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By December 3, 2010Nat-news

Ever since the buzz around Natalie’s Black Swan performance took hold, she’s being linked with and offered every role under the sun. What we’ve all noticed is that there are a number of other actresses who also seem to be circling the very same roles time and time again.

The Playlist has a feature on the ladies who have this professional heat around them at the moment, looking specifically at “What Made Her In Demand”, “What Keeps Her In Demand” and “Where She’s Going And What Next”.

Here’s what they wrote about what’s keeping Natalie in demand.

Portman occupies a rare space where, even though she hasn’t set foot in a tentpole picture in four years, she has enough critical respect and broad awareness and appeal that her name alone can get a project greenlit. Thus, it’s no surprise her name was at the top of recent casting lists for the “Alien” prequel and Alfonso Cuarón’s “Gravity.”

Read Natalie’s full entry, and see who the other girls are, over here.


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