There’s a great deal of mystery around Terrence Malick films. Probably because even he isn’t entirely sure what the film will be until he gets in the editing room.

However, a new official synopsis has been released for Knight Of Cups.

“The Knight of Cups is a story of a man, temptations, celebrity, and excess.”

The film is said to have a background of the movie business. Of course the second Malick film, which shares several of the same actors, is set in the music business.

Can’t wait to see what Malick is cooking with these films.

While I’ve got you, I’ve updated the Knight of Cups film page and I’ve added Thor 2 and the second Malick film to Natalie’s filmography, although they don’t have much info yet.


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Natalie is talking in Cincinnati today – poster Baltoh says it was a talk at Union Terminal and then another talk at the University of Cincinatti – and the first photo has arrived. And man (or should it be woman), what a beautiful photograph it is.

Rachel will hopefully be around to post a whoooole lot more later on.


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In Austin?

Yesterday LightsCameraReaction posted this Tumblr update saying that Natalie, Christian Bale and Ryan Gosling were filming in Austin. I wasn’t sure if that was based on fact or just hearing that the still untitled second Terrence Malick film would soon be shooting there.

Since then there have been tweets aplenty. Can’t say conclusively that Natalie is there (remember the tweet about her filming Knight Of Cups while she was still in Europe?) but I wouldn’t be surprised if we get some set photos confirming it soon.

Here are some of those tweets.

Natalie portman and Ryan were in the new communication building about 15 minutes ago!!!

So @RyanGosling was on The Drag in Austin today?

Apparently Natalie Portman and Christian Bale are with him. Time to stalk?

John Legend, Natalie Portman, Christian Bale, & Ryan Gossling all on campus?

Natalie Portman, Christian Bale, and Ryan Gosling are on the Drag?? Cool. Glad I went home early today.


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Heart Media

Time for a shameless slice of self promotion. A few months back I started video editing for Heart Media and my first proper job, an edit for a fashion shoot, just went live on TWENTY6. Please check it out and hopefully it won’t be long before we get to do some short films. As the writer for the company I’ll be sure to work in as many Natalie easter eggs as possible.

Oh, and the model has a Mathilda cut so I guess this is on topic after all ;-)


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Magazine Appearances

A big thanks to Fanatical for finding these scans from Tatler UK and then Harper’s Bazaar Arabia. It’s part of the Dior interview but there are a few new tidbits within. Like Natalie’s composting skills, her dream role, and the phone number of her favourite Osteopath :-D


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Obama Event #2

Natalie spoke at an event for Obama in Las Vegas a few weeks back, and she’s doing it again in Cincinnati on Wednesday. A city that she campaigned in, for Obama of course, 4 years ago.

Hit the image to get the details.


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Cast your mind back to the middle of 2009. It is announced that Natalie and Brad Pitt will be starring in and producing an adaptation of the unique novel, “Important Artifacts and Personal Property from the Collection of Lenore Doolan and Harold Morris, Including Books, Street Fashion, and Jewelry.”

The book is told entirely through photographs from an estate sale, which tell the story of the central relationship.

The last we heard was an early 2011 interview with Greg Mottola, who is adapting the novel, talking about how he thinks he’s cracked the challenging narrative conceit.

All of which brings us to what I heard from my source. Natalie is currently looking over a number of new and old projects and planning the way forward. Important Artifacts sounds like it’s ready to go but Natalie doesn’t feel that she squeeze it in. This might change but the impression I got was that Natalie is going to be very busy (yay) the next couple years and doesn’t want the project to have to wait any longer.

So chances are she will produce but not act in it. Disappointed? Relieved?


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Gallery Updates

I’ve replaced most of the photos from Natalie’s Alexi Lubomirski editorial (featured in the Stars in Dior coffee table book) with larger, higher quality versions. Again, a huge thanks to Jacqueline.


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New Poll + Faker Results

With the news that Natalie might be Nazi humping with Tom Hanks and Michel Hazanavicious, I thought it would be a plum topic for a new poll. So…

In The Garden Of Beasts poll

As for the fake Natalie poll, it seems that you guys are quite resistant to the honey pot. Either that or you’re lying :-P

Full results after the jump…



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In The Garden Of Beasts

I held off on doing this update in the morning as I wanted to get some confirmation to go with the report. I now have the thumbs up that this is definitely not a made up rumour. How close Natalie might be to signing on, I’m not sure.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. The project is Garden of Beasts, which is adaptation of an Erik Larson non-fiction book of the same title. The book is about America’s ambassador to Germany prior and during World War 2. The ambassador sees the horror of Hitler’s plans unfold as his daughter becomes sexually entangled with prominent Nazi members.

