Black Swan Still

Thanks to Belerofonte, who spotted this never-before-seen production still of Natalie on the set of Black Swan. Hit the preview to view the pic at still photographer Niko Tavernise’s Flickr.


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Red Magazine Scans

Thanks to Amo, we now have scans of Natalie’s full interview from the April 2015 issue of Red Magazine. Disappointingly, it looks like most of the new material was already posted online last week.



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Tracking Shots

I really want to do the new Charlies today but once again the day slipped away. Tomorrow I promise!

In the mean time, enjoy this really cool video showing off Darren Aronofsky’s great tracking shots, including some of his work on Black Swan. If you like the back of Natalie’s head, this is the video for you.


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Black Swan vs Birdman

I wanted to give you guys the next Charlie Awards category but time, she has slipped away from me today. I’ll do that in the morning but for now here is a video comparison between Black Swan and Best Picture winner, Birdman. Personally, while there are some similarities, I think it’s a BIG reach to compare the films. Thanks to Belerofonte.


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You love them more than you love your children. It’s tidbits time!

– Let’s begin with The Playlists Top 50 Films of the Decade So Far, which has a position at number 35 for No Strings Attached. What’s that? Sorry, I’ve just been informed that it’s actually Black Swan. Sorry about the confusion. So many great films on that list, makes me really break into movie geek mode.

– Speaking of great films, Wes Anderson has a lot of them. A great supercut of the usage of the colour red and yellow in his films has arrived and there is a TON of Natalie in Hotel Chevalier in there. Have I mentioned lately how much I love that film?

– And finally, an early contender for worst Natalie related news of the year, Steven Tyler (of Aerosmith) has recorded a new version of Janie Get Your Gun for A Tale of Love and Darkness. What’s that? Sorry, I’ve just been informed that it’s actually for Jane Got a Gun, which makes more sense in a “it’s so obvious hit me in the face with a shovel” kind of way.


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We have a really interesting piece of fanart today, from a new source – Carla. A big thanks and hope there is more great Natalie art on the way.



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We’re well overdue for a couple tidbits and that’s exactly what we have today. A couple. Two. Not three. Two. Symmetry.

– Let’s start off with a very DEEP find from “a”. A tweet posted in February, from a regular editor for Terrence Malick, Brian Scofield, in response to critic Guy Lodge musing with someone about the two upcoming Malick films with Natalie. When the topic turned to whether Natalie would be playing the same character, as the films have overlapping casts and many assume that there must be a strong connection between the two films, Brian dropped a very clear answer – Natalie plays completely different characters.

*EXCLUSIVE* Natalie Portman brings sexy to the set of the Untilted Terrence Malick Project

There you have it. Not the biggest news in the world but I’ll take anything I can get from these two mysterious films.

– Next up is a Natalie film that managed to land in 8th place on The Playlists 25 Best Horror films of the 21st century. No, it’s not Mr Magorium.

Melding Cronenbergian body horror with “All About Eve”-style melodrama, and shot with visionary control by Aronofsky, the film is weird, disturbing, hallucinatory and peculiarly beautiful, not least in its glorious climax. It’s still the director’s best, and one of the classier horror pictures of recent years.

A couple films I still need to see off that list and one or two I feel should have made the cut, but I can’t complain about it too much. Some inspired choices.


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Woodstock Video

I’ll be setting up a poll to see if you guys loved Natalie’s Woodstock Film Festival appearance as much as I did, but before we do a pulse check, take a look at the full video of Darren Aronofsky being awarded the Maverick award. Natalie’s speech is short and sweet, while Jennifer Connelly gives it great gusto. Thanks to Kitten for the find.


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Woodstock Film Festival

Last night Natalie, together with Jennifer Connelly, presented Darren Aronofsky with a Maverick Award on behalf of the Woodstock Film Festival. I’ve set up a temporary album featuring mostly behind the scenes snaps from the event, but hopefully Rachel can find some better quality Natalie photos a bit later on. Click the GORGEOUS thumb below to view the gallery.


In addition, we have a video snippet of Natalie’s speech via Instagram. Thanks to Belerofonte.


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I know. I know. Where is the Natalie news? Wasn’t Knight Of Cups supposed to come out this year? Jane Got A Gun opens in a few months – will we ever get a trailer? Or how about a poster? I’ll take a set photo!

Things are annoyingly quiet, but there are 4 Natalie films in post production so it’s only a matter of time…right?

Until then, here are a couple tidbits.

– Director Darren Aronofsky will be awarded an honorary Maverick award at the Woodstock Film Festival on the 18th of October. Natalie will be there, with Jennifer Connelly, to present her Black Swan director with the award.

– There is also a rumour floating about, from the ever reliable (*cough*) In Touch Magazine, which states that friends of Natalie are divulging her and Benjamin’s plans to have another child. The piece suggests that they have already started “trying” – insert grinning Benjamin giving a thumbs up.

Thanks to Lightscamerareaction and Belerofonte.


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It’s time for another batch of mini updates. They make up for their small stature with a lot of heart.

– Let’s kick things off withIndiewire’s Throwback Thursday choice to look back at Black Swan. It has a nice little summary of some stand out quotes from the cast and director, Darren Aronofsky, including this quote below, regarding what the the film schedule delays meant for Natalie.

‘And one of the advantages was that because the money really came through for a really long time… We kept having to push. And one thing I didn’t realize until recently was that everytime we pushed, Natalie was like ‘another three weeks of carrot sticks and almonds! I’m gonna kill you!’ So she really was tortured pretty badly because we had such a hard time getting the money for the film.”‘

– Cincillo may have found the original script for Garden State. Just judging by the last page, which has a musical cue for a Radiohead song, which wasn’t in the film, I’m inclined to think it might be legit.

