Wedding Date

When it comes to Natalie and Benjamin being husband and wife, we’ve been in a state of straw clutching for awhile now. Earlier this year we saw Natalie wearing a ring clearly different to her engagement ring while some reports had taken to calling Benjamin her husband.

So the guess was that they had probably tied the knot in France last year, when Natalie traveled with her whole family. However, In Touch are now stating that the marriage will take place in August.

In Touch can exclusively report that the couple, who recently celebrated their son Aleph’s first birthday in June, are preparing for an intimate California wedding on August 5!

“Natalie and Ben will marry in Big Sur,” an insider from the California community tells the new issue of In Touch, on newsstands now. “It’s one of Natalie’s favorite places — whenever she needs a break from LA, she comes here to escape.”



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Sunday Lunch

Just Jared has a couple candids from, apparently, Sunday as the family went to Lunch in Hollywood. I say apparently because we already have the Daily Mail photo, which was also supposed to be on Sunday, but they’re all wearing different outfits.

So one of the dates may be wrong or perhaps they changed, but either way…who cares!

Please note that Aleph can be seen in this set, and he’s sporting a hairdo that’s clearly a homage to My Blueberry Nights.


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Malick Tidbits

I’ve got some exclusive info on Knight of Cups and the second Terrence Malick film. None of it is massively exciting but I certainly appreciate any bit of info that helps pull back the curtain of these ultra secretive projects and hopefully you guys will feel the same.


- No surprise here but Christian Bale is the lead of Knight of Cups whereas Ryan Gosling is the lead of the second film.

- All the other roles vary between supporting and cameos.

- The actors, including Natalie, did not get to view the script. They didn’t know much beyond what I’ve just mentioned. It’s a total leap of faith for everyone involved and very unorthodox.

- Natalie will shoot for a total of one week on Knight of Cups, which means that her screen time is probably not going to be a juicy supporting role. Rather, it will be more of a cameo.

- No idea how many days she will be on set for the second film.

Hopefully that second role will be more substantial but hell, as long as the films and her scenes are strong it shouldn’t matter too much. A cameo as memorable as her brief turn in Cold Mountain wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world, would it?


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Farmers Market

Natalie was once again snapped at the Farmers Market in LA, along with Benjamin and a CLEARLY PICTURED Aleph. Click the thumbnail below, where Natalie looks like she’s just seen a ghost, to view the Daily Mail report. Be sure to check the site later as I’m sure Rachel will be finding more from the set.


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How about a few news snacks to start the week?

- The beautiful Sophie Turner, Sansa in Game of Thrones, tweeted that Natalie and Jean Reno are amazing in The Professional. Isn’t she too young to watch R rated films? I guess living in Westeros ages you up pretty quick.

- In this piece about actress, Dawnn Lewis, they mention that Natalie is going to be filming a short film about

She’s next due to appear in a series of short films about strong female characters also starring Natalie Portman and Charlize Theron.

I wonder if that could be the Shirin Neshat short?

- Here is some paparazzi video to go with the photos of Natalie shooting for Dior in Paris last week.


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Auerbach Victory Lap

As if Frederic Auerbach’s Dior shoot, that is the subject of our current pic battle, wasn’t good enough, here is a video that is possibly even more gorgeous. Seriously, I don’t think I took a single breath until it was over.

Click either of the images below and then view the first video at the site.


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NP.COM Calendar – July

It’s a new month, which means a new wallpaper calendar. Thanks once again to Celina.




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Natalie back in LA

Finally got some confirmation that Natalie is now back in Los Angeles. She was spotted leaving a gym after a workout in the Atwater Village neighborhood last Thursday.


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Gallery Updates

I’ve updated the gallery with some great new candids of Natalie on the set of a photo shoot for her new Miss Dior campaign in Paris last Tuesday.


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Today’s mini news items are pretty stacked…by tidbits standards at least.

- We begin with a couple small items from my source – Natalie was definitely not back in LA for Knight of Cups filming, so that lady must have made an assumption that she was also there. But if you are worried that Natalie’s work on the film is already over, fear not, she will be back in front of the camera for Knight of Cups.

