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Since I’m here…

– Banner contest will be along soon.
– We have no idea how to solve the ipad display problem. It’s like building a new car and then realizing the stereo doesn’t work. It sucks but all we can suggest is to not use the stereo.
– Ad revenue is well down so we’re trying a few things to get back to where we were. I’m not thrilled about the amount of ads on post pages but hopefully we can find a size and position that works. Please be patient.
– The annual Charlie Awards are coming together as well and will launch before the end of the month. Was a quiet year so it’s a bit of a challenge, but hopefully that forces us to be more creative.


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Gallery Updates

Day two of the March 2004 Vogue Italia HQ photos! Thanks again to Eden.


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Natalie out in Los Feliz

Natalie was spotted on a day out with Aleph at a community center gym in Los Feliz this afternoon. So far this set is pretty safe to view if you don’t care to see Aleph’s face pictured. Candids courtesy of Celebrity-Gossip.net (thanks to toto20).


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Gallery Updates

I’ve updated the gallery with an HQ version of a photo from Natalie’s spread in the March 2004 issue of Vogue Italia. I’ll be posting more HQ photos from this set during the week, so keep checking back for more! Thanks to Eden for the great finds.


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Pasadena Play Date

Natalie was spotted out again this week, this time taking Aleph on a play date in Pasadena on Friday. Please note that Aleph’s face can be seen in most of the photos. Candids courtesy of Daily Mail and Just Jared.


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Complete Dior

Okay, screw Rachel. I got the goods! Edenliao is like a bloodhound when it comes to Dior images, and here are two high quality versions of the new Diorshow Iconic Overcurl advert UPDATE – And also being used for Dior Mono Eyeshadow.



And here is the even bigger version focused just on Natalie.


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Just a couple new mini updates for you guys. I think Rachel will be around later with something a bit more exciting.

– When I read this interview with Zero Dark Thirty actor (and man he’s great in it) Jason Clarke, I thought for a moment that the title of the second Terrence Malick film had been revealed. But when I read it back…nope, still a mystery. However, there are a couple quotes about the production of Knight Of Cups and what it’s like to work with Terrence Malick…might be of interest to some.

And what was “Knight of Cups” like?
It was just hilarious! Well Terry is a guy where you get 20 pages of dialogue, this extraordinarily in-depth dialogue, and then you’ll learn it and try and shoot it. But Terry’s not after anything that’s ordained or set up. He’s creating an environment where he just wants to capture something that’s alive.

Are you in it enough that you can’t be cut out of it?
You never know with Terrence Malick. I remember when I told Jess, she said, “Just so you know, you might not end up in the film.” There were so many people coming in and out and he’s out there doing his thing. There’s a craziness and a wonderfulness and a freedom but he’s got great motives and aspirations. He’s interested in pursuing things.

– Artist Jeff Victor did a great piece, found by Stefan and Rachel, showing the evolution of Natalie. Really cute, dontcha think?

Natalie final


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Get the Look

In yesterday’s update, Natalie was spotted out with Benjamin and Aleph in L.A. (click for the one and only large, untagged photo from that set). She was wearing Theonne’s Winter 2012 Roxy Jacquard Stripe Sweater. If you love the look and you’ve got money burning a hole in your pocket, you can find it on sale (!) for $146.00.



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Paparazzi Holidays Over

Yet another new set of candids has arrived, this time it’s just Aleph and Natalie in Beverly Hills. The quality is a lot better than the last set but like that one, please avoid if you don’t want to see Aleph. The thumb below is the one lucky show where his face is obscured.


Thanks to Toto20 and xiaonianp.


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Black Swan Slideshow

Eltina made a post on the forum with Black Swan art that she had made. There was another reason beyond just sharing Natalie work with fans, she’s selling these images on hoodies, as art, iphone cases etc etc.

I figured it couldn’t hurt to promote her work, but thought I would use the opportunity to also have an ulterior motive. So below are three of Eltina’s works and they are presented in a slideshow. My question for you guys is would you like us to use the slideshow feature for multiple image posts or do you prefer them posted one underneath the other as we’ve always done it?

Bare in mind this is the first time playing around with it will look better in future.


