivor and Nobel Prize winner.

Natalie’s 10 minute speech was about the hosts of the dinner, The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, and what they stand for. Where does Aung San Suu Kyi come into this? Well, she was the winner of this years Holocaust Memorial Museum Elie Wiesel Award.

It seems that Natalie also took time to talk about her, but she was not the main subject of the speech. Hopefully a video of that speech might find it’s way online at some point.

In any case, onto some photos, courtesy of Just Jared.


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Aung San Suu Kyi Event

Natalie spoke a the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington last night, although it wasn’t to honour those who suffered during the war, rather it was an event for Aang San Suu Kyi, the Burmese politician.

I’m hoping there will be more information and photos from the event later, but for now here is a grainy preview image.

One Twitter attendee found Natalie’s speech “powerful” while another thought that Natalie was a “disappointment”.


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HQ Signs

We’ve added two HQ versions of the behind the scenes photos of Natalie on set for the music video, as well as a third slightly bigger version of the other photo.


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It seems that Paul McCartney’s music video for My Valentine is rubbing some people the wrong way. Yahoo UK says that some of the signs were (hilariously) wrong.

In the black and white video for ‘My Valentine’, also directed by McCartney, the actress, makes the sign for the word ‘tampon’ instead of the word ‘appear’ as intended.

Meanwhile, Johnny Depp, who also appears in the video, signs ‘enemy’ instead of ‘valentine’.

The blunders were picked up by deaf viewers, who believe that confusion between American and British sign languages could be behind the gaffes.

That’s one theory, but Jezebel heard from the Sign Language Company in LA, and they coached Natalie and Johnny for the video. Their reasoning is a bit different…



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WWD Interview

All hail, Fanatical, who has managed to find the elusive WWD interview. By now we’ve read most of it via other sources, but there are a few interesting items still to be found.

The info that caught my eye the most is that the Eating Animals documentary is beginning filming soon. Below is the excerpt that refers to that, and the full interview can be read here.

Other upcoming film projects count among them a documentary of Jonathan Safran Foer’s food manifesto “Eating Animals,” which is about to start production and will be directed by Christopher Quinn. (Portman is a vegetarian but generally a vegan.)


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Not Faking It

The LA Times has an article about the special premiere event for Paul McCartney’s new music video. It doesn’t seem as if Natalie was in attendance, although plenty of other stars showed up.

What’s most interesting is the fact that Natalie could actually do sign language before this video. Here’s how Paul explains it…

“Five or six months ago, Stella said: ‘Do you have a video for the song? You know that Natalie can [do] sign [language].’ And a week after Stella mentioned it, I was back here with the great cinematographer Wally Pfister…

*this is me now giving a thumbs up*


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Natalie And Jane

Kitten found some snaps of Natalie attending a screening of Chimpanzee, a Disneynature film. Natalie is photographed with one of her heroes, Jane Goodall, whose organization co-produced the film. You might recall that Natalie has supported Jane’s foundation before, like when she donated her humanitarian award at Cannes.


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Natalie Talks Scruples

For the 30% of you guys, based on our poll, that are interested in Natalie’s producing only work on the upcoming ABC soapie pilot, Scruples, today is your lucky day…

In what appears to be quotes (courtesy of Celebrity-Gossip) from the still hiding WWD interview, Natalie talks about the show for the first time.

“It’s about a store opening in Beverly Hills modeled after the Dior salons. Which is really fun, full circle.”

Of producing, Natalie noted, “It’s really, really interesting to get a look at the other side of the process. Scary sometimes — because you hear about how people talk about actors and about hiring directors and writers and all of that.”

And Natalie couldn’t be happier with the subject matter. “I really have so much respect for both the legacy of [Dior] and also their tradition of very quietly being extremely generous. There’s so much opportunity to do well by doing good.”


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We’ve got some good stuff for tomorrow, so a little deck clearing today in the form of some mini updates.

- There were a handful of Natalie NYC sightings on Twitter last week. Like this and this and this.

- One Direction are fans of Natalie’s SNL rap. I’ve never even heard of these guys, but they’ve surely never heard of me so we’ll call it a draw.

- Amo reckons that this is the ring that Natalie was flashing in this Paris photo, and I think she’s right. In which case there probably isn’t any special significance.

- Cutie, Summer Glau (Firefly), talks about Black Swan from around the 3 minute mark on this video.


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Chris Hemsworth aka Thor, has spoken to Slashfilm about the upcoming sequel.

Most notable is that the film will shoot in August, but he also mentions reading the script and meeting with Natalie and new director, Alan Taylor. Apparently Taylor wants to bring a bit more of a tangible quality to Asgard, which should be a good thing because as pretty as it was in the first film, it never felt like a real place.

What’s also encouraging is a Collider interview with Marvel honcho, Kevin Feige, in which he admits the Thor-Jane relationship was a “quick crush”, and that the evolution of their relationship will be the primary focus of the sequel.


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Watch The Music Video

The Natalie version of the music video is here and…well it’s sweet and she looks pretty. It’s also a little sad, which is nice. But like her first foray into Paul McCartney music video territory, I’m not exactly doing cartwheels. How about you guys?


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I think it was about 5 years ago when Natalie appeared in Michel Gondry’s music video for Paul McCartney, and Paul (or perhaps daughter Stella) has gotten Natalie to sign up once more.

The video is for ‘My Valentine’ and there are three versions. One with Natalie starring, one with Johnny Depp and the commercial version which will combine both of them. Wally Pfister (Inception) is the cinematographer and McCartney is directing.

There is a special LA event for the video today, but us normal folk will get to view the video at 6am on

Click the photo below to see three images of Natalie during filming, and get a brief preview of Johhny Depp in the video.


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I wanted to create a new poll based on Natalie’s recent Paris trip, but all the options sounded too obvious and easy. So, I thought that it might be fun to go in the other direction and create something really challenging. We’re all behind Natalie’s charity initiatives, like Free The Children, but what if it was at the expense of her film work?

There are no easy out answers in this poll. Should prove interesting.

Charity vs Entertainment

As for the previous poll, Sofia Coppola was a comfortable winner while Roman Polanski was a slightly surprising second. Check out the full results after the jump.



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WWD has a new photo an interview with Natalie, from the Paris visit, but the interview is only for subscribers. So if anyone out there is a subscriber…*nudge nudge*.

We do have a couple quotes from the interview, thanks to British Vogue, but of most importance is this really nice new photo.



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Gallery Updates

I’ve updated the gallery with a new photo of Natalie speaking at the Dior and Free The Children press event in Paris last week.


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The Counselor

A couple days ago Maribel sent a Slashfilm link about Angelina Jolie potentially joining Ridley Scott’s upcoming The Counselor. In the article they still mention that Natalie is in talks for the role of Michael Fassbender’s wife…a role many women would be happy to take, for sure.

Then I got an email from Jack, who heard producer Nick Wechsler say that he was producing The Counselor and that he was looking forward to working with Ridely, Fassbender and Natalie.

I find it a bit strange to contradict the producer of the film (assuming Jack was being truthful) but, that’s exactly what I have to do. I checked with my source again and Natalie is absolutely not in talks for The Counselor.

Either way it shouldn’t be long until there’s definitive confirmation. Stay tuned.


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Gallery Updates

I’ve updated the gallery with a new photo of Natalie posing at Dior’s Candelight Delight dinner in Paris last week.


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