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Day Four of PORTMANIA is now! and it’s gonna start today I swear!!!

But before we get Truly Started, let’s see how everyone is getting along at the PORTMANIA Party…

Looks like everything is going well! So let’s get going with DAY FOUR of PORTMANIA 25!!!

Speaking of Weird Looking Penguins, I want to mention that our PORTMANIA Theme of “Penguins are Weird Looking but are Still OK” has gotten the attention of the Coalition of Weird Looking Animals and they have awarded us with the GoofBall Award for Excellence in Understanding and Acceptance. This is their spokesman, Dave:

Here’s his message:

We members of the Coalition of Weird Looking Animals applaud your positive message of Acceptance and Tolerance of Things you Don’t Quite Understand. And that is the True Meaning of PORTMANIA!

And here is our Award!!

Thank you, Dave. And all weird looking animals everywhere! You have a place in PORTMANIA!

Now, it’s time for a NATALIE PORTMAN FACT! (WARNING! Natalie FACTS are untrustworthy and may cause PAINFUL DEATH!)

Natalie FACT: As we all know Natalie went to Harvard, but what we might not all know is that Natalie became a professional wrestler during her Harvard years to help pay for her schooling. Her career as an actress just wasn’t enough. 

She won 216 matches and was the wrestling champion of the world!! But she didn’t stop there, cause she never does, She’s the baddest badass that there ever was!

Having this much power, Natalie knew that she couldn’t just fight for money. She had to fight for justice, truth and fair play. She had to fight for what was right.

Wearing a mask to conceal her True Identity, she fought against evil for the little guy. Taking on drug dealers, robots, the devil, reptile people from space, and Harvey Weinstein.

They called her Señorita Gata.

She also teamed up for a time with the legendary Iron Sheik, who sadly just passed away.  Together they solved all kinds of mysteries.

RIP Iron Sheik!


Such renowned cases as:

“The Mystery at Shadow Ranch”

“The Secret of the Old Clock”

“The Ghost of Blackwood Bridge”

and, of course, the most famous of all: “The Case of the Mismatched Buttons of Dr. Delarosa.”

But after saving the world countless times and solving hundreds of mysteries, she discovered that her true purpose was being Natalie Portman. She did a lot of good as Señorita Gata, but she did even more good as an actress. So she took off the mask and filmed Goya’s Ghosts!!!

and then the world truly knew what peace was. 

Now it’s finally time to get started with PORTMANIA 25!!

but that’s all the time for today! So we’ll have to wait until tomorrow to really get started! And it’s just in the nick of time because tomorrow is Natalie’s Birthday and The Last Day Of PORTMANIA!!! 

Feel the Magic of PORTMANIA!