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Blondie Be Gone

The last time we saw Natalie was almost 2 months ago, and her hair was still very light. Well she was photographed back in LA on Monday with Aleph and Benjamin. The photos are unfortunately tagged and very small (if anyone out there finds better quality…) but we can see that Natalie is back to her normal darker look.

Click the thumbnail below to check out the whole gallery, but those of you who don’t want to see Aleph’s face I suggest giving it a miss. Thanks to Natnat for the find.



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Gallery Updates

I’ve updated the gallery with a text-free version of this photo from Natalie’s spread in the February 2011 issue of Elle France. This photo shoot is now featured in NP.com’s album of the week! If you look to the right, you’ll notice I’ve finally worked out how to get the new slideshow widget going.


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Before we get to the new poll, here are the results of the last (and first on the new site) poll.


Dead even when it came to the highest praise and the most violent rejection of the new site, but happy to see that more than half of you are happy with the new surroundings and those less sure are willing to give it some time.

Today’s new poll is already a bit of a mess up because I couldn’t get the images to load with the poll. Will try and get that working tomorrow, but scroll down a little and you’ll clearly see the two photos we’re asking about.

Which new Dior photo was more memorable?


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2 Weeks Later

It’s a couple weeks since we went live with the new site and we’ve still got a lot to do. I thought it was time to check in and talk about some of the fixes and things that are on the to do list.

Changes today:

– Added back Twitter, Facebook, RSS (which I don’t think is working yet) and Tumblr icons.
– Changed calendar to list view as we weren’t happy with how the full calendar view was looking. I’ll be adding to it tomorrow.
– Gravatar avatars should now work in the comments section. Go here, register with the same email you registered on with WordPress, upload a photo and that should do it. I say should because I can’t see my own avatar but Kris says he can see it. So try it out and let us know.

More after the jump…



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Gallery Updates

I’ve updated the gallery with some new-old photos of Natalie on the set of Léon/The Professional. Despite its age, there seems to be no shortage of new pictures from this film continuing to pop up. One more after the jump.



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Time for another batch of mini news items. Just two today…

– The Playlist have done lists for their most anticipated films and mainstream films for 2013. Unfortunately no Natalie films made the first list, which isn’t surprising given that there are no guarantee’s we’ll see either of the Malick films or Jane Got A Gun until 2014. However, on the mainstream side they did mention Thor 2.

Director Kenneth Branagh brought his theatrical chops to the first film, but here he’s been replaced by “Game Of Thrones” vet Alan Taylor, the theory being that costumes, swords and British accents are areas of expertise for certain filmmakers. This does sound more overtly plotty in a trivial comic book way than other recent Marvel films, and a more epic sweep is promised, but we hope that Taylor retains the better parts of the first film too; the humor, and the romance, which worked a little better than in most other Marvel pictures.

– Speaking of Thor, could Natalie be back to the UK for filming? After her NY sighting earlier in the week, she was then spotted at Newark Airport. Thanks to Kitten.


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Another Day Of Dior

What a great start to the year. Eden found a clearer cropped look at the new Dior Iconic Overcurl photo, and with it a gorgeous new black and white shot that is either behind the scenes or “behind the scenes” – emphasis on the quotes.

NATALIE PORTMAN 2 HD (C) Heather Sommerfield for Christian Dior Parfums


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Thanks to EdenLiao, we have several other looks at the new Dior photo. The campaign is Diorshow Iconic Overcurl, and let’s hope the image has not being manipulated in photoshop this time.



Two more after the jump…



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Dior Shows, We Tell

The first new photo of Natalie in ages and boy is it a good one. Here she is in a glimpse at a brand new Dior advert for the Diorshow campaign. Not wanting to sound greedy but hopefully there are more and better versions just around the corner. Thanks to Anqxxx for the find.



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The Met

It’s been ages since we’ve had any Natalie sightings, but she has emerged from the proverbial celebrity fog if the following tweets are to be believed.

Natalie was spotted taking in The Metropolitan Museum Of Art in NY. Not sure about the bald comment. Kitten, who found the tweets, suggests that maybe the girl, who works at the MET, saw her there years ago when she was bald…or maybe she meant no longer blonde? Anyway, Natalie has hair. Good to know.

Just saw Natalie Portman walking around in the MET in NY ))

Natalie Portman is at work today and totally no longer bald.

That moment you see Natalie Portman irl and think, wow, she’s tiny. #NYCismagical


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