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Good to the Last PORTMANIA!

DAY FIVE is alive with PORTMANIA!

That’s right, it’s the final day of PORTMANIA 26!

And that means it’s Natalie Portman’s Birthday! 🎉 🎂 🥳  6981!


Now let’s grab some balls and start one last day of PORTMANIA!

It’s been an adventurous week with giant french fries and caring puppies. We took PORTMANIA into space and played tennis. And now I think there’s a NEW Nat Pic!

^ Natalie Portman


A new article on has posted a pic of Natalie out on the town in London from a few days ago. Going out to dinner with friends. Eating potatoes NO DOUBT!

Which brings us back to eating! It’s very big PORTMANIA theme. But it’s important for LIFE!

Well, what else is there to do? We’ve looked at new pics, we’ve looked at old pics. We looked up, we looked down. We ate. We took a nap. 

That’s all you can ask for.

We’ve made it through another PORTMANIA. And just like we always do; we did it TOGETHER. I hope you all enjoyed yourselves, and I hope the day is a happy one for NAT!

And now all that’s left to do is wait for next year.

But, it’s gonna be here sooner than you expect! We’ll be jumping and dancing with puppies and penguins again in no time! 

But the day isn’t over! It’s just starting! We’ve got the whole day ahead of us! Be brave PORTMANIACS! BE BOLD!

Thanks to Belerofonte! and Thanks to Natalie! and Thanks to YOU!!


I Like the PORTMANIA in You!