The ambassador is looking like it will be Tom Hanks, Natalie is in talks to play the daughter and Michel Hazanavicious (last years Best Director for The Artist) is in negotiations to direct.

With the subject matter and Michel and Hanks, this could be quite the prestige picture. Natalie once remarked that she wasn’t a big fan of the Nazi/Jew genre of films (beyond the obvious reasons), so this story must be different enough to entice her.


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Natalie covers Elle Paris

A big thanks to toto20 who found Natalie looking fantastic in red on the September 14, 2012 cover of Elle Paris (which I assume is a supplement to Elle France). I’m not sure if the cover photo is new or from the old Frederic Auerbach editorial. Can any subscribers ID the photographer for us?


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Angelina is back with a new Natalie drawing. Hope you guys enjoy it. If you have pencil or photoshop skills, remember that you can send me your work and I will feature it on the site.


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New Poll + DNC Results

With the Natalie fake updates this week, I thought that would make a unique topic for a new poll. I want to know, and be honest, who among you have believed, even for a moment, that someone online was Natalie.

To lessen your shame, I have to hold my hand up and admit that pimple faced teenage Dazza did also once believe in a fake Natalie. It didn’t last long and I can barely remember the details, but I know I can’t say I’ve never fallen victim to a fake Natalie.

The Fake Natalie Poll

As for the last poll, Natalie didn’t show up at the DNC, which is a shame because most of you wanted to see her up there. Just wait 4 more years. Portman/Whiz 2016!

Results are after the jump…



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Back At LAX

Natalie was photographed at LAX airport yesterday. Not sure if she’s arriving or leaving (presumably to Terrence Malick’s film in Austin or Thor 2 in England) but it doesn’t appear than Benjamin and Aleph were with her. Unless they’ve gotten better at keeping a distance to have the photographers only focus on Natalie.


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Gallery Updates – Now in HQ!

I’ve replaced the bulk of the photos from Natalie’s recent Dior editorial with larger, higher quality versions. A big, big thanks to Jacqueline.


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Filming has begun on Thor 2 and while we have no Natalie yet, there is a gorgeous Jamie Alexander (who plays Sif) looking badass on a horse, along with many more shots of Marvel mayhem.

Click the thumb for all the shots.

Then we have Idris Elba revealing that his Heimdall character will have a meatier role in the sequel. That’s great news as he really was one of the stand out elements of the first film.

Finally, a very important villain in the Marvel universe MAY show up in Thor 2. If you want to know who that is and what it could mean, head over to The Playlist.


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I posted a few comments on Twitter earlier and I think I’m going to post the same sentiment here and on our Facebook page. I hope that this will have an effect, at least for a little while.

As I said on Twitter, I’ve been around the Natalie community for a really long time. Even back in the 90’s there were people trying to pose as Natalie. Facebook and Twitter has made it even easier to fool people. Not just fans, the new Twitter fake of note even got Debra Messing and Olivia Wilde to communicate with her/him. This just sucks in more Natalie fans who obviously want any excuse to believe that it’s her.

I know we all wish we had more of a direct line to our heroine, but she is a very private person and tweeting about her day is about as far from who Natalie is as it gets.

So by all means, take a look at @PortmanNatalie1 – her last tweet being that she’s informed her reps to authenticate her Twitter account – and roll your eyes at that sad individual.

Like all the other fakes that came before, they will disappear soon enough. And if that account is authenticated I will pack up my bags and leave.

UPDATE – @PortmanNatalie1 has been removed from Twitter. Insert shock here.


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Surfs Up

Natalie, Benjamin and Aleph enjoyed a family getaway last week and photos have shown up online showing the happy trio having a great day on the beach of the Turks and Caicos Islands in the West Indies.

The photos I’ve uploaded do not show Aleph, but Rachel will probably be doing a proper update later and Aleph will be visible in those.


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New childhood photos

I’ve updated the gallery with two new childhood photos of Natalie taken in New Haven, Connecticut in 1990. You may recognize them as they were both seen in the mother’s art studio in Black Swan. Thanks to Kitten for the great find.


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A few weeks back I recall a tidbit item about a Natalie Portman musical. No, not a musical starring Natalie, rather it’s ABOUT Natalie. Well, like Frankenstein, it lives. Maybe it’s sharply written and satirical, or even crazily brilliant like Being John Malkovich.

But based on the poster and video advert…probably not. Anyone see this? I’m curious at least.


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