Illusions & Mirrors

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It was over a year ago that we first heard that Natalie was working with Shirin Neshat, the Iranian artist, on a short film. As details emerged we learned that the film was a 10 minute long “almost silent” video installation for Dior called ‘Through The Abyss’, which was to be part of a tribute to Dior from 15 female artists, to take place at the Grand Palais in Paris (November 13-15).

Now, in association with the Viennale International Film Festival, the short is being presented in an even shorter 2 minute form, which we have for you below. They call it a trailer (it’s not) and clarified that the title is ‘Illusions & Mirrors’, which means that it is the full tribute for Dior is probably titled “Through The Abyss’.

Either way, the 2 minute short will be playing in Austrian cinemas leading up to the beginning of the festival.

We also have a beautiful UHQ production still.


Thanks to Fanatical and Kitten.

Rouge Dior BTS

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We’ve added some new and HQ behind-the-scenes photos from Natalie’s Rouge Dior shoot (though you’d hardly be able to tell the difference from the print ads…). A big thanks to Kitten!


Yo Dona

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Eden has found two more new photos from Natalie’s latest Frederic Auerbach shoot for Dior, featured in Yo Dona’s September 7th 2013 issue. Keep ’em coming!


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More from Dior

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Some more goodies from Madame Le Figaro today. We’ve added five new editorial photos following Natalie’s promotional tour for her Rouge Dior campaign in Tokyo last June. Thanks to Kitten!

Grazia Germany

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We’ve got another editorial featuring a smoldering-looking Natalie for you all, this time from the German edition of Grazia magazine. Would any German fans (Stefan? Frank?) mind taking a crack at translating the article for us? Thanks to Kitten, via just-a-natportman-fan.

Vanity Fair

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Now we’re talking, below are some scans from the new Italian Vanity Fair. Right now the quality isn’t the best but hopefully bigger scans are on the way, and along with it a translation of the article.

Thanks to Eden Liao.



UPDATE – Larger (I’m hesitant to label them as true HQ) versions here and here. Thanks to Belerofonte, via Eden Liao.

Gallery Updates

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I’ve updated the gallery with two new (at least to me) outtakes from a 2012 Frederic Auerbach editorial photo shoot for Dior.

Even More Rouge Dior

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I’ve updated the gallery with two more Fall 2013 Rouge Dior campaign pics, one a full-sized version of the shot used in the print ad and the other an HQ, color version of one from the promotional photo shoot. Thanks to Eden and Angelina!

Dior Ads Roundup

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Thanks as always to Eden Liao, we have a bunch of HQ print ads and photos from Natalie’s latest Dior campaigns to add to the gallery. The first is a high-res version of the Black Swan-esque ad for the Miss Dior Le Parfum fragrance.


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Black Miss Dior

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A couple new Miss Dior print ads have surfaced, and they’ve swapped out the pink for a dark but still very pretty look. Hit the thumb below to view the album. Thanks once again to Eden Liao.


More Rouge Dior

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Eden comes through again, finding two great new photos from Natalie’s latest Dior Rouge campaign. One is a full-length, color version of an earlier photo from the shoot and the other is brand new.

Dior Rouge Print Ads

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Eden has found two new print ads for Natalie’s new Rouge Dior campaign. They come in two flavors: with the Dior logo and text-free. Thanks to Kitten.

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Gallery Updates

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I’ve updated the gallery with three HQ new-oldies from the Dior celebration of its 57th Street Boutique in NYC in 2010. If you want to get all up in Natalie’s pores, there are even higher quality versions (much too large for the gallery) at GQ Taiwan.


Turn To The Left

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Cherryvanilla found this behind the scenes video from Diorshow, and while a lot of the footage has been seen before, it looks as though there’s some new stuff included. The footage is so great that even if it’s not the case, it’s definitely worth another spin. Enjoy.

More Dior

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I’ve updated the gallery with a new (or at least new to the gallery) HQ photo of Natalie behind-the-scenes of Miss Dior’s La vie en rose commercial with director Sofia Coppola in Paris.

Gallery Updates

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I’ve updated the gallery with a larger version of an old photo from a Dior editorial featured in an issue of Grazia Russia (we previously only had a thumbnail-sized version).

Miss Dior Press Kit

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Eden found a couple of new Tim Walker photos featured in a Miss Dior press kit (there’s one box still up for grabs on Ebay if you’re quick). Hopefully these will find their way online soon…

Tokyo Fans

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Japanese fans wouldn’t have many opportunities to see Natalie in the flesh, so no surprise that her recent visit sparked the kind of excitement we see in those two cellphone vids from Natalie’s appearance and departure from the Dior building in Ginza. Thanks to Kitten.

Gallery Updates

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I’ve updated the gallery with a few more new photos of Natalie leaving the Dior building in Ginza during her trip to Tokyo last week. Another Twitpic can be found here.

Thanks to Belerofonte and Kitten.

Natalie Visits Christian Dior in Ginza

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Natalie was spotted visiting the Christian Dior flagship store in Tokyo’s Ginza district on Thursday. Unfortunately, we only have one for now, but there are a few more heavily watermarked photos of her appearance here and a Twitpic. Thanks to Kitten as always!