– Speaking of Garden State, as with Leon, the film is celebrating its own milestone.


– Lastly, a few days back we crossed the 50k likes mark on our Facebook page. Let’s see if we can get to 100k before Natalie’s next film arrives ;-)


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Sooo damn quiet in Natalie land right now. At least Portmania is almost upon us.

– Let’s start with a great find by Belerofonte – Natalie partaking in a fan selfie at the Paris premiere of Thor: The Dark World.


– Kitten found another shot from day 1 of filming the new Miss Dior campaign. She thinks it may be a wedding theme – agree?


– And finally, Lee sent me a blogger link for an “article” titled ‘Celebs who have played with themselves on onscreen’. In this case they don’t mean Candy Crush, rather Natalie’s private (or so she thought) moment from Black Swan. As I clicked the link thinking “this should be creepy” I was actually pissed off. It’s just a slideshow of celebs from red carpet appearances with the celeb’s name and the film in which they are referencing…and that’s it. No commentary at all. I kinda like lists and even though a little smutty, it could have been interesting to read about the different kinds of going solo moments on film.

But the slideshow is so lame and pointless that I’m not even going to bother with the link.


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BTS On Black Swan

Man, I miss Black Swan. Isn’t it time for a sequel? Bad ideas aside, you can relive the “magic” of Black Swan thanks to photographer, Niko Tavernise, who has released several featurettes that she shot during the production. The key videos were on the Blu-ray release but a couple others are brand new. Click the thumb below to transform into, no not a swan, a fly. On the wall.


Thanks to Belerofonte.


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A couple cool tidbits for you guys this evening.

– First up, Black Swan director Darren Aronofsky’s follow up film is opening around the world and The Playlist have done a piece compiling a list of the best performances in his films. Natalie obviously gets a mention, as does her screen mom, Barbara Hershey. Below is an excerpt of the really nice write up.

Portman had been an enormously promising actress since her breakthrough in “Léon,” but for every turn that fulfilled that promise, there’d be another with flat line readings or ill-advised choices. But “Black Swan” put any doubt to rest, with Portman perfectly cast as the demure ballerina with a dark side. Her downtrodden, naive little girl in the film’s opening scenes plays nicely into her child star background, and the actress sketches out Nina, and her white swan side, deftly and economically. But very gradually, she lets the black swan out too (Aronofsky often described the film as a werewolf movie in all but name), and we see the cold ambition, the repressed sexuality, and the near-feral darkness that Nina appears to have been hiding for so long. It’s very unlike anything that Portman has done before or since, and all the more terrifying for it: the way she moves in the final dance sequence, regal and withering and monstrous, more reptile than bird, chills the blood. And yet Portman doesn’t let it slip into pure genre either, as the hint of the girl she used to be returns as Nina dances her last number.

– Next up is an opportunity for anyone out there with a healthy bank balance. Natalie’s gown from The Other Boleyn Girl is up for auction. There are no bids yet. Yay! But the opening bid has to be $4000. Boo! If you’re interested, click the image below.



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Oscar Night

No, it’s very unlikely that Natalie will be seen at the Oscars or the after party, where she is normally a regular. A Tale Of Love And Darkness is supposed to be a short shoot but is surely not wrapped yet.

Hopefully one of Natalie’s upcoming films connects and we can see her back in the award season chatter next year. But whether she gets the recognition or not, I just want to see her being tested and pushed again. Thinking back to Black Swan I felt so damn proud, not just for the win but because the film was also great and the performance was more than worthy. I really need a great Natalie performance. It’s been too long.

Thor, Thor 2, Your Highness, No Strings Attached…I’m not saying they’re all awful and not suggesting they don’t have any redeeming features but they’re all so disposable. I’d take one more scene like this over a dozen shrug worthy performances, no matter how cute and beautiful Natalie may be in them.



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The new poll is as simple as it get’s. Inspired by the Filmspotting death match polls, where they pit two seemingly even choices. So…

Speaking of death polls, the silly previous poll shows…I don’t know what it shows but it was fun to put together and got quite a few of you voting so job done.



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Late Swan

Not sure if we’ve had this before but Kitten found it and given the questions, about Black Swan, are ones repeated so often…it’s hard to tell. Here she is with Mila Kunis and Darren Aronofsky at the Envelope Screening Series.


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Gallery Updates

I’ve updated the gallery with a new-old photo of Natalie and Mila Kunis attending a Q&A at the BAFTA Los Angeles screening of Black Swan in November 2010. Thanks to Kitten for the find!


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It’s been awhile since we’ve heard anything from the troubled Jane Got A Gun, which lost it’s director and had several high profile actor merry-go-rounds before finally settling down. Natalie has remained mum on the project…until now. Inquirer has the interview and it includes the extra dose of bad news that the film lost cinematographer Darius Khondji as well. But onto the more positive quotes…

The actress-producer dealt with the headline-making problems by putting them in this context: “People have really hard things in life, like losing loved ones. So, it was important to remember that they were just some problems at work. But, we made the film. We had a great time, and I am excited to see what comes out!”

On why she chose a western in her fifth foray into producing, Natalie explained: “It’s one genre that there haven’t been a lot of female protagonists in. It was such a great script, too.”

To prepare for the film, Natalie watched a lot of westerns. “It was fun getting to watch all the John Ford and Sam Peckinpah movies.”

The rest of the article has some quotes on A Tale Of Love And Darkness, Thor 2, moving to Paris and even Black Swan. Thanks to Belerofonte.

UPDATE – Forgot the link.


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Gallery Updates

I’ve updated the gallery with nine new-old photos of Natalie attending the 2010 BAFTA in New York Black Swan screening and Q&A with Mila Kunis, director Darren Aronofsky, producer Scott Franklin and writer Mark Heyman. Thanks to Kitten for the find!


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