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WE MADE IT! Natalie Portman's Birthday is TODAY! 6981! It was 20 years ago that we did the first PORTMANIA in September of 2000. We did the second one in…

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For Everyone a PORTMANIA!

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It's PORTMANIA Day 3! And there's nothing to do!! It's another wonderful day in PORTMANIA! And life just couldn't be better. Except for everything. But that's better than expected. What…

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Day two of PORTMANIA! IT'S Fantastical and Stupendous! It's Natalie-Tacious!! But FIRST! Everyone has that one important question: Have we saved the world yet? Um... no. With all true Systemic…

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The Rise of PORTMANIA!

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HELLO Again, Friends! It's early June and that means Natalie's birthday and that means PORTMANIA!! 2020! SUMMER! Nice Days! PORTMANIA! and yes, it might be the end of the world.…

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Celebrate PORTMANIA!

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it’s the never right, always late, slightly boring, no good very bad PORTMANIA! DAY 3! and Guess what that means! 6981!

The DAY of BIRTH of the Star of PORTMANIA 21 is HERE! 38 years ago Natalie Portman was born! we’re pretty sure this happened. and we’re pretty sure today is the DAY!


Let’s get to it!


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PORTMANIA? Nein Danke!

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DAY 2! of PORTMANIA 21! How can we contain the excitement?! you should be used to it by now BECAUSE Everyday is PORTMANIA inside your body!!

I’m sorry I talked about your body.

Let’s get this day started!


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PORTMANIA Begins Again

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The time has come for the most fantastical PORTMANIA Part 21 to START!

That’s right! The ever increasing disappointment of PORTMANIA continues for one more year!

Natalie’s birthday being this Sunday we’re bringing you three fun filled days of gratuitous praise for notre déesse! AND ALSO fact-filled looks to the past in PORTMANIA HISTORY! Join us, won’t you?


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Day 5 of PORTMANIA 20 is HERE! It's 6981!! AND IT'S TIME TO CELEBRATE!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY NATALIE PORTMAN!! So Here is a Birthday video!! We're pretty sure we got all…

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