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IT'S TODAY, EVERYBODY! 6981! Natalie Portman turns 40. and she does it with STYLE! Let's start off this wonderful Birthday PORTMANIA Day 4 with a jolt! Nice work NAT BOT!…

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Easy, Breezy, Beautiful PORTMANIA

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We're BACK for another day of Free-wheeling fun with PORTMANIA 23 DAY 3! It only gets worse from here!! WHAT can we do today? Well I made a PORTMANIA Puzzle!…

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Still PORTMANIA After All These Years

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  PORTMANIA day 2 starts now, baby! Or day 38 if we had done the original plan. But not everything works the way we planned... ISN'T THAT RIGHT, 2020???!!! We…

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PORTMANIA: Aftermath

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Our scientists have done it and saved the world!! So now here we are at PORTMANIA again! Sure, everything is still messed up, but that's for other people to worry…

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WE MADE IT! Natalie Portman's Birthday is TODAY! 6981! It was 20 years ago that we did the first PORTMANIA in September of 2000. We did the second one in…

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For Everyone a PORTMANIA!

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It's PORTMANIA Day 3! And there's nothing to do!! It's another wonderful day in PORTMANIA! And life just couldn't be better. Except for everything. But that's better than expected. What…

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Day two of PORTMANIA! IT'S Fantastical and Stupendous! It's Natalie-Tacious!! But FIRST! Everyone has that one important question: Have we saved the world yet? Um... no. With all true Systemic…

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The Rise of PORTMANIA!

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HELLO Again, Friends! It's early June and that means Natalie's birthday and that means PORTMANIA!! 2020! SUMMER! Nice Days! PORTMANIA! and yes, it might be the end of the world.…

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