Blast From the Past

I’ve updated the gallery with a vintage photo of Natalie when she was 12-years-old. Not quite sure if this is a personal photo or if it’s from a shoot. Thanks to Edenliao for the find.


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This is possibly good news for Star Wars fans…although fans who are also Natalie fans might want not be too thrilled. Lucasfilm was planning to re-release the prequel trilogy into theatres with the draw being that the films would now be post converted to 3D. The Phantom Menaces already came out last year and underperformed while still making a decent chunk of change, and the second two films were due later this year.

Well, with JJ Abrams now on board for Star Wars 7, it seems Lucasfilm (or Disney) would prefer to focus on that new film, which means that Attack Of The Clones and Revenge Of The Sith will no longer be receiving their 3D re-release.

Personally I couldn’t care less, but how about you guys?


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Gallery Updates

I’ve updated the gallery with two new-old HQ portraits of Natalie taken at a FINCA luncheon in 2007 for The Financial Times. More after the jump. Thanks to Angelina!



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New Poll

With Benjamin beginning his work with the Paris ballet in September of 2014, it still could be quite awhile before they make the move. However, I’m curious as to how many fans see this as a good thing versus a bad thing. I’ve also included options for those who are somewhere in the middle.

The Parisian Poll


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Natalie returns to L.A.

Following her brief trip to Paris, Natalie was spotted arriving with Benjamin in Los Angeles via LAX yesterday. Candids courtesy of Silkecut and Just Jared (thanks to Kitten).


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As you can see (or will see soon after you clear your browser cache) the winning banner in our banner poll contest was banner number 3. I kept the names of the artists under wraps because regulars Ana (banner 4 and 5) and Celina (banner 2) were involved. Oh, and our own Rachel did a banner…banner 3. I smell conspiracy!

Rachel’s banner made it by a mere 3 votes. I think it’s really well suited to the site, especially with the added idea to have it transparent. A big thanks to the 3 ladies who submitted entries, including a new contributor Lidia (banner 1).

To mix things up I think I’m going to have the other banners go up for a few days each sometime in the future, and later in the year maybe we can do this again.


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Welcome Back, Miss Dior

Natalie’s Dior campaign begun with the gentle pink themed shoot and video directed by Sofia Coppola. Well the new Miss Dior campaign is on the way and we have three new photos for you guys. UPDATE – And one more!



That’s not all, we have more after the jump. Just click “read more”.


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Natalie heads to Paris

Hot on the heels of the news of relocating to Paris, Natalie was spotted heading out of LAX (though the source makes it sound as if she’s arriving) yesterday, and again arriving at Roissy Airport in France earlier today. Thanks to Kitten!


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Paris, I Love You

Natalie and Benjamin are moving to Paris. Natalie has always had strong feelings for France, probably starting from the womb where her parents likely played the French song that she is named after. Marrying a french guy meant that she’s spent even more time in the country and now it looks like they’re going to make that permanent. Well…as permanent as a home is for a celebrity who spends half the year traveling around.

Millepied will become the new director of the Paris Opera Ballet.
He said to the AFP that they will both move to Paris.
“I won’t come without my family; it’s a family choice”, he said. “It’s a chance for us to be able to live in Paris, because I’ve been living in New York for 20 years. We are both very happy.”
Asking about the impact on Natalie’s career, he said: “Her career is such that living in Paris won’t prevent her from working abroad. Also, there are very talented directors in Europe, so why not concentrating a part of our careers on European projects.”
He said they will start looking for a place to live “soon, because I will have to spend a lot of time there.”

More after the jump…


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More Dior Gifts

Dior keeps on giving. Today we have two new photos from Natalie’s new campaign for Diorshow Iconic Overcurl and Mono Eyeshadow. And even though the resolution can be improved upon (*sends up the Eden-signal*) they are both really beautiful shots, don’t you agree?




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Nobu Sighting

A couple days ago we posted some tweets from someone spotting Natalie, her dad and Aleph at Nobu restaurant. Well Just Jared had photos from the arrival/departure, which show that Benjamin was with her as well. In the photos it looks like she’s having a bit of an argument…that other lady better be careful otherwise Natalie might sh*t in her shoes.



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Get the Look

In last Friday’s update, Natalie was spotted wearing a Link Wray t-shirt by Rotter and Friends with a jacket by Columbia and booties by The North Face. Thanks to Juan234 for the finds.


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Natalie was spotted running errands and visiting a clinic in Santa Monica yesterday. Hope she hasn’t caught that nasty flu that’s going around. Candids courtesy of Gossip Center (thanks to Kitten) and silkecut.



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Bicep Curls

Someone give this girl a hand. Yet more candid photos from a Monday running errands in LA. No Aleph this time, unless he’s in the bag…


A big thanks to Kitten and xiaonianp.

Rachel and I have never been the most coordinated duo. But to be clear, my update went up 2 minutes earlier than hers :-P

I’m leaving them both up because it’s damn funny.


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If you’re having issues connecting to this site it’s because our DNS provider is under a DDoS attack. It should be ok as of Tuesday 8 am UTC. (link)

Apparently when we launched user registration was disabled. It’s now been enabled meaning you can go ahead and register a profile here on use your Facebook / Twitter / Linked / Google account to set up an account here and use it for authorization so you don’t have one more username/password combo to memorize.

And when launching this site in WordPress with a custom theme we really should have started a feedback-thread instead of discussing things in the comments to different news-posts since they are now impossible to keep track of. But better late than never. Please go to this thread in our forum to discuss improvements, give suggestions, bug reports or just to say what you think.


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– Looks like Natalie was out to dinner at Nobu with her dad and Aleph on Saturday night (and maybe Ben and her mom as well). This tweet broke the news and this one, with a photo of Avner and Aleph, sealed the deal.

– Forbes has another dodgy financial list – running down Hollywood’s most bankable romantic couples (of recent years). It really is an awful idea with even worse parameters…it’s like they decided “well what list can we do to show off to get some of that Twilight traffic?”. Skip all that noise and just click here to go to Natalie’s page, which also includes a really bad mistake.

– Finally, the Sundance Film Festival is on the go at the moment and it’s no doubt jam packed with great little movies that nobody will see. Well, The Playlist have put together a look at the biggest financial successes that came out of Sundance and one of Natalie’s film’s made the cut. Any idea what it is?

Click to confirm your Nat knowledge


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Gallery Updates

Edenliao has once again found a much higher quality version of Natalie’s Diorshow Iconic Overcurl/Mono Eyeshadow print ad.


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Solo Shopping

I’m about to mess around with my hardware and reinstall my OS. So if I disappear for awhile…things did not go as planned.

As a parting gift, here are some new candids of Natalie shopping at Gelson’s on Friday. Thanks to Kitten and Gossip Center. UPDATE – I’ve replaced those with HQ versions. Thanks to silkecut ~ Rachel



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Gallery Updates

Today is the sixth and final day of the March 2004 Vogue Italia HQ photos. Hope you guys enjoyed the pics! A big thanks again to Eden for the great finds.


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Natalie on the go in L.A.

A dressed-up Natalie was spotted pumping gas in L.A. yesterday. The Daily Mail reports that she was headed to a business meeting in Century City. Candids courtesy of Silkecut (thanks to Kitten).


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