Star Wars 7

A pre-emptive update. Nothing to do with Natalie (as far as I know) but I’m sure many of her fans will be overjoyed/angry that Disney have bought out Lucasfilm and a new Star Wars will be arriving in 2015.

Use the comments to yelp for joy, wring your hands or shrug your shoulders.

Tomorrow I might even do a new poll about it, with a Natalie angle of course.

Read all about it at The Playlist.


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Below we have an old video (short haired Natalie, how I miss you) but might be unseen before now. I remember her being in an advert for the Hadassah hospital in Jerusalem before, but I don’t think it was this one.

In any case, watch Natalie talking about the good work that the hospital is doing – a hospital which is where Natalie was born.


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Gorgeous Fanart

A little piece of impressive fanart from Ricardo to brighten your day…or printed out and used as a flotation device if you’re in sights of Sandy. Ricardo made the work with photoshop and illustrator.

Stay safe, Natalie fans.


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Blonde Bye Bye

Kitten found an Instagram photo from someone saying that they are hanging out with Natalie. Looks like her to me although it would mean she is no longer a blonde. What do you guys think? Or is it Rooney Mara ;-)


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New batch of mini news items for you guys.

Elle Canada has another riff on Natalie’s Paris interview merry-go-round. As with the others, a couple new quotes mixed in with stuff we’ve heard already. They mention that Natalie has a sister, which was certainly a new detail *facepalm*. In fact there’s another quote attributed to her which says that she’s from the midwest…the midwest of what, Long Island? Those strange observations aside, here is a more reliable quote.

“When you’re famous, you put walls up because people want too much from you-strangers get too close,” she says. She shrinks into the sofa and puts her arms up as a mock barrier. For a moment she looks uncomfortable and unhappy, but then she brightens again.

Having a baby, she explains, means she’s chatting with people who stop her-in a café, in a store-to ask about her little one, “and it’s nice.”

– You’d think people knew what Natalie looked like by now, right? Well a couple people on Twitter claim to have seen Natalie and Ryan Gosling in Austin but looking at the pics here and here…that’s Rooney Mara as far as I’m concerned.

– Speaking of tweets, this one suggests that Natalie will be in London next week. Hopefully that doesn’t mean Rooney Mara will be in London next week :-P


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Gallery Updates

I’ve updated the gallery with larger versions of some of the photos from Natalie’s shoot for the February 2010 issue of Elle UK. Another big thanks to Jacqueline!


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Jersey Girl

Thanks to Filipe and Starprincess for rounding up some Natalie sightings from yesterday. She was spotted, but not photographed, at Montclair University in New Jersey – more specifically en route to the Kassar theatre where Benjamin’s LA Dance Project is performing for next next few days.

It’s quite impressive how they’re able to juggle a kid (not literally I hope) and 2 careers that require them to be all over the globe. Must require a lot of planning but seems to be working out really well.

Just a note that we haven’t found any watermark free versions of the NY photos, but a gallery is now up.


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Back In NY

Last we heard about Natalie’s whereabouts was via a tweet that she was flying to the UK. Then there was a tweet yesterday from someone saying that Ryan Gosling and Natalie were filming right in front of her in Austin. Maybe both tweets are correct. Maybe both are right. But we do now know that Natalie was in NY with her cousin yesterday, as the image below will attest.

This is just a temporary update as the images are heavily watermarked. Hopefully Rachel will be able to do a proper update later today.


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Filming Video

Below is another video of Natalie and Michael Fassbender filming for Terrence Malick. It’s from the balcony shoot that might be toeing the spoiler line. For those who want a little protection I’m putting the video after the jump. Don’t feel too bad about missing out, the footage is blurry and shaky so you’re not missing much.



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Thor 2: The Dark Tidbits

Time for a little roundup of some Thor news items.

– The big news is that, if this tweet is accurate, Natalie is now in England for filming. Will be interesting to see if her hair changes. The makeup and costume department are going to have their work cut out to make her look half as good as she’s going to look in the Malick film.

– Thor had been filming in Iceland but they wrapped last week, with focus now shifting to the UK. I see they filmed at Skogafoss, which was one of my favourite waterfalls when I visited Iceland 5 years ago.

– There are rumours that Natalie is apparently not happy about going back to work on Thor 2. There was a lot of smoke after Patty Jenkins was fired as director but Natalie is a pro so it’s always a lot of guesswork. It’s entirely possible that the relationship between Natalie and Marvel is not great but we may never know for sure.

