The Jackie Trailer Poll

The Jackie trailer landed this week so it’s time to check the pulse of Natalie fans. Was it everything you had hoped?

Jackie is the winner of our last poll, which pitted the film against Natalie’s pregnancy and general activity. It was a clear winner but all three options had their supporters.



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More festivals for Jackie


The film starring Natalie continues adding festivals these next months. Pablo Larrain’s movie can be seen both in Denver and Chicago. In the latter festival, the Chilean filmmaker will receive an achievement for his entire career.

I think this is the beginning of a long and exciting road to awards season. Hopefully Natalie, Larraín and the film have the recognition they deserve…


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Natalie out and about in LA

Natalie’s pregnancy is arousing much interest among the tabloids. If Wednesday she was almost chased by paparazzi at the exit of a local vegan food, today she was spotted in Los Angeles wearing comfortable in sweater and tiny shorts. Daily Mail has the photos:


I think, unfortunately, we will have many pictures of this kind in the coming months…


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Jackie teaser trailer & poster

Finally, today is the day. Here are the Jackie teaser trailer and poster. Enjoy:



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Natalie Back In L.A.

People is reporting that Natalie returned from Paris last weekend and is back in Los Angeles in an exhausting article that mentions her pregnancy no less than four times (sigh).


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Another TIFF portrait

When we thought we had seen all the Natalie pictures in TIFF, photographer Matthew Brookes surprise us again with another stunning portrait for InStyle:


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Calendar – October

It’s time for the new wallpaper calendar and we have Ana to thank for October’s offering. Enjoy!

2016 October (1)th



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Christian Dior Show Video

Dior showed its Spring-Summer 2017 Ready-to-wear collection during Paris fashion week yesterday. The “maison” recorded a series of videos with event guests and here we have one with Natalie:


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More fashion week photos

Here we have a few more pictures from Christian Dior Show yesterday…




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Paris Fashion Week

Natalie is just now attending the Christian Dior show as part of the Paris Fashion Week. Harper´s Bazaar has the first photos:


Maybe later we have more pictures from the event…


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Natalie & Family

And even more candids photos: Natalie, Ben and Aleph were spotted shopping in a market last Wednesday. Aleph’s face is pixelated, but still is seen clearly. Polish webpage Plotek has the pictures…



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More candids photos

Since Natalie is pregnant, it seems that she is having a continuous monitoring by the gossip press. Here is a small sample of it…

-A few candids pictures of yesterday, this time taking a walk with Benjamin in Los Angeles:


… and later, taking a flight at the LAX airport:



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Jackie has been Included among the films can be seen at the New York Film Festival, which begins next Friday. The USA premiere of the film will be on October 13 at Alice Tully Hall.


So presumably that day we can enjoy another public appearance by Natalie and other actors in the film…


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Out in Silver Lake

Natalie (and family, not pictured) were spotted this weekend taking a walk at Silver Lake. Hawtcelebs has the pictures:



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TIFF Straggler

Photographer Matthew Brookes has posted a stunning new portrait of Natalie to his Instagram, taken at the InStyle studio during the Toronto International Film Festival earlier this month:


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It seems that the release date of Jackie, Pablo Larrain’s film starring Natalie, comes forward one week in USA and is set for December 2. The website of the film is already operational and displays the new date on it. Unfortunately, there are no trailer or official poster of the movie yet, but meanwhile here´s another great fan art, made by EB Poster:


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Out and about in Beverly Hills

… and more candid photos. This time Natalie was seen yesterday, walking in Beverly Hills. Looking at the pictures, pregnant belly is becoming apparent. Daily Mail has the photos:



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Remember when Natalie dated musician, Devendra Banhart? What fun we had. And what fun they had too.

Well, the rocker was asked about the relationship in El Pais, and his answer, translated below, is incredibly sweet.

Being a very spiritual person, I was curious to know how you feel when you have a relationship with Hollywood star Natalie Portman and everything that entails. It is as if did not fit with what you are.

Of course not, that world does not correspond at all with what has value for me. That relationship had to do with the person. And the person was very, very, very intelligent, very beautiful, very sweet, very wise and very responsible. The only thing she cared about was her art, her work. And she shared the money saved with schools in Africa. It’s just … I almost start to mourn, [he shed tears]. Always affected me so much inspired me so much … I give you an example, so you see how amazing she is. In Hollywood, when someone is nominated for a major award, the tradition is to send gifts. expensive watches, jewelry, even cars. And she, even before I meet her and probably until today, was the rule that instead of giving gifts, they donate the money to charity. She makes it totally heart, not to be known. My relationship had to do with the person, everything that came with it not only did not mind, but I did not like at all. It was totally surreal and comical. When that relationship ended I did not feel I had lost access to an incredible world. All that universe did not matter at all.


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Out in Century City

Natalie was spotted yesterday, leaving an office building in Century City, California. This time GotCeleb has the pictures:



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