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Watch Out, There’s a PORTMANIA About!

It’s DAY TWO! YOU’RE HERE! And so am I!

And we’re lucky because not only is DAY TWO of PORTMANIA 26 filled with hilarity and fun, there’s also real Natalie news! New pics! New articles! New videos of articles!

And we’re now a fully sanctioned and official PORTMANIA, as I was able to get in contact with Belerofonte!

A wonderful PORTMANIA will be had by all!! Because there’s actual news in a PORTMANIA! It’s a miracle!

First off Natalie Portman attended a FANCY PARTY for a GURLS TALK Charity in London, and then posted the pics on her Instagram!

Click on the pic for MORE PICTURES!

Moving on. Yesterday, I brought up that Natalie has gotten divorced, well here’s an article that says she’s FOUND HER SMILE again! Which is good.

Here’s a video of a lady basically reading the same article!

Now onto the PORTMANIA portion of our PORTMANIA day

Let’s have a Natalie Portman FACT!(WARNING! Natalie FACTS are capable of producing damaging winds in excess of 60 MPH and penny size hail, seek shelter indoors and away from windows.)

Natalie FACT: Natalie is Vegan which means she eats potatoes ALL DAY EVERYDAY! She once held a potato festival for vegans and potato enthusiasts. But she made the mistake of her lifetime by dressing up as a giant French Fry.

(Actual footage)


She was then chased for hours by starving vegans and potato enthusiasts who had skipped breakfast that morning. Finally after they cornered her, she was able to explain to them that she was really a human being in a costume and not an actual giant French Fry. They were all pretty embarrassed. And then they were served mashed potatoes and they were happy.

Natalie never wore the costume again. In public anyway. But sometimes, on Sunday afternoons, if you are passing by Natalie Portman’s house, you might see a giant French Fry in her backyard working in the potato garden.

That’s the end of DAY TWO of PORTMANIA! We’re going to keep going and have DAY THREE tomorrow! Maybe there’ll be more Nat news! Maybe more potato costumes? Or other vegetables?! Stay tuned PORTMANIACS!!!

It all comes back to PORTMANIA!