– Finally, Comic Book Resources has breakdowns of the Thor 2 and Iron Man 3 plots. They are VERY VERY VERY spoiler heavy so tread carefully.


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Natalie’s DiorShow ad banned

In the most ridiculous news of the day, Natalie’s print ad for DiorShow New Look mascara has been banned by the ASA. Fashionista has the details:

According to an article by the Telegraph (since removed from their site) referenced by the Huffington Post, the brand’s beauty department is under fire after a mascara ad featuring Natalie Portman was reported to the Advertising Standards Authority in the UK. And who filed the complaint? Rival beauty company (and also a former ASA ban victim) L’Oréal UK, who allege that the ad for Dior’s Dior Show New Look Mascara exaggerates the effects of the mascara with Photoshop.

Dior claims that the image in question was originally intended for a lipstick ad, and that Portman is not wearing false eyelashes, per Vogue UK. Still, Dior has voluntarily withdrawn the ad rather than wait out a formal investigation, which would require that they argue that the allegations of digital enhancement were false. Further, Dior does admit to retouching Portman’s lashes to “separate/increase the length and curve of a number of her lashes and to replace/fill a number of missing or damaged lashes, for a more stylised, uniform and tidy effect.” We’re not initiated in beauty advert speak, but that kind of sounds to us like they did in fact digitally exaggerate the effects of the mascara.

Seriously scratching my head over this one considering it’s fairly tame as far as cosmetics advertisements go (unlike the over-the-top computer generated eyelashes I’ve seen in L’Oreal’s). If we’re going to ban beauty ads for being misleading, I think it’s only fair to ban them all.


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Earlier this year we learned that Natalie shot a short film for Iranian artist, Shirin Neshat. We’re not sure if it’s an advert, art or nothing more than a film. We also have no idea when we might be able to see it.

But at least we now have this image of Natalie about to wield a strange looking ninja throwing star. Clearly it’s an action film :-P


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Halloween Next Week

Just another reminder that halloween is next week and I’d love to have a few creepy pieces of fanart for the occasion. To get you in the mood, here is a great piece, made by Ana, from last year.

You can mail me any submissions or post them in the fanart thread on the forums.


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Video From Saturday

During the broadcast of the football game on Saturday, the cameras focused on Natalie and Fassbender and the commentators made a few comments. Nothing special except the commentators not knowing Michael Fassbender went from funny to hilarious when one of them suggests it might be Danny Bonaduce. Burn!


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Eye Opening Update

I normally crop thumbnails but I just couldn’t do it this time. Natalie looks so hot from head to toe that it would be criminal to chop anything off. Click the thumb below to see a bunch of amazing additions to the weekend gallery.


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Clear Eyes Full Hearts

Last night Natalie and Michael Fassbender were filming at a University of Texas vs Baylor football game. It must have been quite surreal for the fans who probably didn’t know what they should rather be looking at.

Can’t wait to see how these big crowd scenes turn out in the film.

Click the thumb below to check out the gallery, and here is a gif animation that Kitten found.

UPDATE – I’ve added some new photos of Natalie looking smoking hot quite lovely pre-game, thanks to Filipe ~ Rachel


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Natalie on set in Austin

We’ve got some more new photos of Natalie arriving to the set of the Untitled Terrence Malick Project earlier today. She was joined on set by costars Cate Blanchett and Ryan Gosling, but they’re disappointingly not pictured with her.

I’ve also replaced all of the photos from yesterday’s filming with HQ versions.


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Filming Friday

We’ve got a bunch of new photos from filming on the Untitled Terrence Malick film from yesterday. In these photos Natalie arrives on set and then is photographed on a balcony with Michael Fassbender. Full examination of these photos might be considered spoiler territory, but Malick’s films aren’t really about plot twists and turn. Plus he shoots so much that even a seemingly big moment like this might not make the final cut.


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Stefan found some new filming photos from the Untitled Terrence Malick film. These were taken yesterday and have Natalie, Michael Fassbender and someone that looks a lot like Benicio Del Toro filming on a speedboat.

Malick was spotted with Del Toro in June, so I’m feeling quite confident that the film has yet another powerhouse performer.


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Get The Natalie Look

If you fancied Natalie’s shoes from her Nevada appearance, we have some info that might be of use. The shoes are Pure pumps from Charles by Charles David and are 5 inch heels with a 1 inch platform. They’re also vegan, of course.

You can get them from Amazon.com – Pure.


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