- Natalie has come in at number 20 on Popsugar’s hot 100 list, which includes both male and female celebrities. She was 11 in 2011 and didn’t even make the list in 2010.

- Finally, the Thor 2 logo has been revealed and since we all know the quality of a logo always mirrors the quality of the film, I’m comfortable submitting my early Thor 2 review.

Concise. A little bland. Could have done with more Natalie.

6 out of 10


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Pic Battle Semi Final 1

As you can see below, the slick ponytail photo won the bonus matchup with an equally cool 43% of the vote. No prizes for guessing how I’m going about choosing the semi finals matchups.




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More Dior Previews

Well it’s looking less and less likely that Natalie was back in LA for filming Knight of Cups, as Faded Youth Blog attribute those Dior candids as being shot on the 27th.

Perhaps the lady who made the tweets saw they were filming and just assumed all cast members would be involved. If you don’t know much about the filming process that’s an easy mistake to make.

In any case, wherever the hell she is, the good news is that we’ve added 4 more great candid snaps of Natalie’s upcoming Dior photoshoot.


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New Dior Shoot Candids

I guess Natalie didn’t just go to France for some R&R as Kitten found some nice candid preview snaps of a new Dior shoot. Natalie once again has flowers on her head. The last time I remember her doing that the results were pretty damn spectacular.

The photos were apparently taken in France on the 26th, which has to at least call into question today’s earlier update where tweets suggested she was in LA yesterday. Of course it’s entirely possible she left France after the shoot and was back in LA on the 27th for Knight of Cups filming.


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A couple quick tidbits before the football begins…

- You can vote for Natalie in the movie star category for the upcoming VH1 Do Something Awards. This is to decide the nominees and then finals voting begins in July and the show airs in August.

- Natalie is down to number 45 in the annual lesbian hot 100 over at After Ellen. Last year she was 35 and 31 in 2010. Maybe it’s not just men who are bummed about Natalie’s new family?


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With Natalie flying out to France I was concerned that Natalie’s work on Terrence Malick’s Knight Of Cups might be over already, thus meaning a very small role.

Well, yesterday @BagSnob tweeted that Knight of Cups was literally filming in front of her and that Christian Bale, Cate Blanchett and Natalie were all in attendance.

Any doubts were soon brushed aside as instagram photos popped up (none of Natalie unfortunately) like the one below of Bale with another gorgeous new cast member, Frida Pinto.

Some other non Natalie set photos have popped up. They’re semi-spoilerish so I’ll post about it after the jump…



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So once again I’m asking for your help to fill out and update our biography page.

What say the collective Natalie borg brain about…

Her favourite music (just got some nice info in an interview a few days ago)

Her favourite food

Her eating habits


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Here is another knockout drawing from Daniel M. Unfortunately it’s the last one that I have, but hopefully we will get more work from him in the future.


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Gallery Updates

I’ve updated the gallery with some untagged and HQ additions to last week’s candid photos of Natalie and family going to lunch in Los Feliz. Not terribly fascinating stuff unless you’re really into the back of Natalie’s head.


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New week. New tidbits!

- If this report is accurate, a noisy Aleph (little dude, your mom is Natalie Portman, there is nothing to cry about unless it’s tears of joy) disrupted meal time at a vegan restaurant enough for Natalie to offer to pay for the meals of those tables who were nearby.

Read all about that and other Natalie and Aleph adventures over here.

- In an article about forgotten movie child stars, Lukas Haas is mentioned along with the “fact” that he dated Natalie for 15 months in 1999. It’s probably more or less true as they were definitely close back then, after they both appeared in Mars Attacks. Awww, young love.

- Finally, here’s a strange example of a German company using a photo of Natalie in their advertising. Did they legally purchase the image? Probably not, but I imagine a lot of smaller companies, particularly in foreign countries, can get away with it quite easily.

Good luck trying to get a 3/4 side on hair obscuring photo used for your passport :-P


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Gallery Updates

I’ve update the gallery with a bunch of new additions to last week’s candid photos of Natalie and family arriving in Paris and going for a stroll in the Saint-Germain-des-Prés area.


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